63Peterborough, United States
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My self-summary
I'm enjoying this part of my life, particularly my career as I have made my next step, and am feeling happy and fulfilled.

I'm beginning to have more time and energy to share, and to begin developing new aquaintances.
What I’m doing with my life
Living it... using the gifts that Life gave me, keeps giving me.
Learning every day.

I love what I do for a Living, and most every day look forward to a pleasant ride home, and to My life - which develops into fuller expression as the day's responsibilities and concerns melt away.

I work as a professional in the healthcare field.

I recharge in a calm and peaceful environment / home, and then who knows - making / exploring - something / somewhere.
Following my heart and finding more time for playing and writing music, painting watercolors and ink drawings, graphite too.
I've always had respect and love for fine paper - a luxury.

I'm looking for a special person who is both independent and passionate about life and is willing to explore, learn, love perhaps.
I’m really good at
Being fully present...while choosing my words carefully.


Let's see... I 'm a visual and musical person.

I would love to find a new friend who has Spanish, Italian - or possibly Arabic ? skills who wouldn't mind sharing their language with me. I have some Spanish and French in the memory banks, but they are rusty. Spanish is a bit more 'available'. This 'language skill' is a nice to have quality, not a need to have.

I enjoy playing chess. I've volunteered as a chess instructor in local middle and high schools. I enjoy working with and meeting all different kinds of people.
The first things people usually notice about me
Polite, always smiling. (Family, friends and co-worker feedback).

While spontaneous in nature, as a working professional I tend to prefer restraint in public, and am privately more expressive. If I'm in a restaurant by myself, for example . . I'm usually buried in a book or magazine with a more serious/business-like expression ( I often read non-fiction ;)

I try to bring a fresh sense of humour to the everyday.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I enjoy reading biographies, short plays, poetry, fiction and non, peer-reviewed journals and internet news. Art publications, business news magazines and random periodicals round out my favorite reading and skimming material.
I sincerely mourn the passing of Sir Derek Walcott, whose brilliant work I have just begun to enjoy.

Not a skier, I could be encouraged to do just about any unnecessarily dangerous activity w/ the right person. Like to skate. Would be interested in snowshoeing.
As mentioned, I am open-minded regarding winter sports. I just don't intentionally seek out the cold without a warm invitation.

I prefer indoor, or warm weather outdoor activities, concerts, classical and jazz, all kinds of music, really.
I have passable waltz, swing and Latin moves, and Motown is my fave.
I'm learning to play tennis - much different than racquetball, which I played for years. Hiking, walking, etc. Miss bicycling; perhaps securing a mountain bike would be an improvement although hiking provides good aerobic exercise.

Eastwood, Coen brothers fan, many others; really a wide range of interests in film - love film festivals.
As a single man, I enjoy and miss watching a film with a companion, and having a spirited and appreciative 'collegial discussion' afterwards.
No one 'wins'.

The more I read the powerful things people are saying / sharing in social media, the more pressing is my experience of wanting to share social and political ideas with others, and even more important since the election. I prefer to write over being involved physically in politics.

The last brilliant film I've seen in the theatre: "The Clouds of Sils Maria" , directed by Olivier Assayas w/ Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart (who steals the show ).
I like this snapshot of the film best: from the UK Observer, Mark Kermode - "...Assayas establishes a complex emotional weather system in which age and identity ebb and flow as mysteriously as the titular clouds that snake through the Engadin valley."
Not a film to miss.

Sadly miss Phillip S. Hoffman... one of the most talented artists to grace the screen, and the theatre, for those who have had the pleasure of seeing him there.
Current cinema: "A Hologram for the King" is an exceptional feat of storytelling - thankfully, one for the adults.
Food, ethnic anything, preferably clean Asian, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean.
Sushi and Hot sake ? Yes, please.
Bread and wine, cheese and olives and I'm happy. Italian food is also a favorite - although it is hard to find good restaurants that serve the gluten free crowd.
. . . and of course a good red wine - once a staple for dinner, is enjoyed much less often and I feel better too.

I can make what I enjoy, which is Italian food both northern and southern, Indian, Asian and of course doesn't every other single 60's kid become the brown rice stir fry king ?
I like to try new things and also enjoy creating something delicious from what I can find; preparing food with another is most enjoyable.
Summing up food facts of importance to me: Paleo - organic / non-GMO; no gluten or sugar.
Six things I could never do without
Quiet, solace, sound of the river swirling by,
fresh air and the sound of the wind, ocean, whisper of trees,
the sound of people laughing, scent of the forest air, and fresh rain...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- always thinking of how to be better at whatever I do

...the bigger picture
On a typical Friday night I am
Catching up on random chores, and putting the work week's responsibilities down until Monday morning.

I'm out-of-doors more often in the warmer months. Now in early spring 2017 - I'm so looking forward to hiking once again this coming weekend, March 31st, April 1st.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Eyes in the back of my head and an extra toe on each foot. - Kidding.
You should message me if
If you want to escape ~ from online dating and interact in person.

I don't mind and sometimes prefer at least two, three emails before meeting - but if there's something interesting going on within a few days or week and we're both interested ... let's meet there. I'm flexible.

I haven't signed up again for OKC+, meaning. . . I don't see LIKES. If I am interested, I will write to you after visiting once or thrice . . unless you live further away than my flexible preferences ;)
It is perfectly okay to be straightforward and send a nice message. While I may have some traditional gentlemanly values, I value a woman's independence and confidence.

The two of us