28London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Hi there, I'm Jo, tho Tiffany as a girl, with Tes as a type of true guy name when feeling genderfluid, 28 from Wandsworth, London, UK.

Sex ~ male, gender ~ genderfluid, sexuality ~ heteroflexible, poss bi curious.

I'm looking for friends can meet up with in the city or the UK, tho of course what i truly want is a relationship. Tho please read my profile first.

( I had to change my 'who i'm searching for' options from 'everyone', to something much less expressive, thanks to those who appear to make 0 effort to read my profile, particularly 'my summary' or 'message me' )

In terms of relationships, a proper relationship with a person from or close to London is preferable, tho i'm open to long distance relationships, of which i've had a few.

While in the past my preference was more for a genderfluid relationship as a guy with those who were physically female or who identified as that, or for a genderfluid relationship as a girl with whoever,

in more recent times i confess that as a guy i've taken interest in the more kind of playful metrosexual gay guy, which is new to me.

Tho to recap I'm a guy who' at times is a girl, presently looking to talk to, make friends with, or have a relationship with people who are, or are understanding of, genderfluid, trans, non binary, lgbtq etc

Pls read the 'message me' part previous to messages.

Tho honestly, if you're not open to gender fluidity, trans, non binary, lgbtq etc, then please do not message me, try to hit on me, etc

Those of you who are though, pls message me. i reply to every message i receive. ( think that's still the case as of 09 June 2017 )

What I’m doing with my life
I have a part time job, that i'm content with, that covers me while I work on developing myself and the skills to take up a career out in the wider world.

I work on various extra curricular projects in my spare time, particularly on things that connect with the performing arts scene / escapism / experience through simulation scenes.

I want to meet up with other people on the gender spectrum, whether they're genderfluid, trans or whoever, as I know so few people who explore themselves that way.

It's my plan to explore the wider sub cultures of the city, while exploring my genderfluidity. From cyber to steampunk, to goth. Plus more recently the world of cheerleading as a girl.

I'm hoping to make friends I can meet up with to explore these city cultures with, to go out with etc

It would be cool to hang out with people at places where you can freely express your sense of yourself.
I’m really good at
Working through problems, making things etc
The first things people usually notice about me
probably my open truthful confidence. it's my thing
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Food wise, unsure, recently turned vegetarian which scratches a few previous fave meals off the list, i guess Quorn is a life saver. The vegetarianism is a personal principle thing tho, it's not to preach to others.

Fave movie is probably The Postman , particularly the opening half of the movie. Buffalo Soldiers ( 2001 ), perhaps A Knights Tale. Blade Runner is on the list of course.

Too many tv series to mention, recently completed re watching the 9 original series of the X Files for the third time in my life, just finished watching Falling Skies.

Computer games wise, I play plenty of the 360, from open world titles, to fps and strategy etc

Books, oh so many. ask me or something, tho perhaps Raymond E Feist's work. Tho as i used to read so much as a child, perhaps there's works from those time that I've forgotten how much the meant / mean to me.

These days I read non fiction, to learn extra skills, knowledge etc Tho there's hardly time in a year to read anything fiction these days.
Six things I could never do without
1. the internet

2. purpose

3. girl stuff

4. music

5. making things

6. other people
I spend a lot of time thinking about
oh so many things, talk to me
On a typical Friday night I am
who knows
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
okay so my sexuality is something I'm not entirely sure of yet, heteroflexible for sure, tho as my tastes as a guy or a girl progress, it's unclear how that could progress.
You should message me if
you want to :p

tho pls read my profile.

relationships wise i'm looking for something. check the first part of my profile.

plus could use plenty more genderfluid or other non binary friends, particularly from London, UK.

i think i reply to every message i receive. ( think that's still the case as of 10 May 2017 )

The two of us