32Lansing, United States
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My self-summary
I suppose I'll give you a rundown as I am a very open person who hates to disappoint.
Conscientious would be used to describe my ideal person. People are each their own, and as such, I have ideas of what I look for in someone, but no body is perfect so who knows what I'll fall for.
I am a fairly self conscious guy, sometimes overly so.
People with similar interests interest me greatly so I'll try to cover some.

I occasionally like to go out to a club like Necto with friends, but I much prefer a house party or a night in with someone. I like a movie or board game night with a few friends best... with internet access for spontaneity ^.^

I like to meet new people even if they don't have the same interests as I do. There is a good chance my horizons may be broadened.

I really enjoy warmer weather outdoor activities: climbing trees, Frisbee, running around East Lansing or Ann Arbor, (and now Chicago if I am with someone... not comfortable on my own), going to the beach, (attempting to play) volleyball, camping, canoeing, backyard get togethers, playing in a warm downpour, kickball, swinging on really tall swingsets, just getting out and running around on a nice night, driving somewhere with someone, driving somewhere special or new if there is something (or someone) there to see.

I invested in a really nice Prince racquet, then my friend that played moved away... so if you can deal with a complete amateur, I'd like to learn Tennis.

I would like to travel, but with someone. I want to see Venice specifically and Spain in general. Australia is up there as another general, and Dirty Old London specifically. Other than that, I want to find someone interested in roadtripping around the U.S.

I am a very intelligent person who enjoys humor in others, really isn't a very funny person intentionally (I still haven't shaken this naivety thing completely), but get a laugh out of myself on a regular basis. I think its because I try too hard sometimes and my brain stumbles ;-p.
Just be honest and we'll probably get along wonderfully.

I am sentimental, anxious, and adjuvant
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to develop lasting relationships with my friends and looking to make a specific connection with someone.
I am trying to figure out what I want to do in life. I need to focus at this point, and I know I want to help people (ridiculously general as yet I know).
I’m really good at
Cooking, teaching (working with kids), amateur gemology, working with animals, customer service, comforting others, analyzing situations, critical thinking, anything hands on. I like helping people and love making them smile. I excel at putting things in perspective... That is tearing apart a situation or issue to its component parts and reasons, then putting them in perspective for Other people, objectively and subjectively... Not so great at doing it for myself.
The first things people usually notice about me
... my eyes have been getting a lot of attention recently. They are hazel and I am not sure whats so special about them.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A)My side of the Mountain: Jean Craighead Gorge (my favorite book as a grade schooler), The Belgaraid (a series) The Mallorean (related series) Belgarath The Sorcerer (related book) Polgara The Sorceress (related book): David & Leigh Eddings, Anything from the Pern series (or pretty much anything she touches): Anne McCaffrey, a lot of Edger Allen Poe's separate works, Xanth series: Piers Anthony, separate works of Alfred Lord Tennyson, another series I enjoyed when I was younger is the Redwall Abbey series: Brian Jacques, I used to voraciously read Zane Grey westerns as well. I like Terry Brooks in general, The Abhorsen Trilogy: Garth Nix. There was this single book by Lois Lowry I once read called The Giver... I normally read for pleasure, but sometimes pointedly thought provoking literature is appealing. A guilty pleasure when I was younger (or whenever I am unoccupied around Britannica) was to think of something, say dogs, then look them up in the encyclopaedia. If I knew something they didn't have, or they didn't have something I wanted, I would tear into the subject till I knew everything about it. I've a plethora of information trapped in my skull.

B)What Dreams May Come, The Family Stone, Little Miss Sunshine, Stardust, Edward Scissor Hands, Batteries Not Included, Ten Things I Hate About You, Marry Poppins, the original Swiss Family Robinson, Amélie, Zombieland, Howl's Moving Caste, Remember The Titans, Ratatouille, Four Rooms, The Royal Tenenbaums, Pan's Labyrinth, Easy A

***DISCLAIMER: music is situational, I can't just sit and listen to Dirty Girls (Faderhead), but its a great song to dance to.***

C)Basically anything except harsh rap stuff (not music) and acid rock. I don't much like bands so much as the music. Some bands I only like one song I've ever heard, others, I can listen to whole albums.
Depending on the situation, I'm rather partial to (again, in some cases just single songs) Sixpence None the Richer, Ratatat, The Seatbelts (initially for Cowboy Bebop's theme), Utada Hikaru, Death Cab for Cutie, Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Cardigans, Feist, The Pixies, Cold Play, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Suzanne Vega, Sugar Ray, Breaking Benjamin, Bush, Hellogoodbye, Dido, Mustard Plug, Trapt, Blink 182, Matchbox 20, Eve 6, The Wall Flowers, Savage Garden, Arashi, Third Eye Blind, Owl City, The Adored, very select Marilyn Manson, Blue October, Blondie, Letters to Cleo, Postal Service, Herman's Hermits, Gorillas, Tegan and Sara, Ladytron, Electric Six, Shiny Toy Guns, Goo Goo Dolls, Everclear, Our Lady Peace, Good Charlotte, Sheryl Crow, One Republic, Hot Hot Heat, My Bloody Valentine, Gary Jules, the Cranberries, Gordon Lightfoot, DragonForce, Placebo, Sarah McLachlan, Funeral For A Friend, The Verve Pipe, Paramore, Lenka, Reliant K, The Notwist, New Found Glory, Guns 'N' Roses, The All-American Rejects, Bowling For Soup, Three Days Grace, Landon Pigg, Say Anything, My Chemical Romance, Cheap Girls, KISS, VNV Nation, Combiechrist, Faderhead mainly for their Dirty Girls song that is so amazing to pole dance to, and I often fall asleep to The Fray... and that's just a taste of my lack of taste ;-p

You play it, I'll listen (or try to) and I will honestly tell you what I think. Show me something new that I really enjoy and I'll remember you always.

D)I can't really think of a favorite food. I keep trying new things and I like a lot of them. I just can't do extremely spicy things, or a lot of salt.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Relationships, Politics (the repercussions primarily), Friends, Food, What others are thinking, Future, Life, Living Situations, Work, Education, Love, Lust, Health, Choices, Everything else... I always over think things that shouldn't need much thought. Future and where I should head is a primary thought at this point. Living doesn't stop if you get lost, and you've only the one shot. Makes you wish for a Life GPS sometimes, but life is in the journey so...
On a typical Friday night I am
If I don't have to work, hopefully hanging out with someone, or several friends. Perhaps out, or in. Maybe cooking and napping on the couch with my dog... looking for company though.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If you ask me a legitimate question, I'll pretty much answer anything and probably in more detail than you expect.

I am the epitome of "an open book".
You should message me if
you want to meet nice considerate people.
you want to make friends in and around Lansing, MI.
you are into open people.
you want to chat.
you know some amazing activity you think I wouldn't know about (I love to learn and love trying new things)
you are looking to make a sincere connection, romantic, platonic or otherwise.
you just want to make my day ;-)
The two of us