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My self-summary
Love letter,
If you know you are not a kind woman, or angry woman, desire a one sided relationship where you are the only one that benefit move on. If you feel I have to do all the calling, move on. If you are like to be late, move on. If you are seeking a meal ticket, move on. If you fit into the above descriptions, click on delete and move to next profile. If you desire a relationship that could turn into a loving long term relationship, continue to read. Don't care how beautiful you are, mean angry women move on. Now my love letter is meant for 1 kind, caring, peaceful, faithful, loving woman. Is this too much to ask for ? smile
My Dearest,
I am caring, loyal, and very kind, the physical fruit that will manifest in front of your eyes shall be my thoughtfulness and reliability.
Through the years as we look back at our life, the moments when we really lived, are the moments when we have done things and made decisions rooted in real love. I have found that there is no remedy for love but to love more. There is only one real happiness in life, to love and be loved. True strength lies in love and whosoever loves much performs much. Anything that is done in love is done well. Real love conquers all. Love is more than words, it is demonstrated through physical action and meaningful thought. Love is manifested in a daily occurrences of small and large bits of kindness, couple with deeds and actions, with huge amounts of spirit fill uplifting words. Love is patient, love is taking the time to listen, love is taking the time to care. Love is never over loading but sharing the load. Love is making the home peaceful and restful. Love is always making your mate feel excited about coming home. The home should be a fun place.
Love is more than just a few months of newness and discovery. True love is destined to last when you have unconditional acceptance and respect of the one you are in love with. Love does not appear and disappear on a whim. Love has to reveal itself everyday, a pillow case can easily be turned into a mailbox designed for love notes, making itself known at the perfect time, by an curious romantic smell, or a crinking sound as your lover head began to rest on the pillow. Red roses hiding under the bedroom sheets. A love note inside her favorite book.
I have learned not to fall in love with physical beauty first. Time is going to change the outside but the (soul) the inner self the real person of who you really are, shall remain forever. When a man or woman really (DECIDES to be in love with their mate, and I used the phrase "DECIDES TO BE IN LOVE" and not "falls in love " to fall in love, implies or suggest that it was by accident, being in love is an act of your will) the man or woman should decide to be in love with the forever part first.
What I’m doing with my life
I have decided at this time in my life, to live without regrets.
I’m really good at
I can run a 8 minute mile, fishing, pingpong, billards, chess, checkers, swimming, bowling, bicycle riding. I am really good at being kind to people. I have been told I am a very good teacher. I am very good at being on time.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I watch the words that come out of my mouth. Words are very important to me, words creates your beliefs and your beliefs creates your actions.
I am a postive person.
I build people up.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like action movies and comedy movies.
Healing, heath, and educational books are on my shelf.
Lemon pepper wings
Salads, chicken, fish and turkey.
The six things I could never do without
If real love is demonstrated through, kindness, patients, uplifting words, loving deeds, creative thought and trust which I believe to be true, then love would be the 6 things I could never do without.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time thinking how my eyes can find the perfect woman. Not perfect as in flawless but perfect for me. I also think about we ultimately have relationships with each other minds. Our job is to connect with the man or woman that believes we are perfect, not as in flawless but perfect for them. Sex, beauty and money will never be the glue that can hold a couple together. If you are in love with their mind that you can't see and than later, be love with their body you can see, you shall be in love forever.
I would like for the reader to close her eyes right now and think about your last day on the planet. Will you be thinking about how long you lived, where you were born, who betrayed you, who hurt you, who you are anger with, I think not. I think you will be thinking about the in between, the collections of wonderful memories. Were you genuinely loved, and did you love to your fullest potential.
I think how a woman needs to live in a home where she is celebrated and not tolerated.
When a man steps into a woman life he enters her life at 1 of 4 stages, SEED, BUD, BLOSSOM, FRUIT. The uniqueness I shall bring into your life is, I am walking in my season of
How can two walk together unless they agree.
I am a very kind man and would just like to suggest something to you. Be careful about loving your man unconditionally.
If your mate is or begins, treating you like dirt, hurting your children, causing your life to be a living nightmare, became a physical abuser, and having affairs behind your back. Your love might began to drain from your very soul and you might want out.

I like to suggest something, you should have conditions to your love. When giving your heart to your mate. Your condition might range from TRUST, to being treated with love, honor, respect and honesty. (I am not talking about little things. You may count that as NOTHING in the scheme of living) but the bigger issues you may need to have conditions. I don't think your man has a right to hit you, and be unfaithful to you.
The law says to drive a car is a privilege and not a right. Choose a faithful man that will not threaten you, physically or mentally. That is not a privilege that’s is one of your rights.

I think you have a right to have a kind and drama free mate.
If you believe the same you are seeking conditional love.
May I suggest to you that you remove the word and thoughts (unconditionally) and add kind and drama free. In real life, you open up a DVD or CD package, you don't expect the store to take it back. You buy a dress and wear it over and over again you don't expect the store to take it back. Stores say you must have a receipt when you make returns. You see signs in stores that read all sales are final. Many times men and women get divorces because of an unspoken condition got broken. Food for thought, if you tell your man you love him with unconditionally love. That might get interpreted and translated in his mind you have given him a blank check to do as he please with your heart. If you disagree, don't change anything.
On a typical Friday night I am
Going to a movie or hanging out.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I know my destiny woman will be kind.
You should message me if
If you are really single, kind and drama free.
You must not still be angry at who hurt you.
You must have time for a relationship.
You must realize the one who hurt you or left you was not part of your destiny.
I fully understand that the three words, (kind) & (drame free)
will eliminate many. I don't need many. I just desire only one woman.
After reading many profiles I must add the following.
Yes, I know I will eliminate even more women. I am so thankful I don't need many, just one. My profile has been written to my
soul mate. If you are really kind, then you are really fair.
We must both be able to make each other laugh.
Let's not over load each other, just love each other.
I'm not into drama and I don't see the logic of investing energy in negative things. Yesterday is in the past, tomorrow has not been birith yet today is a gift so embrace the present.
We must suck the life out of life, get every wonderful drop, live every moment like we are not going to be here 200 years. Find something to laugh about every day and love beyond everyday words. I tried it and I'm liking it.
Looking to the future, learning from the past and living in the present. Today is a gift thats why we call it the present. Just my thoughts