45Kirkland, United States
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My self-summary
I just moved to the Seattle area.. still familiarizing myself with the area.

Some random notes about me:
- I love whimsy. I am sometimes whimsical and mischievous once I get to know someone.
- I’m independent to a fault. I’m still learning to allow myself to rely on others.
- I’m very good when things are very bad. Not that this happens often anymore.
- I’m a cuddler, it’s true..
- I like making lists to keep my mind occupied. List of words that are fun to say (wigwam, iambic pentameter,..). List of cool names that have been ruined by product marketing (Ajax, Porsche,..), List of over the top insults (... not suitable ...), things like that.
- I can't spell. No seriously.. I've a math mind.
- With the exception of karaoke, I’ve found little that I cannot do if I set my mind to it. I’m quite capable, but sometimes struggle with motivation. Often I feel like a ‘how’ in search of a ‘why’.
- As a kid I had a pet raccoon and squirrels. No, I wasn’t raised in a Disney cartoon..
- I am INT*, that is, I fluctuate between INTJ and INTP by mood.
- I perceive others through their actions; not what they say, what they think, or how they feel. In my view, one's actions are the clearest indicators of who they are.
- I keep a theoretical construct of how the world works in my head. I whimsically refer to it as WAJ (World According to Jason). Every time the model does not hold, I refine it. It’s my own personal mental playground. I go there when my mind wants to run around and play on the monkey bars.
- Ok, so I'm not exactly sane, but I’m not clinically insane either! :)
What I’m doing with my life
This is really a rather complicated subject, and not something I can explain here. Ask if you're really curious.

As a more direct answer:
Software engineering.
Staying in shape is an ongoing battle (desk jobs will kill you!).
I've a plan to live forever that I'm still working out all the kinks in, but with luck I'll have lots of time :)
Oh, and I'm trying to do that dating thing too.
I’m really good at
- Analytical reasoning and complex problem solving. I’m an engineer, it’s what I do and who I am.
- I’m fairly good at reading people.
- I'm a good listener, though when people bring me their troubles sometimes I have a difficult time identifying when I should be empathizing vs. problem solving. Being in problem solving mode 8+ hours a day makes it difficult to not slip into that mode unintentionally.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
So many to list.. not gana try
Book - Red Mars
Movie - Run Lola Run
Show - Pirates of Penzance (I concede, the ending sucked)
Music - Bejork, Regina Spektor
Food - Sushi

My favorit color is green.
I snack on bananas, oranges, and tomatoes... a lot!
I love storms.
I love to swim, especially in the rain.
I love live performances. I really want to see"The Book of Mormon"
I'm a fan of anything done by Joss Whedon.
Six things I could never do without
Internet, caffeine pills (coffee takes to much time), text to voice converters (I have to read A LOT of email), and of course, friends, family and loved ones.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What is. (This is my religion; explanation probably needed...),
Political Theory,
Science (chemistry and physics mostly),

I go through phases, at this moment my obsession is chemistry, and khan academy is feeding my addiction...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am extremely open and honest. I'll tell you most anything if I feel the inquiry is sincere. Not planning on putting such intimacies on some website though. :)

I can't sing, and it really bugs me.

My methodically planned strategy for living a drama free life is obviously a FAIL.

This statement is a lie. I don't lie, I just paradox.
The two of us