42 Port Orford, United States
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My self-summary
Hello, & welcome to my fantastic profile. I hope you're in for quite a read.

First of all I'd like to start out by saying, if you're married or into that poly thing that's cool. But it ain't me."I'm not here trying to get laid". Nor do I see the point of devaluing myself in trying to compete or tap dance like a frat boy clown in competition for the attention or affection of another. To tell ya the truth I'd have better luck going to a WalMart or a street corner for that, ha ha.

I'd like to think I'm here to meet a powerful woman, not some mousy little girl stuck in a fantasy world. & besides that I'm not the type of guy that wants to be a bother to anybody in the first place. I'm not going to disrespect you or send you pics of my junk. Nor will I bother you for pics of yourself. & I'm not going to troll you or talk smack if you don't respond a message of mine either. Although I'm seeking someone that can be engaging, devoted & dedicated if there is any such thing. I'd also love to be shown something different & healthy for a change. So I'll ask a few simple questions. Like whats your favorite color? Or what's your favorite scent of aroma? Or perhaps what's your favorite sensation? Not that there's any correct or wrong answer. But how you reply, if you choose to do so, will tell me everything I need to know about you.

Secondly if you don't have a sense of humor, are easily offended, have sexual hangups, immature, a religious fanatic, or the sensitive type you may wish to run the other way.

I'd like to surround myself with open, mature & positive people. & to be honest I may not be relationship material anyways. Due to the train wreaks & disasters I've already gone through with many others in the past. But then again, who hasn't? Like many of you I've been rejected, lied to, deceived, jacked, cheated on, ratted out, pissed on & dissed on. So I may be damaged goods. Or perhaps the love for me was never that strong to begin with. Such a Greek tragedy, where has my youth gone? Ha ha. Oh well, at least I can feel fortunate in knowing what I want & don't want in a relationship.

O.K. then, the first few paragraphs didn't scare you off eh? Well I guess you must have some sort of gumption. Well then here's some more of my personal aspirations. Needless to say I think it would be nice to build a life & home with somebody in the long run. So I believe that reciprocation & consideration along with respect while giving 110% on both sides is the key. & so is meeting or exceeding what we bring to the table we sit at like devotion, dedication, & sacrifice. I don't mean monetarily either. I got mine & don't need yours. But I realize we won't excel as partner's if we don't do the principle thing for each other from the beginning.

I try to be somewhat of a realist. & I'm not looking for nor do I wish for the pretense of perfection. I don't expect anything from anybody that I wouldn't first expect from myself. I also value the time invested with somebody. So I don't want it wasted on dumb drama or unhealthy, emotionally sapping situations.

I look for personality more than anything, like charisma & confidence. Although attractions always a plus. I love the cool natural down to earth types.

I'd love to find a powerful woman that can give it to me straight. Or isn't afraid to put me straight if I'm slippin. I'm humble enough to admit when I'm wrong. & I'd also like a lady that can be accountable & responsible behind my back. So confidence along with trust is a plus. I'm the guy that can work through the tough times, if you can as well. Because I don't get mixed up in fantasy, I understand life's not perfect all the time & shit happens too. But I also know it goes the other way as well. Like good memories & fun times.

I'd like to think I'm a mystery. So if I told ya everything I'd be in a disposition of giving you nothing new to learn about me. Hmmm, or would I? Well I'm street smart & I'm also confident, affectionate, sensual, generous & realistic. I don't like to be advantageous, controlling or selfish. I allow the free will of others to take its course, even when I know better that the situations against me sometimes. I feel things happen for a reason & we all have our own course in life to travel. Like a bunch of puzzle pieces with their part in making a complete picture. I prefer to never to be forceful. As I like to treat other people the way I'd like to be treated.

I've never been married nor do I have any children. I have strawberry blonde hair. I have a few tattoos. I dress nice & I like to smell nice as well. I absolutely love to snowboard, it's my solace. I'm honest to a fault. I don't mind admitting when I'm wrong, because my mother raised me to accept responsibility for my actions. I prefer to be polite by saying please & thank you. Yes, I do have manners believe it or not. I also believe in chivalry. I've studied martial arts most my life. & I've competed in full contact martial arts tournaments in the past. Ya, I've won a couple trophies for it. But I've learned more through getting my ass kicked by some of the worlds toughest black belts. I've also prevailed through tremendous adversities throughout my lifetime thus far. I'm very thankful for it because I believe it's built me to be the man I am today.

Well lets see what else? I'm tall, so if you're tall great. Although I must admit I've always had a freakish attraction to shorties because they can be fun too. & I have a large tattoo piece I'd just recently had finished of an oriental dragon incorporated into my scars I'd received after being hit by a drunken driver. So if you have tatt's, I love ya already. I think Tattoo's are sexy & a turn on. I can also appreciate curves on a woman as well. I also think a pale skin complexion & freckles are sexy as hell. I look for personality traits such as regard & consideration of their partners feelings. I also believe devotion, dedication, & sensuality are also necessary as well. I like to keep it somewhat classy with a little freak bend to my kink. Because you never know whats around the next corner in life. Nor what you might learn about yourself the next day.

I'm very philosophical & grounded spiritually. I love history & I'd like to think I'm also fairly intuitive & intelligent. I can also tend be theatrical & sarcastic as hell. I'd like to think I can be somewhat funny. I've always tended to be an outlaw, or the lone lion with his own pride, rather than wanting to be a part of group in society. I'm more home & family oriented type. Home is where my hearts at.

I tend to be a somewhat reserved type of guy, more of an observer. & rarely make the first move until I'm comfortable with someone or the situation. Although I've always been flattered when a woman is dominant & has the guts to make the first move on me. & besides that I tend to have no desires unless I'm desired by someone more.

