39 Bangkok, Thailand
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My self-summary
Hi there. I'm quite new to Bangkok and looking for a partner in crime.

You'll find that I'm very polite and friendly, but despite first appearances it does take me a while to get close to someone. I dont keep many (of my own) secrets, I am fiercely loyal and most of my friends I've had for years.

I love festivals and outdoor events, going to far away beaches and I'm filling the gaps as best I can. I cook for friends, relax in my flat and enjoy the occasional bender (in the partying sense ;-) ). I've travelled quite a bit and hope to keep doing more...but friends with no committments are harder to come by these days and work gets more serious.

My job is most unglamorous but can be surprisingly fun, and affords me a comfortable life; but I dream of being a gentleman hotelier or restaurant owner with a modest lot on a beautiful beach.

My favorite colours are green and blue, but I wouldnt paint my house with them. I like the cold side of a pillow, a fire at night and the smell of petrol; thankfully never yet together. I like wanting things almost as much as having them.

So there you go – that’s me - do come and say hello.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Food: Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Indian pretty much in that order. And of course western fare. Recently tried my first taste of Myanmar food which was surprisingly delicious.

Music: Boards of Canada, Trentemoller, Alt_J, Adam Freeland, Thim Yorke, Calibre, Kruder & dorfmeister, Signor ros and anything moving, relaxing and/or with an interesting beat.

Books: Anything by Louis de Bernieres, Rohinton Mistry and other highlights would be The Time Travellers wife, The Magus and A man in full. I'm useless at finding my own books and rely heavily on recommendations.

TV/Movies: Eastbound & Down, Game of Thrones, Homelands, Law & Order, Crash, American Beauty. I'm a big documentary fan and can spend hours watching the 'VICE' shorts on cultures, cults, corruption, drugs and generally out of the ordinary stuff.