39Montpelier, United States
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My self-summary
Hmm, I hate talking about myself, but I guess I consider myself to be a person with a lot of diverse interests. I consider myself loyal, especially to those I love and care for. I have a irreverent, sardonic sense of humor, and often find myself wanting to laugh at the absurdity of things. I love talking about all the things you're not supposed to talk about in polite company: politics, religion, and sex. Whoever made up that rule was an ass--but I also try my best to be polite when the situation dictates, even though the trouble-maker in me is often screaming to push buttons and say something absurd.
What I’m doing with my life
Basically I work at a tech company doing design, photography, videography, marketing creative, and some mutli-media tech writing (illustrations, videos, animations, diagrams, brochures, and such). Other than teaching kids how to ski, of all the jobs I've had I love my current job the most. Part of that is the work,and my co-workers, and part is my boss--a wonderful lady who has her *&^% together like no one I've ever known.

I'm aiming at improving my craft and eventually working my way toward some private creative practice--maybe a combination of media for small niche businesses in VT--who knows at this point.

I love surfing and the ocean, but I live in VT, so I ski when the snow is good. I recently bought a motorcycle, so on warmer days you might catch me trying to kill myself on that. Not literally, but Freud (is it Freud or Fraud?) might have something to say about that. I also love the woods, but the mosquitoes love me more, so I have to be selective about being out in them. I've been wanting to learn more about wild edibles, foraging and traditional medicine (without getting all mother earth, new-age hippy spiritual on me--I worked at a natural food co-op for years, so I've had enough of that thank you.), but could use a friend who knows more and is willing to share experience.
I’m really good at
procrastinating... sad but true, though I try to avoid it at work, and once I start something it's hard to drag me away. poorly timed and conceived jokes, eating food and sleeping, though not falling to sleep, just staying there.

Seriously though: I play in a band--and am okay at the drums (though it's roots country music with a bit of punk rock attitude, so that's like playing the triangle in Kindergarten music class), I'm a pretty good skier but I live in a land locked state and would rather be surfing which I'm horrible at but love. I'm a decent cook--although I tend to think I don't need recipes, which can lead to interesting results, I'm a halfway decent illustrator, drawer, painter, photographer, videographer, writer and editor when I take my time, etc. Basically I'm kinda' decent at a bunch of things but I've never been great at much of anything. Maybe eating--I'm truly great at that. Edit: I've been delving deeper and deeper into photography recently, and am now up to my neck in trying to immerse myself in that world, but that's another story.
The first things people usually notice about me
my leering, creepy smile and stare... Kidding, unless you're sitting across from me right now... No, I guess my laugh is noticeable. I love laughing. I've also been told that I'm not horrifically ugly--just mildly grotesque--and really dim. Maybe my bad jokes.

Seriously, this is a strange one. I don't usually ask people what the notice about me after i first meet them...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies and random: I love the craft of film, so I can enjoy just about anything as far as movies go. Although movies that try to be too witty and clever often boor me and seem ham fisted. Most people aren't as clever as they think they are, and nothing is more yawn-worthy than a hipster with no imagination trying too hard to be witty. Sorry, I should try not to be so negative.
I've been watching a lot of the Ted Talks series on Netflix recently (did I mention I'm a huge dork?). I was an architecture major for a couple years, and some of my friends from school are architects, so I dig architecture more than most people. Love Diller and Scofidio, Stephen Holl, Moshe Safdie, Zaha Hadid, Barton prince, Rem Koolhaus, joshua Prince-Ramus (once again--big dork... ).
Books: I like a lot of non-fiction for books. Of all the people I don't know, Anthony Bourdain is one of my favorites. I also love John Krakauer (sorry if that's spelled incorrectly). For fiction I like Chuck Palahniuk and other stuff like that. Poetry: I like some Bukowski, and the staple Beats, and some of the English Poets from around the turn of the century. I've also gotten caught up in George R. R. Martin and Joe Abercrombie, recently, though I'm ashamed to admit that I've become a fan of fantasy again, since dropping it after putting down my last Piers Anthony novel in 7th grade (dork).
Music: I listen to a lot of Springsteen, Elliot Smith, Tom Waits, and have had Lowe Anthem on my mixes for a good while now. But I love all sorts of music, from Wu Tang, to Phillip Glass and Verdi, to Slayer, Against Me, Grizzly Bear, Dwight Yoakam, The Delfonics, Robert Johnson, Dusty Springfield, Charlie Parker (just to name a few). My only stipulation is that it's authentic and from the heart (see Hootie and the Blowfish, Nickle Back, Evanescence, or Linkin Park for an idea of what I don't mean.).
Food: I love all sorts of food from roadside burgers and fries to haute cuisine, and am way more of a carnivore than I'm morally happy about, but I've accepted it.
Six things I could never do without
family/friends, music, food, water, shelter, my central nervous system--well, I guess I could, but it just wouldn't be the same.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Random crap. My mind is like a kitten at a yarn factory. Seriously, it's kinda a problem.

Oranges, bananas, yogurt, flour, butter, microwave popcorn, laundry detergent...

What were we talking about?

No, I guess I think about the past, and the future, and stories. I've always wanted to write a decent screenplay, and I've written a horrible one so far, but I figure that next time around it will be worth more than toilet paper, and the next time it may actually be worth watching if you don't have something better to do--and so on until I hit my inevitable peak and start sucking again (kidding in a realist sort of way).

I've also been thinking a lot about photography and lighting recently, but that's sorta work related and very dorky.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out on the town with a friend or two, cooking having a couple glasses of wine, messing around with lighting and photo equipment, trying to nail a different type of shot (usually portraiture or landscape (minus the lighting equipment usually for landscapes, although I love prolonged exposures and starscapes) or playing music.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
everybody poops,

I guess that I believe vulnerability and sharing and accepting another person's differences and anxieties, and breaking through all the bullshit is what it all comes down for me--unless I'm distracted by a laser pointer.
You should message me if
You like doing stuff...
I guess you should contact me if anything I said seems worth exploring and you think you could get along with me, challenge me, and spark my interest. I'm not looking for perfection, just someone I can appreciate as beautiful (note that beauty is not a purely physical state--that's pretty. Beauty is on a different plane.).
The two of us