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My self-summary
Hi, I’m Jackie. *waves wildly* Nice to meet you and thank you for taking the time to read my profile. Before you ask, Jackie is an absolutely genuine nickname. My mother called me that, and I happily used it, well into junior high school, when I changed to Jack because I got too many responses on a health project addressed “Miss Jackie”. Now, I’m using it again because it just feels right. Maybe my mother knew something I didn’t. *giggle*

As you look at my bearded picture and read my profile, always remember:

1. “It’s NOT what’s on the outside, BUT what’s on the inside that REALLY matters;”
2. “Age is only a number;”
3. “Smooth fine whiskey takes many years to properly age;”

By the way, OkCupid accidentally added a “1" to my age. I’m actually 6 years old, all in good ways, or at least feel that way. My insides might even grow-up by the time I die, but until then, I will continue to grow and enjoy being sexy and silly. Psst: I danced with an unknown older womyn in K-Mart one day to a song played by one of those animated animals from the Christmas reduction aisle. Just spontaneous fun. Don’t tell anybody though or it’s off to the rubber room for me.

I have been told that if somebody wants to find me at a Craft Fair, Flea Market, Antiquarian Book Show, Postcard Exhibition, or some other large exposition, they just have to listen for my lush laughter. I love to peek and poke (yes, a double or triple entendre *giggle*), and laughter IS the best medicine. I’m only quiet in a cemetery, out of respect.

Now on with the show. I’m intelligent; witty, funny, and punny (sometimes with too many groaners); naughty and nice; and extremely intense in whatever I set my mind to do. I’m great with ideas, but don’t always have the follow-through, needing a passel of naughty and naked female elves to follow me around and do the implementation. Even so, I’m extremely easy-going, or should that be just “easy”. Yup, the latter sounds about right.

Blessed with a twin spirit, both male and female, I wear colored-cotton panties 24/7 but I’m NOT a sissy nor a cross-dresser (crossdresser), though maybe a guydyke when my female side comes to the forefront. Those panties, though, are truly a part of who I really am.

I’ve learned that this duality keeps me calmer, allowing me to look at life from a multitude of different angles, and sometimes, through rose-colored glasses. One of the reasons the nick-name Jackie fits. In a tarot quiz, my higher-self was represented by the Temperance card: “The act of Temperance can also refer to the coming together of two distinct beings that must function as one.” Sounds just like me.

I wish I could expound on my biological heritage, but since I’m adopted and my NJ adoption records are sealed, I have no idea. Probably created in a big test tube, and surprise, surprise, I lived.

My adopted parent’s heritage was Irish, Dutch, Finnish, and Swedish. In my case, they’re all spelled “stubborn.” *smile* The most I can accurately relate is how I’ve lived and loved, and I'm not done yet. Any volunteers to straighten me out ?? *grin*

I spent four years in the Air Force repairing airborne electronics while in-flight during the 'Nam era. After being honorably discharged I attended WPI receiving a BSEE/CS degree. Then, I worked in the computer industry as a system troubleshooter for 19 years – as a techie, NOT a slave master, fixing both hardware and software. I DO know how to intimately interface with both hardness and softness.

My mind is as comfortable profoundly playing chess (though I haven’t done it in decades) as my hairy body is passionately playing chest (do it as frequently as possible *giggle*).

Deep at heart, I'm a true troubleshooter, enjoying to fix all sorts of perplexing problems, both physical and Physical. Any of you gorgeous gals have a Physical problem that needs fixing ?? *blush*

I enjoy outdoor photography (and have sold a dozen or so photos on eBay), as much as long intimate walks in a cool calm cemetery or along a warm wave-lapping beach at dusk.

During the daylight hours, I enjoy lingeringly examining older cemeteries (1600s - late 1800s) for their diversity of types of grave stones, fully enjoying the carving styles, the various symbolism; and the last thoughts from a long-gone past. Probably goes along with the fact that my favorite holiday is Halloween.

