37Cork, Ireland
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My self-summary
Quick match heres my profile
I’m an Irish guy finally out of college, working in IT at the moment, planning on putting my Business Degree in IT to better use for an NGO as soon as I build up some cred in the industry [learn the tricks of the trade so to speak]

I'm all about the fun; I love having my friends, and having a laugh. I spent a lot of time in college and uni cos I loved the environment and the people and the good times...running societies and club nights and even film festivals and the like. [Ok, only one film festival, but how many have YOU run?!] I've been told that deep down I'm a nice caring person, but, meh, you know, I'm really just a big fat party animal in a skinny suit! I love comedy, used to work in a comedy club in fact for 2 years as bar/floor staff, but got to hang out with the acts after-hours and stuff, which was soooo much fun.

I'm very down to earth; who only really dislikes ppl who try and restrict others tastes to their own, without ever opening themselves up to anything new, be it in friends/music/religion/sexual preference or any kind of life choice....

I love music of all genres, and ppl find it hard to shut me up once I find someone interesting to talk to, regardless if I actually agree with their views, once they can back them up I’ll pretty tolerant [except on views that negatively affect peoples lives, like racism etc]

I'm looking for some online friends I guess, new ideas and mindsets from lands faraway, lol, and know a good place to go drinking anywhere in North Cali, or mainland Europe, or SE Asia, as I plan on heading back over soon for a bit of a holiday, festivals and to loose myself, respectfully.

I'm a sucker for eyes that smile......and a good sense of humour.

Things I still have to do include jump out of a fully functioning airplane, learn to drive, visit pyramids on 3 continents, and learn to scuba dive [so I can see the underwater cities!!].

Eh...eh...eh... will write more lately....

I am 50% more fun, with bing, bong, and ZING![tm] added
What I’m doing with my life
Single after being in serial relationships since 1999 [like, super cereal], so kinda lost / kinda finding myself lol. Working in IT to fund my party addiction, though that’s being wound down for a temp time while I start saving funds for my explorations of the world.

Ok, that’s a blatant lie, I’m just cutting down on the spending I do while I party, so I can party in other places later :¬D

Don’t worry though, I’m getting there!

Still looking for that ONE, you know what I mean, the happy ever after
I’m really good at
Having fun, listening, getting demented with good friends, I used to think that I was good at picking friends, but recently I've discovered that was a little wrong on that one! Fuck you Dave!

Finding solutions to everyones problems.
Looking after everyone at the party, even if its not my own.
Giving advice and not listening/applying it to my own situations.

Dealing with cats/dogs/kids/parents/children/small thermonuclear devices (long story)..

Well, you know how Mr Kipling makes exceedingly good cakes...just pass me the skins will ya?

The first things people usually notice about me
I’m that tall guy in baggy pants who’s horsing around, getting everybody up and dancing, or in the middle of a terrible terrible joke.

Depending on the party, Im the guy standing in a group of people I only half know telling jokes, the guy arriving up with 2 bottles of tequila, limes, a quart of whiskey and some Sambuca, the guy looking after everyone he dosnt know making sure they've enough water and chewing gums, or that mad fucker convincing everybody to cover the room in glow-stick juice and turn off the lights so they can finally see the cosmos....

My eyes, my smile, my laugh, funny faces ...i just don’t know...my energy, and I guess my affectionate nature, (awwww)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a)used to be old Sven Hassel books, Lewis Carroll [i lived in Narnia for like most of my childhood], now? i guess the old Prachett, Anne Rice books though I’m trying to expand my horizons beyond the Discovery channel and back to the printed page

(b) ********** Movies ********** and on and on and on....eh, this could take a while...

I know its not listed but :

********** TV Shows **********

(c) *** revamped *** [with too much time on my hands, I decided to get some down alphabetically]

