29Oak Brook, United States
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My self-summary
I'm currently Single but 2/1/17: Taking a year off from serious dating. TBH, I'm not really sure what i'm looking for anymore. If you are looking for something serious, it's not here right now.

I would like to think I'm a simple girl who believes in being honest and kind. I've learned the importance of keeping an open mind while of course, staying true to my values. I'm a bit quirky, some may say strange or even weird. I am who I am and I like it. I enjoy many things. I'm a marvel & DC fan as well as a gamer girl.
I am looking for a partner in crime who will enjoy our time together and is respectful to themselves and me.

I urge you to read on before messaging me because there are some KEYWORDS you need to put into your message. ( So I know you actually read all this)
I like to challenge people! You'd be surprised how many fail this.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm enjoying life, left my career at the family business, a big mass production bread bakery in Chicago, IL to pursue another passions in my life.
On my off days, I enjoy a wide range of activities from going out with friends to just chilling at home catching up on my shows or playing video games.

While I do have ambitions, I don't let them control me or distract me for long term goals. I make it a point to take things as they come, and manage things by the situation. Life is too short for distraction.
I’m really good at
I'm pretty good at cleaning, organization, and getting things done. You could say I'm a "go-getter". Lol

I'm a good at encouraging and supporting others. (I'm loyal, a good listener, and perceptive).

I'm good at talking to strangers (in public places, of course). I can hold my own in a conversation and will not embarrass you.

I'm great at planning out things so that things go off without a hitch.

I like to think i'm a pretty good artist.

KEYWORD #1: "Jade"
The first things people usually notice about me
I really don't ask people, "hey! What do you first notice about me?" But I guess I would have to say my eyes. Some have told me they glisten.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love to read. Knowledge is power!
Lori Handeland, Rebecca York. I'm into romance novels or erotic novels but not just your average type. Sci-fi fantasy, has to involve witches, vampire, werewolves, that kinda stuff. I like to read these kinds of books because they are things that wouldn't normally happen in real life and it's fun to imagine a whole new world and get lost in it.

Movies/ T.V Shows:
Doctor Who, Vampire Diaries, marvel & DC shows, GoT, Expanse ,Incorporated , Timeless, Shadowhunters & tons others; Just ask.

Music: Mostly Pop top 40, i'm pretty basic here.
Country pop & 90's - 2000's classics, Disney and musicals. I really enjoy listening to people do Karaoke.

Recently found out how amazing bacon is. Bacon is life now.

Video Games:
I'm a Gamer Girl. I own an XBoxOne and a PC. I prefer to play MMORPGS like the Fable series or even Halo Series. I'm not much into FPS I more like to deal with Swords and Axes; while also being a free-form battle style. Setting up a new Minecraft server with a few friends.

If you have any games that you would like to suggest or play with me. Let me know.
And yes, I play Pokemon Go it's great exercise.

KEYWORD #2 : "Mystic"
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order:
My cat Nyx, My phone, My supporting family & friends, My art supplies & bacon!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Did I forget to do something? Turn off the lights? Pay that bill?
When do you think I can make some Bacon?
On a typical Friday night I am
Either at home doing chores while i playing video games,or out making a fool of myself in pubic.
I can be content doing just about anything as long as it is with good people.
To me staying in with a movie or curled up reading is just is just as good as going out. Either way, it's probably not a big spectacle.

KEYWORD #3: "Clary"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I poop a lot & I take selfies while doing it
You should message me if
You don't like clique conversation starters, won't send me a dick pic unless I explicitly ask for it, & can see beyond outside beauty standards.

+10 if you play Pokemon Go
+20 If you can sing karaoke ( i can't but i enjoy going)
+30 points if you're into BDSM (and not the 50shades BS)
Points are redeemable.

Just to see who is actually reading this
Put the 3 KEYWORDS in your message (don't have to be in a sentence)
The two of us