As that CW song so boldly proclaims, I too must have been baptized in muddy water, muddy and murky Hudson River water, because I do have a slightly kinky bent. My lusting lips ever so broadly smile the entire time I’m at the NELA’s Fetish Fleamarket – those buxomly bustiers ready to burst just do it for me, among quite a few other things. *blush* So you see, my biting brain is ever so wildly open BUT no practical parts have ever escaped. *smile* Hey, who’d ever want to escape from sweet innocent ol’ me ??? *giggle*

Pagan (earth-based) religions have always interested me. (I would have quickly checked that box on OkCupid but there wasn’t one.) Over the years, I have gravitated towards Witta, an Irish Wiccan-style path, but I don’t actively practice it. Never enough hours in the day or maybe I just need an enticing sky-clad teacher to show me the right way, or just show me. Yup, yup.

I also feel like I have an “old soul,” but I can’t define exactly why. It just feels that way. To further explore that concept, my two hot hands are more than willing to search, or feel, for anybody else's soul, whether they be very old or young. *giggle* Both will carefully caress each and every inch of fevered flesh in their passionate pursuit.

In a similar vein, I am drawn to wolves, no particular breed, just wolves in general. I’m not sure that I would go so far as to say the wolf is my totem, but there is a definite attraction. I’ve howled at the full moon more than once, but I don’t know if that’s caused by my Wolf or my Were.

I’m always fun to play with (either indoors or outside), rub my furry belly and I’ll never nip. My hot hands and lusting lips thoroughly enjoy reciprocating . I love to laugh, and make someone special laugh. It’s more than magical to see his/her eyes twinkle and sparkle from humor.

Just remember, when I was made, they not only broke the mold, but swiftly shot the mold-maker !!

Want to know more, drop me a note, any old note.

I am Intelligent, Passionate, and Witty
What I’m doing with my life
Right now, I’m slowly floating down the river of life in my pitch-black rubber-ducky raft, trying to avoid any and all rocks, rapids, and shoals, while hoping to sensuously seduce a Rubenesque Siren or well-endowed Merman, happily giving him/her a tidal wave of passionate pleasure.

On a more serious note, I have a wife, so if that bothers or offends you, I’m sorry BUT it works wonderfully for me.

I am poly-amorous, but that I’m no longer “in love” with my wife, though I care for her deeply for the years we’ve spent together. Does that make me mono-amorous ??? Or am I poly-amorous since I’m capable of a second (or third) loving relationship. Probably a subject for a face-to-face, or naked body-to-body, discussion. (Someone once told me that anything and everything is discussed more openly and honestly when two people are 100 percent naked. I’m all for that and am so adaptable that I'll also accept people who leave only their socks on !! *giggle*).

A few details – skip it if you’re not interested. I've been married for 41 years and over that time my wife and I have significantly drifted apart, if anything she's grown even more conservative and less interested in doing things together with each passing year.

I’ve grown more kinky, letting my two spirits run semi-free. She's not interested in knowing about my outside activities and doesn't question where I've been. We haven't had any kind of sex together in almost a decade, and only had it infrequently in the best of times. Right now, I'm not interested in divorce simply because we're still compatible as roommates (I’m not running from anything) and I don't really want to leave her high, dry, and alone at her age.

BEWARE: I tend to grow on (and maybe, “in” *giggle*) people so I could be considered to be awfully addictive. After oodles of testing, The Surgeon General requires a warning label to that effect down my back, but I never show it. *giggle* OK, we’re back to playfulness and sexiness again.
I’m really good at
Troubleshooting problems using logical thinking and passionate pleasure using all parts of my body.

Both my enthusiastic lips are extremely oral with both guys or gals, and my torrid tongue can be an unrelenting snake. All three soooo enjoy giving passionate pleasure. I guess that makes me a tad submissive, but I don’t think I’m submissive in the B/D- or S/M-world sense of the word.

