29 Austin, United States
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My self-summary
I do all my own stunts.

Doing my best to put a stop to my rambling ways and trying to settle down in Austin. Before Austin, I did my time in exile in Southeast Texas, and before that I enjoyed a few years in Tennessee, but I'm originally an Atlanta boy. I've lived and traveled around the southeast for work, but I'm willing to give anywhere new a shot.

I started out as a carpenter, then became a martial arts instructor, a photojournalist for a nice bit, and now I work in marketing. Somewhere in there I also worked on a goat farm.

I'm an ENFP, if that means anything to you. I usually wouldn't give it much credit, but it's actually been pretty accurate.

I appreciate thinkers, weirdos, gamers, storytellers, and hell raisers.

I find myself saying a lot of things just because it amuses me.

Also, I'm rediscovering a love of cooking and baking. Kneading dough is great for the forearms.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm now working in marketing and social media, but I was a photographer for most of the last decade, running around for one of several newspapers. Extra-professionally, I like martial arts, ballroom dancing, hiking and exploring, baking and cooking, bad movies, good beer, tabletop games, tinkering with things and doodads, and anything that sounds like fun at the time. I am just getting back into capoeira after too many years of being gone, so if you see me hobbling around, it's because I'm having to redevelop calluses on my feet. Is that TMI?

Also, I make Cuban espresso in the mornings. Three shots of it. I vibrate on a visible level until noon-ish.
I’m really good at
Telling stories, making photographs, blending in, martial arts, baking one really damn good cookie (and a couple other things, apparently), traveling alone and without a plan, and probably several other things that aren't coming to me.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm fairly large, in a square and solid kind of way. Like, if you see me running full tilt in your direction, your reaction would be one of the flight-or-fight variety.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
If this is "of all time," I'd have a hard time deciding, so I'm just answering this with recent materials/interests and things that I'll always love:

Books: S., The Expanse trilogy, most of Terry Pratchett's works, The House of Leaves, The Princess Bride, a good magazine piece, Neverwhere, most of Lovecraft's scary stuff, Beacon 23, Laird Barron's stories, most of Warren Ellis's works.

Movies: Man of Steel, Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing, Aliens, The Cabin in the Woods, There Will be Blood, Pontypool, Brick, Bladerunner.

Shows: Firefly, Dr. Who, Nova, The X-Files, Millennium, Clone High, True Detective, Leverage.

Music: A little bit of everything, but not a lot of anything. Lately, I've been using the search terms "dark gospel" and "southern Gothic" on 8tracks, and absorbing whatever that turns up for me.

Food: I'll try anything once, especially if it's spicy. The one food that I really hate, though, is flan. Gag.

Podcasts: Last Podcast on the Left, Limetown, The Black Tapes Podcast, RPPR, Ragnerdrok, The Drunk and the Ugly, Hello From the Magic Tavern, Tanis ... it's how I get my geekery these days.
The six things I could never do without
1) Family and friends
2) Optimism
3) Mystery
4) A chance to learn something new and explore
5) Mobility
6) ... water?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Story ideas, puzzles, how to deal with difficult situations that may arise, anything that springs from listening to public radio, art, games, love, sex, adventure, how to fix something, baking, the similarities twixt messaging someone on this site and screaming into a hurricane ...
On a typical Friday night I am
Either working or not. If it's the former, no telling where I'll be or what I'll be working on. If it's the latter, it could be traveling for a weekend, going to a movie, hanging out at a bar, exercising, seeing a play, cooking and chilling with friends, et al.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I could choose to be either at a crowded party or by myself in a canoe on a river, it's a 50-50 chance either way.
You should message me if
I just want to hang out with someone weird and cool who likes science fiction, the outdoors, cooking at home, and the occasional kinky fun time. If you think you're that kind of person, let's give it a shot.