38 Aachen, Germany
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My self-summary

This profile is my "message in a bottle".

I rarely check out other profiles or log in. But as long as this profile is visible, it means I still haven't found my soulmate. So if you're also looking for yours, you resonate with my profile, and you aren't here just to juggle people around, then I'd like to hear from you.

Originally Italian, I've lived many years in Sweden, Canada, UK. INFP. Researcher in physics & neuroscience (the pictures try to show my sporty side). Right now I'm near Cologne, Germany, but in a couple of months plan to move to... don't know yet: probably Portugal but not 100% sure. Shall we leave together?

Passions: Buster Keaton, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Blues, flying, cooking, satori, zen, languages, guitar, Palatino letters, NaHCO3, literature, Musil, Calvino, Bulgakov, Borges, Éluard, Sanguineti, Wittgenstein, science, Bayes, quantum theory, cats, Zelig, One Punch Man, Ghost in the Shell, Urusei Yatsura, Totoro, Dylan Moran, Giant Hogweed, art, ParkeHarrisons, music, Prokof'ev, Pärt, Bach, Pink Floyd, Musorgskij, Ravel, Händel, old jazz, parkour, martial arts, training, biking, philosophy, odradek, adventure, living in different places in the world...
What I’m doing with my life
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On a typical Friday night I am
Robbing a bank.
You should message me if
I'm looking for someone who is romantic, crazy, free, hasn't settled down, and likes to live in different places in the world. Someone who wants to fall in love as if she has never fallen in love before. Like in a Buster Keaton movie:

These sentences describe the kind of person I'm looking for, and also myself:

...who believes in fairy tales;
...capable of showing and expressing interest, affection, love in a person other than yourself;
...who loves discussing about everything and anything, learning new things, trying new activities;
...who has never given themselves to someone they didn't love;
...who cares about their inside and outside alike;
...who is not confused by previous relationships, has forgotten any exes, and does not live in the past.
...who is willing to delete or deactivate their profile here quite soon, if there seems to be a resonance between us (hehe, this filters out window-shoppers).