37Cincinnati, United States
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My self-summary
raised in the vast corn maze that is ohio, i went to a small program (western college) in a big school (miami of ohio) where they cordoned off all the weirdos and, by coincidence, all of the awesome heroes. while there, i learned stuff, ate and drank stuff and made most of the best friends i have to date. i have lived in boston, chicago, minneapolis and oakland. having made it all the way to the pacific, i guess i beat "oregon trail".
i have pulled up stakes and left the west coast and points between after 13 years [give or take], and, for the first time, turned east - as i'd pretty much run outta real estate.
as such, i am effectively new in town!
also, as has been apparent, i don't like capitalization.
What I’m doing with my life
working as much as i need to - which is enough. i have spent the last 10 or so years working in social service, mental illness, and onward. presently i am gearing up to go to grad school.
but i suppose what i am actually "doing" with my life is constantly taking shape. i have a lot of goals, but who doesn't? i guess i see one's lifepath/station/career as an organism - adapting and evolving. i suppose the most awesome outcome of said evolution would take the form of being paid to write and/or make people laugh.
I’m really good at
i am a good dancer. i am good at trivia-based games due to my eidetic memory for largely useless information. i am incredibly good at lawn games. i have a deep and abiding love for the ancient art of karaoke (i do one hell of an eddie vedder, especially on "better man" and my springsteen ain't too shabby). i excel at enjoying beverages (all kinds - not just booze). i am an excellent laugher - i laugh very well. as boring AND cliche as it sounds, i do believe that i am a good listener and (if solicited) problem-helper-wither (i wanted to say "adviser", but that implies far too much insight). i like to think that i am a good writer. i also fancy myself a good conversationalist. my friends are like family to me. we have stayed close for over 10 years and i think there is something to be said for that.
The first things people usually notice about me
in no particular order:
i often wear a headband (as i generally keep my hair a bit long just above the shoulder) for utility, and have gotten many comments on them (being the various headbands) - and, no, it's not ironic. i wear them to keep my hair out of my face and i think they look cool.
legs. (if not obscured by long pants)
awesome calves (ibid)
i suppose that's it. i could go into non-superficial stuff, but that seems to be the bent of this entry.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
blood meridian, the road (i guess most cormac mccarthy)
world war Z, infinite jest, the girl with curious hair, revenge of the lawn, as i lay dying, consider the lobster, a supposedly fun thing i'll never do again (actually anything by david foster wallace, his death was black armband territory for me), horror anthologies - the cheesier the better, lord of the rings, how to talk dirty and influence people, underworld... i'll stop now.
waiting for guffman, zombieland, the whole george romero canon, the departed, the road, this is spinal tap, UHF, caddyshack, ghostbusters, princess mononoke, the goonies, adventureland, the 40 year old virgin.
modest mouse (especially older stuff), beck (first 3 albums changed my life), minutemen, fear, townes van zandt, gillian welch, dolly parton, porter wagoner, smashing pumpkins (a lot of 90's buzz bin stuff - call it a guilty pleasure), silver jews, will oldham, pavement, ween, lil wayne, johnny cash, john wayne and the texas funeral, the trophymen, 84 nash, calexico, iron and wine, royal trux, velvet underground, 13th floor elevators/roky erikson, the pixies, the dead milkmen and the dead kennedys, rolling stones, bob dylan, and a whole bunch i'm not thinking of.
i'll keep this one short and just give one interesting food fact. i do, truthfully, enjoy eating unadulterated, unsauced, plain raw broccoli. fact.
Six things I could never do without
again, in no particular order.
my friends
comedy (both as consumer and provider)
a wide variety of beverages - both non-alcoholic and otherwise.
the feeling leading up to traveling (for pleasure not work)/ the sensation upon arrival.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i spend otherwise boring time thinking about very random, weird stuff that catches hold of my brain. i think a lot about writing (maybe too much - thinking yourself out of a good idea, &c). i think a lot about the community of people of which i am a part - we have stuck together and stayed in touch despite distance for 10 years. i think about how other people see me and how that affects the way i perceive other people. it could be said that i think too much in general, but that's just the way my brain works. there is a David Foster Wallace quote from Infinite Jest; it is a kind of mantra for one of the main characters, Hal Incandenza: "I am in here." I think that sums it up as far as the too much thinking stuff goes. but as i have gotten a little older, i feel that i have overcome some of the negative aspects of all that business. sometimes i come off as shy or even (dammit) intimidating or awkward when i am really just spending too much time thinking instead of talking. but enough of this bullroar. i think about a lot of stuff. i wouldn't have it any other way.
On a typical Friday night I am
possibly rollin deep with the nerds/weirdos/champions that i have the pleasure to call my marrow-pals. possibly having some drinks with friends at a bar or someone's apartment. possibly staring at 8 pages i am trying to condense to 5 on my computer screen. possibly sitting in my friends' lovely backyard talking about weird stuff. in other words, i could be just about anywhere as long as i'm with good people.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i'm kind of freaked out by escalators and i don't appreciate the smugness of magicians.
You should message me if
you want to. you would like to discuss something hilarious, interesting, weird or all of the above. you are down with beards, eyes that change color and sweet high kicks. you want to have a drink sometime and swap stories, people watch, be awesome or all of the above.
The two of us