On the other hand, I have torridly thought about mild B/D, maybe: 1) a wildly willing body and a fuzzy feather, those furry-finger tips arousing tickle zones or writing sensuous sonnets across your silky skin; 2) or someone being gently tied down by silky ribbons, then lingeringly teased to ecstacy by a warm wet tongue, that red-hot tip anywhere and everywhere at once; 3) or how about an ice cube drawing a chilly picture, the water cooling and collecting, dripping and dispersing over fevered flesh. No pain or blood, but a torrid ton of good-old-fashioned tantalizing. And maybe, maybe, if you’re very, very good, some pleasing.
The first things people usually notice about me
My black leather Stetson in the winter and in the summer, my black cowboy hat with an American flag bandanna wrapped around it, then my impish yet very inviting smile, and finally, maybe my pony tail.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Hmmmmmm, let’s see now:

Books: My reading mostly revolves around the paranormal genre, hard (horror), soft (romance), and spicy (Ellora’s Cave), just as I like my men and wymyn. Within that genre, I prefer books on Vampires and Werewolves (thoroughly enjoying the Anita Blake series). I could never be a vampire since I enjoy garlic way too much. Even so, there will probably be 3 or 4 vampire books in my cramped casket when I die, and no, I’m not planning on “turning” before my death. I also enjoy books on the history of cemeteries and gravestones (ask me about the gravestones with bare breasts *giggle*).

TV: The shows that I’m currently following are: The Unit; NCIS; Fringe; Lie to Me; True Blood; and Justified. A few shows that I’ve followed in the past are: Dark Angel; Xena; Buffy, the Vampire Slayer; Witchblade; (notice a trend there ?); Blood Ties; Moonlight; L-Word; Dead Like Me; and Burn Notice.

Movies: Not a big movie-house fan – I usually wait for the DVD. My all-time favorites are: “The Thomas Crown Affair” (the more recent one), “An Officer and a Gentleman”, and “The Long Kiss Goodnight”.. I’ve also enjoyed: “Underground”; “Matrix”; the “Bourne” trilogy.

Music: I enjoy most kinds except Rap depending on my mood. Though I gravitate toward Country & Western, I totally enjoy spirited instrumentals (The Lone Ranger theme – yes, I know it’s the William Tell overture) to soft romantic mood setting songs, which are best listened to while cozily cuddling and sensuously snuggling. My femme-side enjoys Stevie Nicks; Sarah McLachlan; Jill Sobule; Melisa Etheridge; and the Lilith Faire recordings. (She’s a lusty lesbian at heart, a real down-town pleaser.)

I'm told that both "sides" fully enjoy bare naked ladies. Oops, sorry, we’re talking music here. I knew there was a reason I didn’t use capitalization. *giggle* Quiet you two.

Food: Yum !!! Overall, spicy, please pass the hot sauce. I enjoy all that I eat with vigor and gusto. Hmmmm. My top three favorites are Mexican, pepperoni pizza, and the ole American hamburger, not always in that order, and yes, I will take a well-done hamburger over a steak any day. (Ever have a piece of spicy pepperoni nibbled off your naked body – you pick the place and I’ll take my time.) I also enjoy Indian and Italian, and could be bribed (ask how ?? *giggle*) into trying other culture’s foods as long as it isn’t raw or doesn’t crawl and wiggle.

I must confess to all who read this that I never met a cute (or ugly) calorie that my lusting lips wouldn’t enthusiastically embrace. I automatically avoid the carrot sticks, immediately ignore the broccoli florets, but those cute sugary calories, I just can never say “no.”. Nibble, nibble, and they’re gone. Are you the cutest of calories and want to be naughtily nibbled on ??