2 Many Dj's / Radio Soulwax, Aaliyah, AC/DC, Aerosmith, B.B. King, Bach, Bauhaus, Belle and Sebastian, Ben E King, Bethovan, Billie Holiday, Billy Bragg, Billy Idol, Black Sabbath, Blondie, Bloodhound Gang, Blue Oyster Cult, Bob Dylan, Buddy Holly, Carl Cox, Cradle of Filth, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cut Chemist, Daft Punk, Dan the Automator, Darude, David Bowie, Dean Martin, Debbie Harry, Def Leppard, Depeche Mode, Desert Sessions [the albums], Dick Dale, Digitalist, Dizzy Gilespie, DJ Shadow, DJ Tiesto, DJ Yoda, Don McLean, Donovan, Dropkick Murphys, Earth Wind & Fire, Echo & the Bunnymen, Ella Fitzgerald, Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton, Erol Alkan, Everclear, Faith No More, Fat Boy Slim, Felix the Housecat, Fine Young Cannibals, Fingathing, Fleetwood Mac, Flogging Molly, Frank Sinatra, Gomez, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Holst, Iggy & the Stooges, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Joy Division, Jurassic 5, Justice, KISS,LCD Soundsystem, Led Zeppelin, Less Than Jake, Lou Reed, Louis Armstrong, Ludacris, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Macy Gray, Madness, Madonna, Marcy Playground, Marilyn Manson, Marvin Gaye, Massive Attack, Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, Megadeath, Metallica, Miles Davis, Mozart,Mr Scruff, Mudhoney, Mylo, Nancy Sinatra, New Order, New Radicals, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Nirvana, Orgy, Otis Redding, Pachelbel,Patti Smith, Perl Jam, Perry Como, Pink Floyd, PJ Harvey, Placebo, Protishead, Queen, Queens of the Stone Age, Rammstein, Rancid, Ray Charles, Rob Zombie, Rolling Stones, Run DMC,Santana,Savage Garden, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Sebastian, Sepultura, Simian Mobile Disco, Smashing Pumpkings, Stevie Wonder,Stevie Wonder, Sugar Ray, System of a Down, Telmann, The Animals, The B-52s, The Bangles, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Black-Eyed Peas, The Chemical Brothers, The Clash/Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, The Cure, The Doobie Brothers, The Doors, The Eagles, The Everly Brothers, The Misfits, The Monkees, The Pixies, The Police, The Prodigy, The Ramones, The Righteous Brothers, The Rolling Stones, The Slackers,The Smiths, The Specials, The Streets, The Temptations, The Velvet Underground, The Violent Femmes, The White Stripes, The Who, The Wise Guys, Third Eye Blind, Timo Mass, Tom Waits, Type O Negative, Ugly Duckling, Usher, Vitalic, Vivaldi, Yeah Yeah Yeahs,Zero 7

(d) LOTS, esp Japanese, Chinese, Mexican (oh dont get me started), Italian....not a lot of fish though, but I'm trying to expand my tastebuds, suggestions welcome!
Six things I could never do without
Besides the usual family, friends, love etc....

1. Sunshine on my skin [I’ve worked nights on and off for years, and I cant survive without that glorious feeling of proper warm sun on my skin],

2. A safe place to rest my head [those who have done without know what I mean],

3. Comfort foods: tea and toast / Tayto [an Irish potato chip brand] sandwiches with Irish butter and fresh skull bread [its a Cork thing, boy], spaghetti and a simple tomato sauce with grated cheese and cayenne pepper

4. Changes of socks [if i get cold [wet] feet, my system shuts down. not literally, but i become withdrawn, lethargic, unable to concentrate or smile or motivate myself...i start to feel sickly and cold and just miserable] [curses, now you know my one weakness...I must keeeeel you all!]

5. Le Male by Jean Paul Gautier [circa 2005/6 plain blue see-thru bottle, not striped] - anyone whose nose has been graced by such a fragrance of the gods will understand..... An ex of mine first bought it for me years ago and I've cherished it since, not for her, but for the way it can save me no matter how bad a day I've had. Quite simply, it’s the smell of heaven itself

6. The chance to at least try

As you can see, the first 5 are to protect me when Im feeling down, then last to give me the hope that I can make things better.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Errm, life, i guess? Definatly I concentrate on Friends and Family, who they are, how i can help.....whats going on in the world, the big picture , ya know.

Naaa, really..ehhh.

Oh, that weird blue fluff you get in your bellybutton but you dont know where its come from cos you havnt been wearing anything blue for ages.....meh....oh look, shiney things......

When in doubt, double drop!
On a typical Friday night I am
Down in the Brog, our local in Cork city, Ireland, or tearing up the dance floor in Electric Underground, a club my buddy runs, having fun,dancing like a mad thing till the lads throw us out, then on to organise an on-the-spot house party of some kind, or staying in with a few good movies or episodes of insert your fav show/movie here
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Once I thought i was invincible, then I discovered what a broken heart was. It took 2 years to eventually pull myself somewhat together. Then- later it happened again, and this time I managed a bit better. In my time I've known love in many levels, with several people, but I'll walk head first into it again without hesitation. In a hearbeat.

I dont really know any Sanskrit or Urdu, to be fair, I cant really even remember much French......."ah sure your Honour, I was only messing, di-de-diddly-de-de-diddle-diddly-do!"

Im a Gemini and an ENFP, so I tend to start alot of things then get distracted [projects, not relationships, mind].

One day I'll grow up, but shush, not just yet, not just yet o.0
You should message me if
...you possibly think True Romance, Dracula and Benny and Joon are 3 of the most romantic films ever made.

...you believe in love a first sight, but dont rely on it

...in a situation where you can [justifiably] react harshly or you can react softy, you choose to react softly, simmply for the sake of the other person.

...you realise that everybody makes mistakes, sometimes the same ones more than once, often not on purpose

...you believe that kindness is more often than not the best answer

...you like the odd situation where you wake up in the morning at somone-elses house wondering "who the hell were those mad bastards and where the hell are my shoes?!?!?!" [but not in a bad way]
The two of us