I also have an open mind, & try to be very understanding. I try not to judge. Nor am I homophobic or racist. Because I believe gays have more balls than most the dude's I've known. & I also believe black skin is just as beautiful as pale white skin, I love them both. So if you're judgmental we may not get along very well. I also try to be selfless as well. Because I was raised to be crew minded & I believe that being there for the team is more important to me than being a selfish individual. So if you're a selfish individual we may not get along too well either. I believe in putting you ahead of me. So if you could have the same regard & consideration in return then maybe something with strength can be built between us. & perhaps something strong for our future as well.

I feel very fortunate to be here. I also love every breath I take, even when some of the days may not be so good. It's a blessing & simple miracle that any of us are here to experience life with one another within this short amount of time we're allowed. Life is what happens when your making plans for other things. So beyond all that I'm just an average guy seeking the same stimulation's in life we all are. Such as love, harmony & happiness. I believe it'd be nice to share something like that with somebody.

NAMASTE', Joshua
What I’m doing with my life
Helping others when I can. Or wasting my time online.
Playing poker on the side while following a dream.
I’m really good at
Giving compliments & being polite as well as respectful. Being passionate, dedicated & devoted. Not giving up. & confronting situations rather than running away from them, I'd like to think I'm solid like that. I might piss, bitch, & moan but I don't run. I'm also good at reading people & spotting out a con real quick. I've always had a fascination with how the mind works through the process of psychology, sociology & motive. I'd like to think that's why I'm pretty good at Poker. Overcoming adversities & dispositions. Fixing problems or things. As well as many other things that may be inappropriate to list here. A little of it has to do with Kama Sutra & massages.
The first things people usually notice about me
How I walk & talk. My charisma & passion. I've been told by many that I'm very smooth or that my voice is soothing & easy going. Perhaps my striking beauty or misteek of mystery behind my statute. How tall I am. My mischievous grin. The sexy tone in my voice or the way I talk. My blue eyes, or my luscious lips. Or perhaps my sexy butt. So I've been told. Or perhaps the power of my presents. Insecure, weak, or fake people have a hard time with it. I explain it like this, how did the five little Irish monks in a circle react when the Viking came walking upon them. That's what I'd compare it to. Ha ha ha.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
All kinds. I've never limited myself on my adventure for new foods, music, or cultures. I love Italian & spicy Mexican foods. I also like it simple, perhaps a good sandwich like a Philly Cheese Steak or a Ruben.

I prefer to make my own music. But other than that I like old school East Coast Hip Hop like the GZA, Jazz as well as Gershwin, Blues like Muddy, BB, & Ray, Digital Electronica, progressive, trance, Dub, Mod, Industrial, Indie Rock Like Modest Mouse, Reggae Like Steel Pulse, Toots, Trip Hop like Tricky, & most female vocalist like Patsy Cline, Beth Orton, & many others. Also like the heavy stuff like Slayer, Pantera & old school Metallica, the Classics Like Hendrix, Doobie Bros., The Who, & the Alman Bros. & Classical Like Motzart, Choppin & Beethoven & many more. I dance to the beat of my own drum in life. & I also make my own songs. I love music, It'll be one of the few things in life I'll miss when I'm gone.

I watch lame crap on utube. I like comedy & old westerns. I also enjoy watching history shows, documentaries, poker or anything else generally educating. I use to be a movie buff. But learning the science behind the performance arts leaves it all kinda played out. & T.V. will rot your brains with all the commercials. I mean how many ways can the same story be told? Although I do enjoy the cinematography of a flick over the story line most the time. Not so much the computer graphics over the lighting, color & angles. But I don't mind cable series shows like Pillars of the Earth, Deadwood, Spartacus, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Vikings, Black Sails, or The Walking Dead.
The six things I could never do without
1. Myself, because no matter where you go there you are.
2. My friends, because it always takes a few clowns to make the world go round.
3. Confidence, because it don't grow on trees.
4. Love, because we could all use a little touch of it.
5. Money for the bills, because were all slaves to the society we live in.
6. & hope, because sometimes that's all we got beyond our faith.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Philosophy, history & life. The complexities of cultural, demographic & social influences. Quantum physics, the universe & how small we are in it. How to evolve & expand while becoming a better person. Why people do the things they do. Or better yet, why I do the things I do, ha ha. & why I waste so much time on this site.
On a typical Friday night I am
Busy. Or relaxing. Playing poker with friends, online, or at a casino cash table. Plotting my next scheme. Sometimes I usually prefer to stay at home because of all the travel. I also like to get out & walk in the nature, it's my church. Or perhaps having a burger & beer at the local dive while listening to some cheesy live music.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm usually private because people don't really care, do they? I've learned that anything one divulges becomes misconstrued, taken out of dialect, or harbored & molded for use against one at a later time.
You should message me if
Although it's nice that you may like me. I don't pay for this site & cant tell who you are by clicking the like button. Unless it's mutual of course. So please, leave me a nice message instead. I mean we're all adults here, right?

Or perhaps if you're looking for something genuine & unique with some substance & depth. I'm actually a pretty cool & laid back kind of guy with a passion & zeal for life. I'm also very respectful through the smoke & mirrors I display as well. I mean why make it easy for those that want something for nothing? It keeps the diggers at bay.

I rarely ever message others due to the lack of engaging response. I find it kind of ironic that most ladies want more than a "hi" or "hey sexy" one liners. But can't put out what they'd expect. So I put an effort to write more when I message someone. & all I get in return are the sound of crickets, ha ha. I don't have time for someone that wont make time for me. So please, don't be shy. I mean really, what have you got to lose?