39 Lexington, United States
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My self-summary
I love new experiences. Be it a new place or a new food or a new idea. I'm always wanting to see hear and do things I've never done before. I'll try anything twice.   I would love to be able to one day travel the world.  Start in the Far East and work my way west. I prefer the more exotic places the world has to offer. I love doing things to get my hands dirty. I like working on cars and motorcycles. Small fast cars are my favorite. Yard works never  scares me. I love listening to music and singing in the car, hiking, riding horses, just people watching and meeting  strange new people, food and wine, philosophy and debate. I like to argue. But I'm not married to any one idea. Show me the error of my ways and I'll adapt.  Ive always appreciated art in all its shapes and forms. photography, dance, drawing, paintings, sculptures. I'd someday like to be able to make my own art someday. Having said that I don't seem to have a creative bone in my body. Id really want to learn photography. Anything that takes beauty grace and talent I love. It can be anything from dance to watching glass blowing I can watch for hours with child like awe.

Driving has always been my therapy. If I ever get stressed or bored I just jump in the car and go get lost and explore. Either out in the country around the horse farms or around the older parts of Lexington. Finding all the hidden little wonders. I always want to know what's around the next curve in the road.
What I’m doing with my life
Just living it.
I’m really good at
What ever I put my mind to.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music. This is where I give the generic answer that I like everything. But it's true for the most part. Even music I wouldn't set around the house listening to I can enjoy in the rIght company or in the right environment. Music has a way of saying things I'll never have the elegance to say on my own.  But I really really love just acoustic music. Anything that sounds like a few guys sitting around with a guitar or two is awesome. I think it comes from envy. I really wish I had the talent to learn!!! I also have a thing for cover bands. Kina Grannis, Boyce Avenue and Ortopilot are my top three. If you've never heard them look them up. You can wright a thank you email later. Also I like Nickleback you judgmental bastards.

Books. I love to read and always have a book at hand. I'll read just about anything put in front of me but I really love fantasy novels. So Tolkien, Robert Jordan and George R.R. Marten are some of my favorites. 

Maybe you can help me. Stephen King has a short story about a lady that has a little brown Mercedes who has a nack for finding short cuts. What is the name of that sorry!? I'm sure I have it around here someplace. I just can't find it. So annoying.......
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I really need to learn how to dance. Music moves me. But it moves me ugly.

Also I'm kinda fascinated by the whole match/friend/enemy thing. I want to meet someone thats 99% my enemy and see if it ends in a fight to the death. Kinda like the giant chicken and Peter from Family Guy. At least that's how I see it happening.