41Glendale, United States
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My self-summary
Hello Stranger.

Who am I? I'm Batman.

Not really. I am Jasen. A Tall Dark and Hansen kind of guy.

There are really only 3 things that you need to know me. You can think of them as rules that I live by but the reality is that they are descriptions of behaviors I have always had.

1. I do not lie. This extends to cheating and stealing. I respect myself and others enough to tell them the truth as I understand it. I have been called pathologically honest and I may not be the person to ask, "Do these jeans make my ass look fat?"

2. I always require permission. I will not intrude in peoples space and I do not presume to know their mind. Sadly this means I do not often initiate a first kiss. I knave to know that you want it.

3. I do not interfere with relationships. When I was a puppy I thought that the only relations were monogamous. That was naive and limiting. I have since come to realize that a relationship is what you define it to be. As long as you and your partner(s) agree on the terms and follow them than I wish you well and happiness. It is not on me to judge or define your rules.

All of these rules reduce to the concept of respect. I believe in it and I follow my beliefs.

Now, more about me if you want to know :)

I enjoy entertainments but I am a quiet person. An introvert that needs recharge time occasionally.

I enjoy personal interactions with small groups. Groups where everyone can participate and contribute.

I am not a fan of clubs. If I have to shout in your ear just so you can understand what I am saying ... that is not for me.

What I value is time and attention. No, I am not saying that I need to be the center of attention. I am saying that I value when people go out of there way to interact with me. Or that they want my time. That desire shows importance. When I spend time with someone that is what I am offering them. I like the same in return.
What I’m doing with my life
Life is an adventure. I work to live but when that is done I want to really start living. Lately I have been going to the gym a lot. I have been bungee jumping, hiking, riding my motorcycle and spending time with friends. I can't see my friends as often as I would like but when the opportunity arises I am likely to grasp it.
There are a lot of activities that I want to spend more time in but they tend to be partnered activities such as dance lessons. So maybe I can find a partner here. Interested?
I’m really good at
One thing that I am really good at is listening. I am often the one that friends come to when they want to talk about something. I do not judge and I am sympathetic when appropriate. That does not mean I will always say that they are the victim or that everything will be alright. To the contrary I will tell them when they are whining and they are full of shit. The thing is I do not do it to hurt them. I am a person that they know that they can trust fully and I will be honest and discrete.
The first things people usually notice about me
There are a few things that people notice. My size, I am 6’2”. I am light skinned and pale with Hazel eyes and brown hair. People also notice that I pay attention to them. When they are talking they have my attention, I am looking at them, not figgiting. This has led people to say I have a kind of intensity.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ooook. To many to list. I have a very eclectic set of tasted. The books and movies tend to run to the SciFy genera but don't try to say that is all I like.
Music is even more diverse. I can be listening to Linkin Park one min, Garth Brooks the next and than jump to White Zombie. I tend to like individual songs, not types of music.
Six things I could never do without
Well, this is tough. I can do without a lot. I have spartin tastes.
What I crave is affection, cuddles, conversation, silence, warmth and pleasant sensations.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I just spend a lot of time thinking. The subject and topics seem to change regularly.
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no normal Friday night for me. I love when I get to go out with my friends. Maybe I will go out dancing if I can find a place that offers lessons first. I love trying new things and rarely turn down an opportunity for a new experience.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
On a dare I made out with a guy for 3 minuets. Did nothing for me. Nobody can ever say "How do you know you are not gay? Have you ever tried?"
You should message me if
If you are playful and like to banter. If you like to flirt for fun and not care if anything else comes of it. And of course, if you feel like it :-)
The two of us