31Berkeley, United States
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My self-summary
Note! I'm currently spending the majority of the next few months (April-August, most likely) out of the the bay area, working on projects for family and traveling. I will be coming back, and I'm passing through once or twice a month, so hey, I'm always down for scheduling some time to hang out and meet new people...I'm just less available than usual!

I'm a somewhat awkward person who likes too much science fiction and fantasy, and expects too much out of my fiction. I have a sense of humor that a lot of people just don't get, and sometimes I don't think things others find to be hilarious to be worth laughing at, even if I try with both hands.

I'm a bit more shy than I should be, and when you get to know me I can be a little to talkative. But that seems to be almost everyone around here. No one knows quite what to say, how to open up to other people at first.

Often, my most interesting conversation of the day is online...or with some random person from a long check out line. I need to change that, quite a lot. Not to say that I'd ever give up my friends from all over the world, or interesting people to talk to while standing in line to buy things... Life would be rather sad without those things.

I'm not so good at these things...but hey. I'm open to questions.

I should also note that I've been identified as a heterosexual cisgendered white male. (I understand at this point that my actual choice in sexual partners and actual genetic history don't matter as my skin looks white and my chosen partners all tend to look female. As such, I've lost my right to self-identify... the facts don't compare to the cosmetic level for some people. I get that.)
What I’m doing with my life
I'm an amateur photographer who is always looking for something new to shoot, new experiences, new ideas.

I spend my days taking photos, fixing computers, cleaning up yards, or anything else that comes my way. Life is about variety. One adventure is as good as another for a first try.

I'm finding more and more that I need to self promote more in every aspect of my life. Shockingly enough, the world does not hand you human interaction, jobs, or really good books with a cup of tea without you interacting with it. So I'm doing that. I'm interacting. I'm talking to people about their problems, and trying to make things just that little bit better...and trying to make my life that little bit better too.
I’m really good at
I'm really not "perfect" at anything. I try anything, and that means I spend too little time on any one subject. I'm really good at adapting to new situations, I guess you can say. I can fix things, see situations that I haven't before, and adapt to them.

I've been told I'm great at non-traditional solutions for non-traditional problems. Whatever that means.

I am a good listener, though. I always seem to be able to do that right, even when I can't give good advice.
The first things people usually notice about me
Depending on who it is, my hair, or my awkward nature. I'm not always good around people I don't know. Sometimes that comes off as creepy...I just don't know how to say hello, sometimes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Anything by Heinlein, The wheel of time novels, The lord of the rings, The vampire earth novels by E.E. Knight, [Ilona Andrews]]. Currently reading a series by Faith Hunter.

As for movies, Mirrormask, the original starwars trilogy, gattaca, the day the earth stood still, mannequin. Science fiction, apocalypse, comic romance. Action, adventure. Firefly.

Music is complicated...I like a wide variety of things, some that most normal heterosexual males would never admit to enjoying. I can listen to anything from classical and jazz to metal to acid trance. I don't tend to like most country or rap, though.

For food...I'm simple. Pizza, burgers, tacos, salads and so on. Anything that can be tossed together with a minimum of effort and provide enough energy to keep doing what I want to do.
I've been really enjoying this simple salsa/avocado/sour cream thing I've been making. And yogurt. Slow cooked tough cuts of meat are the best thing ever.
Six things I could never do without
I couldn't do without my DSLR, my computer, my multitool, my boots, my mp3 player, or cola.

Really, a couple changes of clothes, my camera, and a laptop, and I can go anywhere. Everything else is just a convenience.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Interesting things to photograph, and ways to hack together do it yourself camera gear. How to get myself together to actually write something that is worth reading. I've had the same story slowly coming out of my head for the last several years... I'm still not happy enough with it to show it to anyone.

Functional ways to advance space travel. And why we need to think more about the space of space travel and not the large planetary bodies. Escaping gravity wells, even weaker ones like the moon are just to costly right now.
Surviving the oncoming zombie apocalypse, and exactly how to dig that fallout shelter in the basement without having the landlord know about it. In reality this is an analogy for disaster preparedness in general. I've been way to close to to many large fires, and seen the after affects of to many other natural disasters to not want to be ready for whatever comes next.

Whether or not I should be doing something besides what I'm currently doing, and why. Wither or not my current life goals are counter-productive for where I want to be in ten years... And what it is exactly I want to be doing with my life in ten years time.

The many ways to fix the "insurmountable" problems of comic book and tv heroes. Rogue, for example? Full body transparent latex cat-suit. "personal contact" issues solved.

I've been spending a fair amount of time, recently, thinking about a system that OKcupid needs to implement. A sort of "hard limit" filter. The number of people who stumble across my profile, and message me, which have "do not contact me if" lists that include traits that I happen to have is more than a little disturbing. I keep running into monogamous vegans, who are not interested in cis white men, who are "95%" compatible with me.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sitting on my ass with a beverage and a good book, more often than not. I'm not one for going into crowds alone. On rare occasions out at some sort of social function, very rarely a bar. I'm not opposed to socialization, as such, but I have to go to events and places with people I already know.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have no idea. I'm a kinky photo geek with socialization issues?

That at three am, okcupid match questions are actually amusing?
You should message me if
If you feel like it. If you think I might be someone you would want to talk to about books, cameras, nerdy things. Or if you want to get naked for no money for the sake of art.

If you rate me highly on the "quickmatch" thing. Seriously! The number of people who think my profile is worth rating highly, compared to the number of people who actually drop me a message... It's something like a one in fifty thing. Talk to me! I won't bite, without prior consent!

So, I think I should add another thing in here. If you don't like the occasional spelling mistake or Grammar error, don't bother contacting me. Alongside a laundry list of other conditions that don't exactly make striding obvious appearances in my day to day life, I have a condition known as Dysgraphia, which apparently is COMPLETELY ok to discriminate against...just ask every unforgiving grammar nazi out there. (seriously, every time I bother having this conversation, the old "you're just to lazy to learn how to write properly" argument comes out...feels fucking amazing, I'll tell you, there's NOTHING like being made fun of for things you literally have zero control over.) I've worked incredibly hard to get my spelling and grammar to the point they are today. Dysgraphia is an interesting condition that affects some fine motor skills, and not others. I can't write by hand or draw in a way that is concise or easy to do, or understand...but I can walk a six inch wide beam with my eyes closed, no problem.

Also, I should point out I'm not exactly Bi, but most people don't really accept my definition of heterosexual... If a lady says she's a lady, I don't judge her based on her genitals, I judge her based on her words. I don't enjoy masculinity, it doesn't really appeal to me. It's rather more complicated than just "bi/straight" for most people, though, is it not?
The two of us