42Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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My self-summary
Fair warning: if you can't process the idea of polyamory and/or don't understand the sexiness of a sapiosexual then you and I are likely not to click.

Asia devotee, avid movie consumer and used to be a constant traveler.
Spain-born, French-nationality, Asia-lover with too many things to see, places to visit, people to meet.

Retired (yes, re-ti-red) and happily based in Petaling Jaya (right next to Kuala Lumpur, folks), enjoying my life is my current job; and it´s the damn best job ever :-)

My interests for Asia made me start with Japanese, some Mandarin (barely Cantonese) and some Korean as well. In the past years I´ve been flirting with Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia but not getting anywhere with it.

I am into diverse stuff such as archery, diving, yoga, Pilates and others.

Seriously open minded, liberal and easy going. I like to keep my friends closely and take care of them. I tend to be straightforward although I keep a balance and bite my tongue if I´ll be hurting someone with my words.

[Please understand what I mean by open minded and liberal.
It's a lifestyle choice just like any other.]

I deeply dislike jealousy and lack of commitment on whatever you agree.
Unstable people, I kick them out of my life pretty quickly since I rather stay away from emotional vampires.

One thing to keep in mind, please:
You ever come up with the "is your profile real?" crap or raise any suspicion that I'm a scammer and our conversation will end right that moment.
I'm not here to entertain incredulous people.
What I’m doing with my life
At this point of my life ->> Finding every single thing that I can do to enjoy my days and well... lazy the rest of the time.

In the past, I was constantly conspiring about how to get the hell out of Alicante since my heart belongs to Asia. My job (and other less minor details) finally wheren't relevant anymore and I moved to Asia. My base camp is in KL (PJ, for purists) and from there I explore the continent... when I have to do my bloody visa runs ;-)

I try to practice my languages, get to know more Asian cultures and figure out what would I like to do (if ever able to), other than working with bloody computers and networks.

Plans I have are to get better with my archery and rollers, learn to cook some more and get an ultra light aircraft flying license.

I am also considering turning into a diving instructor. We´ll see.
I’m really good at
Trying to understand what´s going on, removing the BS from the facts.
Listening to people.
Languages [The more I know the more I like them]
Solving problems by any means available.
Taking care of my friends.
Remembering all movies, sounds, faces or details that I´ve come across at some point.
Getting lost (on purpose, most of the time) in cities.
Archery & diving (well, let´s say decent enough).
The first things people usually notice about me
They say my eyes and attitude.
That I don´t look my age at all.
The rest I take it´s better you check by yourself.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A brief story of nearly everything [Life changing].
The hitch-hiker´s guide to the Galaxy [A trilogy in six parts :-P].
Sperm are from men, eggs are from woman.
Guns, germs & steel [Get to know why things have become this way].
Anything related to evolutionary genetics, comic books (please, quality ones - Moore, Miller, Millar, Gaiman, ... ), body language and others.
Comic-books: whoever says they are worth nothing hasn't read anything from Allan Moore or Enki Bilal. Interested in some good references? Just ask me, I'll hook you up with my online collection.

Ouch... so many of them...
Will work on a list at some point.
Update: Let´s say so far Chasing Amy, The Matrix, Old Boy, Cashback, The Way, Martin (H), Things I never told you, ...

Depeche mode
The Cure
The temper trap
Autour de Lucie
Pearl Jam
And many many others

Without any doubt, all kind of Asian food.
Pat Thai, dim sum, huo guo, sushi, kimchi, gado-gado ...
Six things I could never do without
Me (ain´t that one obvious?) and my sense of freedom
My trips
My movies
My friends
My passion for things
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Now that I am in Asia, I try to figure out new combinations to visit all the places I have left to visit.

Other than that, I love to collect pieces of this big puzzle they call life and try to figure out the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything.
[Bonus points for whoever knows where this last quote comes from ;-)]
On a typical Friday night I am
Sometimes hitting my pending movies, sometimes having a drink with friends, sometimes dating someone.
Depends on the mood, the weather, the ambiance and the town I am at.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There is nothing really private about my life.
Ask and you´ll get your answer. Beware, however, that you might not like the answer so make sure you really want to know in the first place :-)
You should message me if
Generally speaking, I am looking for a long term, stable partner who is as liberal as me (or at least willing to explore)... so there's that.

Making friends is always welcome, provided that you understand and respect my lifestyle.

Other than that, great reasons to hit me up are:
- You think we can get along.
- You're sapiosexual, as I am.
- You can accept poly relationships (whether you'll be part of it or not).
- You think you can show me some awesome place.
- You think there is a dish worth trying around your place.
- You can think of any better reason that I didn't figure out by myself.
The two of us