33Long Beach, United States
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My self-summary
I lay it on pretty heavy at first, but stay with me it lightens up quickly too.

Why I'm here:
I came to OkCupid after my wife left me. I found someone (not here), and had not been on since. Now here I am again, still rooting for love, but I'm really just interested in making lady friends. I'd consider a relationship, just not actively seeking one.

Most of my background is in the security management, done the bouncer thing, construction, and was in the Army. Most recently I worked in a call center doing customer service and it is probably the job that has had the most impact on my outlook towards humanity in general, and how I communicate with people. Ladies, if you are notorious for feeling unheard or misunderstood, start dating guys who do customer service. I LOVE customer service, and I'm good at it. I've also done a hodgepodge of other work of course.

I generally prefer for people to think I'm an Atheist, but I'm not. Basically if you think the earth is bigger than the sun, or that the universe is ~6,000 years old, we probably can't be friends. Other than that my spiritual life is intensely personal and you don't need to know about it unless you want to. It's also a big enough part of my life to bring up in my summary, so yeah.

I still don't have things figured out yet. Never finished college, but pretty set on completing a teaching credential. I am, "living the adventure," and trying to have a good time doing it. As Bill Hicks says, "it's just a ride."
What I’m doing with my life
Currently I'm back at the bottom of the totem pole in the security industry. I had it in my head to be a nomadic bartendern but that plan seems to have changed... still want to buy a boat, ferry people around the Caribbean, and otherwise live off the sea. Split my time camping out between Costa Mesa where I workn and Long Beach, where i work on myself. I've also always wanted to be a teacher, so going back to school under the conclusion that life goals are easier to achieve with a steady lucrative income. In the interest of honesty, should also just admit that I am going through my midlife crisis.
I’m really good at
Mechanically and technically minded, pretty okay at chess, fairly crafty.
The first things people usually notice about me
Beard, haircut, van, big.. not necessarily in that order.

I'm a pretty big guy, people are often afraid of me, but I'm a teddy bear.

Open up and talk about things that are generally considered socially taboo, maybe in an effort to get people to like me for who I am. Have a very "take it or leave it" attitude about early interactions.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Meditations, Paint Your Wagon, Daily Show, Pop, Chinese.


Books: I'm not a big reader, I could probably list every book I've read and it would be shorter than the favorites list of some of you ladies. I genuinely enjoyed LotRs, Gilgamesh, The Prince, and American Gods. The Meditations is my favorite book because it was my rock in some dark times, still turn to it often. I encourage anyone to read the first chapter. It is an account of appreciation to people in his life, what he learned from them, very Machiavellian.

My favorite movie is Paint Your Wagon (it's a musical popular during Vietnam). Followed by: LotRs, StarWars, V for Vendetta, Contact, Patton, and Boondock Saints (only the first one). I could go on but that is plenty revealing.

TV: If watching TV it's the Daily Show, something from the creators of the Simpsons, Modern Family, or some totally geeky learning program. Probably about space, evolution, or social interactions. Also recently got into Big Bang Theory. Yes, I am a self identified nerd, feel free to remind me though.

Music: When people ask me what kind of music I like I prefer to respond "I like music that makes the hair on my neck go up, but I do listen to music just for fun too". The radio mostly stays on Pop stations, but I do listen to country on the radio from time to time. At home I listen to a lot of folk music but consider myself eclectic, yes I listen to Metal as everyone who looks at me assumes, but not nearly as much as people assume. My favorites are probably: Leonard Cohen, P!nk, The Highwaymen, Social Distortion, Bad Company, Sublime, Gun-N-Roses, Man-O-War, and Lady GaGa.

Food: Yes please. I’ll try anything once, but if I don’t like it it’s hard for me to be convinced to try it again (Have you ever had Uni? Revolting). I often crave Chinese, but Panda Express sucks, their servings are tiny and taste is unsatisfactory. It's all about Hong Kong Express (Beach/Garden Grove Blvd). The best Mexican is in Santa Ana, the more questionable the better. I dig Italian, I just hate paying for it. Italian is so easy to make why not just make it at home? Steak is awesome, but so are burgers, and I enjoy Rubio’s fish tacos. Don’t be surprised if I order country fried steak and eggs for dinner. Gods I talked way too much about food…
Six things I could never do without
My pipe, or my E-cigarette, or actual smokes.

Internet, at least on my phone.

Showers, I really enjoy showers.

That's literally all I care to list, bit of a minimalist (living out of a suitcase can do that to you). Could add the obligatory "good friends/family/oxygen." You chicks think you're so clever.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Stellar evolution, I've had a few women in my life accuse me of lying when I tell them this. It is the thing that I am thinking about literally 80+% of the time I'm caught staring at walls. I say "nothing/don't worry about it," they say "you're obviously thinking about something I can see the gears turning" I tell them, I get accused of lying. The difference between two stars the same size with radically different masses rocks my brain.

Ethics & Morality. Like how to talk about racial injustice when you are a white male in America. It's basically a taboo subject for my demographic. Am I wrong?

Gun rights, I like guns, but sometimes I think the best argument for them is "I like guns" and that does not seem solid. I generally resort to the old "if we take away guns only criminals will have guns" or "to defend against tyranny.." or "we just have a gun culture, one that makes us different than the U.K. Canada and Australia, while also being different from the middle-east and south Africa." At the end of the day I have to admit the argument I am most gravitated to is simply, "I like guns."

Ingenious ways to prepare Top-Ramen and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, often while starring into a pantry. Under those conditions that's pretty forgivable right? I make a mean poor man's Paí Thai, and it you've never dressed up M&C you are missing out on how glorious poverty can be.

Big boat theology, and how it is culturally and literally comparable to our colonization of the stars. "Spiritual" as I am, I spend most of my thinking time on the subject of spirituality on either "why does this person believe that?" (because I am a pretend Atheist), and the idea that nobody achieves enlightenment until everybody achieves enlightenment. We can conquer all of our foreseeable resource issues within our own solar system. All we have to do is go out there and get them.
On a typical Friday night I am
perfectly content to stay home. Friday is one of my days off though, so hit me up, going out would be nice. I don't go out to hook up, I go out to meet up.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Age is not really an issue for me. I like women who are older than me, and I like women who are younger than me. Honestly I seem to be happier with women outside my own age group. I'm open to dating women my own age, but I seem to prefer the other two dynamics.

Probably also a good place to mention I have pierced nipples. Currently 12G, I put them back in recently. Had them up to a 4G before my daughter was born, but kids pull indiscriminately.

My hair grows at an alarming rate.
You should message me if
you think it's possible for a woman to message a guy first.
- or -
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Tell me I'm funny, I'll tell you looks are not everything*.
*This is a joke, please find it funny.
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