34 Medford, United States
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My self-summary
What should I say here?..... hhhhmmm
well I can tell you Im a cool guy.
I could tell you Im different from all the other dudes out there.I could tell you that Im too nice, or that Im the type of caring person that would help someone when others dont.
I could say when people sing the state farm song, its actually me that pops up and saves the day.
Are you inclined to believe me?...No

what I will tell you, is that it is all true. Ok Im lieing about the state farm song.
I was raised by a good woman surrounded by a great family with morals and values.
Have I made mistakes?...yes, Although I have grown and learned from every experience good and bad.
Im chill...Sort of geek if you get me talking about comics, movies or something to that effect. I try to be a good person. thats something I'll always try to do. I love to have fun with anything I do. Life would suck if you couldn't laugh or have fun with it.
I want a dog. I really really want a dog... a big one

Sooo what am I looking for...
Someone chill, the type of person who was raised right. A person with morals a kind and fun personality. Someone to grow with, who likes kids, nerdy stuff, being fit, and open minded. Just for the love god be a good human being. It helps if you're into art music and movies.

Ohh btw im an ENFP Myers Briggs personality type. If that even makes any difference
I think its pretty accurate though.
One more thing is I dont have that A list thing so I can't see who likes me on here. Just message me and we can talk :)
What I’m doing with my life
Working as a Cook. I'm a lead cook at sccc.
I also work at a restaurant in Hampton Bays.Whipin up marvelous sh!t for your mouth!
Trying to go back to school as well as, continuing my training (mentally and physically).
I’m really good at
Cooking considering that's what I do. Martial arts and making halloween costumes im a decent dancer I used to break. Not so much anymore though.
The first things people usually notice about me
If I'm at work. The fact that I'm short, loud and kinda fast. Outside of work I'm not sure what someone would notice about me first. Never asked...
Someone the other day said to me," ya know what Pete... You're a good guy." So I guess people notice that.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Martial arts books, comics books, visual arts books and those littles booklets that come with videos games.
movies too many to name. I watch a shit ton of movies and I still go to the video store on principle.
I will say this Beasts of the southern wild was astonishing. Kuro Obi, the movie Super...fukkin awesome. IP man1,2and3, true legend, ong bok movies, the raid, dredd. Bronson, die hard movies, commando, fifth element, the professional.
As far as shows go Daredevil and Jessica Jones rocked. I'm liking Sons of anarchy right now.
Music is another huge category for me. Better to ask in person (or in an email). Basically everything from rap to metal but, I'm picky at the same time.
Food? I love food. I don't look like I do, but I do :D.
The six things I could never do without
My gi and obi
As much as I hate to admit it... my phone
a dog
marvel comics
sketch book and a notebook w/ a writting and drawing implement
video games & movies
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My goals/direction in life
my training
will i ever find what im looking for everything im looking for
Reassessing what I have to do to achieve said goals and prioritizing
the next phase in my master plan muahahaha
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday nights have been work nights recently so I cooking my ass off in a hot AF kitchen working like a beast. Not the most fun way to spend a friday night. Yet it's profitable.
If I'm not working. I'm being lazy as all hell while watching Netflix or crunchy roll. Out playing ball or just out chillin with friends. It's possible to find me watching a movie, playing videogames or writing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Winters hard!!!......have some Pancakes!!!!
You should message me if
You are into anything cool like:
art, writing, movies, video games, yoga, karate bjj judo you're a ninja any martial arts really, you are a dancer, a scientist, you shoot weapons, you're sick with a bow and arrow, you paint ball, ride horses, are an acrobat in a circus, a gymnast, if you're smart, funny, chill and witty. You could be just plain cool.... That's good too 😆
If you're truely a good person who can get along with a big puerto rican family. If you know how to be nice and respectful. If you are a CHILL person. If you are willing to have a conversation. If you would like a relationship with the potential for much more. I'd like to be a dad one day ya know.