35Coleraine, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Slightly odd welshman seeks... No, wait, Dashing Prussian Hussar seeks... No no no no no... Look, I'm a dude, I live in Northern Ireland, I do lots of stuff (see below), and as I'm writing this, I'm singing to the Aristocats theme with the window open. Oh, *what* will the neighbours think?

Well, I'm originally from Cardiff, and I'm into quite a few things... Interests include walking, reading, singing, music, roleplaying, gaming, digital art, art in general, writing, among other things. I'm 5'11, fairly average figure, and a geek for all seasons.

There was a lot more stuff here, but it can basically be summed up as "I'm a Grumpy Gus sometimes, but most of the time I'm like one of those photos up there... Especially the moustache twirling one"

I can, and do travel all over when the mood takes me, so if you're thinking "Oh, he's slightly too far away to visit!", don't worry about that, just message! :D
What I’m doing with my life
Currently, studying English Lang and Lit with the OU, and looking for work. Generally do bar work, retail work, or clerking stuff, but I'm looking to eventually teach English. I'm also trying to relearn my coding, and practicing my digital art.

In my spare time, I tend not to go out much, because I'm currently in between jobs (on the dole), and so can't really afford much. But I try to make a difference even when at home, doing a bit of research here, trying to answer somebody's problem there, and generally trying to help out.

Of course, all bets are off when the sun is truly shining, then it's time to go for walks all over!
I’m really good at
drawing characters, writing, reading, cult films and games... pretty much anything to do with geekery.

Also Cards Against Humanity. Rob Schneider finds himself [blank] in the body of [blank]? MUAHAHAHAHAAAA...
The first things people usually notice about me
*laughs* well, the absolute first thing people notice about me is that I'm passionate about my pet subjects! Some people notice that I'm considered odd by some people, others seem to believe I'm Cary Elwes' evil twin.

Oh, something else welsh locals tend to pick up on is that, even though I'm a Cardiff boy, born and bred, I sound like a public school gent... y'know, the kind who wouldn't sound wrong saying things like "toodle-pip!"

I sometimes do that, just for the giggles. I like randomness in life.

A really good suggestion from Clacton Benji (who is a lovely bloke, btw!) was "my utterly fantastic 'stache" ... *grins* thanks for that, dude! :D
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ooooh! *grins* favourite movies would have to be Lost Boys, Kung Fu Hustle, and Belleville Rendezvous... er, book-wise, it would take too long to go through all my favourite books, so I'll just say I'm a big fan of PTerry, Roger Zelazny, and M.R. James, to name but three authors.

Foodwise, my favourite food at the moment is Frikadellen, although I find a good spicy chinese goes down well... I do like my food, so again, it would be a long list! (If you like Spag Bol, do let me know, because damn it's been ages since I cooked my SUPER SECRET RECIPE for somebody, and that would be ultra cool!)

Ooh, cripes, forgot about music! Well... it kinda varies, the only thing I don't like is gangster rap really, and, at the moment, I'm kind of into Mayhem, The Dandy Warhols, Bowie, Rainbow, Ben Folds, JoCo (I'll never *not* be into JoCo), and random cheesy theme tunes. Oh, let's not forget Frazier Chorus. Damn shame they only made one album.
Six things I could never do without
Hrm. My computer, a roof over my head, understanding friends, music, food, and family.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
All sorts of things really. Being a bit of a cynic, I have the odd rant now and again about how things are, but mostly I enjoy thinking either very odd thoughts or deep ones. For example, I like thinking about paradox. Yes, it *can* fry your brain (figuratively), but it can also be wonderful to explore.

I sometimes dabble in all sorts of "odd" thoughts, and like to consider problems of theology, philosophy, technology, writing, story... hell, the list of things I like to think about is quite long too, but mainly deals with the humanities end of the spectrum...
On a typical Friday night I am
Either with friends, or sitting reading. I'm not really a club man, unless it's hard rock... If you're going to a club that plays something I can bang my head to (and look like a wally doing so), take me with you, PLEASE!

(Karaoke helps too)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I broke my own nose twice. Once in gym class in my secondary school, the other after having a fit (yeah, I'm epileptic, but it's single trigger... get this for irony... computers... and it rarely happens anymore...)
You should message me if
You're the sort of person who can discuss odd things, reads a fair bit, may be a bit geeky, but also someone who appreciates that life is a bit of a comedy...

...As an aside, if you're thinking of carrying a conversation with me over here, and not, say, Skype, or phone, or whatever works, even a "getting to know you" thing, I won't have much to say if you've got one line responses, and *you* won't have much to say with one line responses, so do yourself a favour, both now and for the future, by not givin' me single lines to extrapolate stuff from.
The two of us