Writing: Though I haven’t done much within the last year or two, I enjoy writing highly erotic stories and erotic poetry (the old rhyming style, I know *sigh*. Hey, that was the o-n-l-y kind back in the dark ages.) Both are from a lusty lesbian or fevered female point of view.
Six things I could never do without
For right now: Sensual sex; My Internet connection; Luscious and lingering loving; My 35mm camera; Delicious food; and finally, pencil and paper for writing. This will change as I think more about it.

Hmmmmm, maybe I should’ve put “my health” first as a few OkCupidites have done. Nah, I’ll leave it the way it is, “sensual sex” first, but will also “knock on wood”. With “health” first, I might live a longer life, but it would be so much more quiet, and maybe even boring. I’d rather die a younger oldster and be very, very active. *giggle* I’m more than willing to be wildly and wickedly worn out in bed. Any torrid takers ???? Or gratifying givers ????

I’ll be a rip-roaring rebel and add a seventh item: back and head massage, from the simple or sensual scratch to the in depth tissue massage. Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, good.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Cold dark chocolate, hard extra-sharp cheese laced with spicy jalapeno peppers, and hot oral sex, not necessarily at the same time, although ...

I recently read that certain words have symbolism with females, such as "dark chocolate" meaning a black man and "cheese" meaning rich and powerful.

Hmmmmmmm, does the linkage of those three items mean that I'm really looking to suck a well-hung spicy black man who is wealthy and powerful ?? I never though about it that way, BUT I'm more than willing to consider it, in the interest of science only. *sweet seductive smile*

A luscious lady can put a chunk of cold dark chocolate down below. My lusting lips will feverishly lick it up as that poor chocolate chunk grows smaller and smaller, melting faster, and faster, and FASTER still.

One of the benefits of being bisexual is that I can go into a party and not have to immediately eliminate half of the people as potential fun-friends because of their outer shells. *grin*

And some deeper brain-digging goes into:

Whether: * The town of Big Beaver, PA is nearby Virginville, PA ??
* There are more than three Clits in Romania ??? (Yes, town names.)
* Any womyn in the town Sugar Tit, SC could wantonly wean me off Splenda ??
* Water-sports and golden showers are legal in Pee Pee Township, OH ???

Percentage of pregnant wymyn who have an intense orgasm during child-birth as the baby is pushed out ??

Whether wymyn are aroused by phallic symbols such as light-houses, the Washington Monument, and other tall powerful edifices ?? And how about the simple "exclamation point," it points in the proper direction.

We interrupt this sensual monologue to add:

Recently, I’m scoping out all sorts of stores, rather than bobbing breasts, looking to see what may be available for next year’s Toys-for-Tots (2009). My gf introduced me to T-f-T and it has become a passion for my heart. I’ve been doing it for two years now. The 2008 total for me was 23 toys, 2009 -- 43, and 2010 -- 78 I’d rather buy them after Christmas at 75% off than pay full price, although if they look like a good buy, I’ll pay 50%. Buying at discounts give the kids get more toys for my buck. Hmmmm, maybe I should have put this under the “Most Private ...” section since I take no credit and this is the first time I’ve mentioned it. Make this your passion too, Pleeeeeezzzzzzeee.

Now, we return you to my other, more primitive passions ...
On a typical Friday night I am
Puttering around on the 'puter before watching Fringe. Learning about curious cultures from the highly erotic statues and carvings of India to the grim gargoyles of Paris to the scantily-clad dark beauties of Africa. Yes, I need a life. *smile* H-e-l-p me. Pleeeze.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
1. I must confess that I really relish big breasts, even more so when they are super-filled and wildly lactating with warm wet mother’s milk. My lusting lips could probably suckle for fun-filled hours, if not days, or even weeks. I’m sure a shrink would have a marvelous time with this fetish, and *sigh*, there goes any chance of meeting anybody here. And no, I wasn’t breast-fed as a baby as I was adopted.

