27Brighton, United Kingdom
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My self-summary

Good, glad we got that out of the way and I'm sure that at least one of those things will put many of you off which is a great shame because I'm a nice person with some personality and also a pervert and who doesn't like those, eh? Still, if you can't see past them things, it's probably for the best that we part ways. Anyway...

Hello tiny dating pool! It's hard to know what to write in these things. Do you go for edgy, cool, whatevs attitude or do you make a super serious effort to write about yourself in earnest? I think the trick is probably somewhere in the middle. I'm an in the middle kind of guy I think. I can empathise with both sides and then hopefully find the middle ground. I should probably get a job in mediation or something.

I think I can best sum myself up as an introverted geek who likes talking and listening to people and wandering through life without trying to control everything. I have an inquisitive nature and I'm a bit impulsive which I have to fight sometimes. I like going on journeys and seeing where I end up. I float between bisexual and homoflexible for the most part so while I have a preference for men, I am still open to others.

I meditate often because I find in beneficial in many ways but I don't care if you don't meditate. I don't have religion but I don't care if you do or not (faith or lack thereof is your own business and is no indicator of being a dick either way in my experience)

I'm a creative type. I write, knit, needle felt and do make up from time to time. I find them useful outlets. I also dance like a loon when glow sticks are put in my hands.

I'm pretty easy going about most things. I have a sarcastic and sometimes dark sense of humour.

Kink munches are my main social bread and butter so if you go to any Brighton and Manchester munches, you'll most likely see me there.

I currently have one boyfriend.
What I’m doing with my life
Working in a sauna
Practicing make up artistry when I can
Falling off the smoking wagon but getting back on again (sort of)
Writing about poly and kink for an online magazine
Meditating daily
Trying to learn Tai Chi from YouTube videos
Learning to skate so I can play roller derby
Co-founding Europe's first fully gender inclusive roller derby team. Ask for more details.
I’m really good at
Hugs and cuddles, making tea, cooking and baking, make up, being a hermit, glow sticking, raving, building forts out of duvets and drying racks, making pirate swords from cardboard and tin foil and generally keeping the sort-of-step-kid entertained.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair I would imagine. Also the fact that I'm such a pretty boy obviously.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Urgh this is going to be so long and yes I do enjoy a lot of mainstream tv/film/books and don't read classics or go out of my way to watch obscure things (although I am quite open to being introduced to obscure international films.)

The Discworld Series
Non fiction (mostly WW1/2 stuff but anything about Maiko and Geiko is also a winner)
True Blood
Harry Potter (I'm not ashamed and don't care if you look down on me for this)
Skepticism Inc. (funny and worth a read)
Neal Stephenson (especially Crytonomicon and Snow Crash)
The Narnia Books
The Millenuim Trilogy
Catch 22
Whatever else takes my fancy


There are many but to name a few:

The King's Speech
Full Metal Jacket
Good Morning Vietnam
The Great Escape
Repo! The Genetic Opera
James Bond Films
Studio Ghibli Films
Any really bad/dodgy horror and scifi
Blues Brothers
The Boat That Rocked
The Dark Crystal
All Quiet on the Western Front
The Lives of Others
Everything is Illuminated
The Labyrinth
The Princess Bride
Star Wars
The Fifth Element
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Black Books
Top Gear
Star Trek (still not ashamed)
The Simpsons
WW1/2 Documentaries
Spongebob Squarepants
NASA/Space Documentaries (Secret space nerd is me)
Game of Thrones


Also a big list so I will only name a few

Binary Finary
Victims of Science
David Bowie
4 Strings
A Perfect Circle
Mauro Picotto
Breed 77
System of a Down
Juno Reactor


Soul Food
British Classics
Six things I could never do without
A good cuppa
My hands
The internet
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My partners (romantic and play)

Current events, my interests, the people I care about, social justice issues such as racism, ableism, trans activism etc

How much more make up I can conceivably fit into my train case before I have to give in and buy a second one.

Keeping an eye out for new friends and partners

The sort-of-step-kid and my goddaughter.
On a typical Friday night I am
Knitting, hanging out with boyfriend, at a munch or watching crap on the telly.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a crush on Data and have done for years.

I secretly listen to 90's pop music.
You should message me if
You are kinky and don't know what TMI means anymore.

You're not a dick.

You are poly or poly friendly.

Trans stuff doesn't scare you.

You like making friends.

You secretly listen to 90's pop music too.

You love watching Eurovision.

You like skating and roller derby
The two of us