39Lehigh Acres, United States
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My self-summary
I am a monster.

I have lied.

I have cheated.

I have been careless with the emotions of others.

My sins are many and varied, and they are unequivocally my own. I will not pretend that I haven't acted with malicious thought a forefront. You will not find me on my knees begging forgiveness for who and what I am. My faults, and my graces, are my own, they are the essences of myself, and I can deny no part of them without denying myself.

With that out of the way, Rich is nifty and nice.
What I’m doing with my life
By and large what we do with our lives rarely follows a plan (For those who have managed that, I salute you), rather each day is a series of moments, and each of these is unique. Ask me what I'm doing with my life tonight, and I might respond, rather snarkily "Working, forever". Ask me again later, and the answer might be completely different.

Suffice to say I am not defined by my work, nor by my hobbies, but rather by everything I do, both for pleasure and for profit.

My future plans include enjoying my life to the fullest with friends and fun, possibly returning to college as I enjoy learning for its own sake, and continuing to be a gainfully employed, tax paying mammal. Of course, all these things are subject to change.
I’m really good at
I actually excel at research, it appeals to the academic portion of my mind.

I have been referred to as "The Cat Whisperer". Somehow, through some alchemy or magic I have a natural affinity with cats. They like me, and I like them.

I am an excellent listener, albeit be aware that I am a man - I will listen to the problem then attempt to provide a solution. It is what we do.

I am an IT guy. This extends to a lesser extent to most micro-electronics.

Cooking. I enjoy cooking, albeit I have trouble cooking for one.

Keeping my motorcycle shiny side up. (very important skill to have considering the following)

Recovering from serious physical damage. (I am significantly unlucky. With me around you are perfectly safe in a lightning storm.)
The first things people usually notice about me
I am huge - 6'3" and very broad across the shoulders/chest.

I dress very conservatively - Khaki slacks and a white button down shirts are my standard uniform. Even at a goth/industrial club. Given my personality my clothing choice is often considered... off.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Dresden Files, Wheel of Time, Stephen King, Tom Clancy, Orson Scott Card, Raymond E. Feist... the list keeps going . I am a compulsive reader, but I particularly enjoy sci-fi/fantasy or political intrigue. (I am always looking for new suggestions!)

I enjoy a great many shows/movies across a broad variety of genres, again Sci-fi, action-adventure, drama. I don't always enjoy comedies as my empathy tends to kick in.

My music tastes are also varied, from Bach, to Queen, to Hot Chelle Rae. Not a huge fan of country, albeit some artists are worth it, like wise for rap. Always interested in new music!

Food - I like meat, and various meat products. I am comfortable with my carnivorous nature, and choose to exercise my status as an apex predator. I am fairly cautious in trying new foods as I have had several bad experiences in the past.

Drinking - I feel it should be noted that while I am not a teetotaler, due to my preferred mode of transportation having two wheels, no crash cage, and a 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds, I don't normally go out and drink. While I am fully cognizant of the rates at which alcohol is metabolized, I simply decline to add ~any~ additional risk to riding.
Six things I could never do without
My Cats. Kittehs keep me stable and balanced.
My books, I need them. NEED.
My friends, as I am a social creature.
My computer as I need it for both social, work, and entertainment purposes.
My motorcycle.
My freedom.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Zombies. End of the world scenarios. Cats. Motorcycles. Sex.

In fact general daydreams. One of the reasons I am working my current job, which is significantly under my skill set, is that I can just zone out.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sadly working, usually until early evening. At that point, I am out the door like a shot for a nice ride on my motorcycle.

On my days off (Currently Sunday/Monday) I am normally with friends on the first evening, the second evening is a bit open.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Not many things I won't admit to, so this remains empty.
You should message me if
Anything in my profile resonates. If you have a book to recommend or a band, or a new show. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast. While I prefer sport bikes or UJM's, I am open minded enough to accept enduros, cruisers, and even Harleys. Although if you are a Harley rider, expect some ribbing regarding your life choices that landed you on that outdated/overpriced/poorly engineered/under powered oil leaking bucket.
The two of us