2. Confessing even more and maybe making matters even worse, I wish I possessed two beautiful buoyant breasts of my own with dark rippled areola and long rubbery nipples. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT willing to eliminate my other functioning equipment, but that two-pointed outstanding addition would be sooooo nice. Maybe I could move to the town of Two Mounds, Texas, and just dream. *smile*

Because of this different desire, and not being able to fulfill it, I satisfy my need by discretely gazing at any and all breasts (or their counterpart), be they on womyn, animals, ghosts, or even well-endowed aliens, especially the latter.

3. I adore cows too, any of the our 52 breeds, from silky-smooth to extra-hairy, from spotted to solid coloring. They are such beautiful animals, with their soulful eyes, long curling tongues, and big bloated milk-filled udders. Did you know that it takes 350 “squirts” from a cow’s swollen teat to make a gallon of warm wet milk ???


Moo, moo, mooooooooooooo.

With a cow’s udder, I’ve recently thought about the four dangling teats as mini-penises (better than a goat, since a goat only has two *giggle*). With all four darlings dangling over my head, it’s like I wouldn’t know where to start playing/suckling, but once I did, they would taste soooo good, though milk instead of cream. Yummmmmmmmm. Hey, anybody got a big-milker I can rent or borrow, maybe a horny Holstein ????

If you haven’t noticed, my sexual thoughts aren’t very confined, no boxes allowed, and I kinda view a lot of what I see in a sin-suous sexual context. Makes life, and the world, much more enjoyable that way. *smile*

I can also drive a stick-shift and have practiced for many years. Come ride with me. *grin*

Ok, you can throw me in that rubber room now. *giggle* (Just make sure there are a wild assortment of breasts and udders bouncing and bobbing around.)

By the way, I hope I get points for being honest, probably no dates, but at least give me a few points.
You should message me if
If anything in my passionate profile peaks your interest, or any where else, drop me a word, a line, or even a whole page. You get extra points if you have fiery red hair and acres of freckles that my torrid tongue can connect like dots. *giggle* In all honesty, I really don’t bite, though I have been known to naughtily nibble, with permission of course.

Wymyn or men are more than welcome to e-mail me FIRST. It can be very minimal, just a simple “Hi.”. That both tells me that there’s initial interest and it’s very flattering to my tarnished male ego. I can take it from there.

Many, many extra points if you’re ambidextrous. This humble request has sprouted from the well-known theory: “Right-handed, left breast is bigger” or “Left-handed, right breast is bigger”. Well, I’m greedy, so I want BOTH bigger so you get extra points if you’re ambidextrous !!!

I will confess to having a few “deal-breakers”:

1. “Living with your parents” versus “aged parents living with you”, unless of course, they’d like to join in for an n-some;

2. Living over 3000 miles away and expecting to see each other weekly for intimacy, unless you’re really, really, really, really GREAT, or have very, very long genitalia;

3. Wanting someone to wantonly whip, feverishly flail, and then deviantly devour – the latter not in a strictly sexual sense. I will confess right now that my manly meat is well-aged, very tough, and not very tasty, though there is conjugal component that tastes ever sooooo tender and delicious. *giggle*

I may add more deal-breakers in the future, but right now, can probably deal with most else including your currently sweety being a bovine. (I may eat my words, though not my flesh, on that last phrase at some future point.)

Since you’ve trudged through my jungle of words this far, I thank you ever so much for persevering. From the bottom of my big ol’ devilish heart, I wish you, and yours, a very happy holidays, and a joyous, healthy, and prosperous year. May you find who, and what, you’re yearning for on OkCupid, even if it isn’t ME. *giggle*.

I've taken bunches of Tests here, over 190 at last count. Compare how we match up -- both dressed and undressed. Yes, I'm very naughty. *slap, slap* There, I've been chastised ... but probably not for long.

One final thought, if you like another chuckle or two, or groan or two, compare my answers to the 4242 Questions I've answered with yours. I won't say any more. *smile*
The two of us