29 Mishawaka, United States
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My self-summary
I love Jesus, my yarn and my cats.
I knit. I spin yarn. I dye yarn.
I make jewelery.

Really though? I just got out of a 4 year relationship in February and finally decided to date again.

But I digress.

I mix up my words and lose my train of thought. I also avoid confrontations at all costs. And here's the thing. If you ask me if I like spontaneity I would probably say yes, however if I have a routine any change is ..well, just forget I said anything. :)

I grew up Catholic and went to my freind's bible study in high school. It changed my life. I realized I didnt know what I believed, I was just believing. I worked with 1st graders in a Catholic school and they really helped me grow.

I wouldn't consider myself Catholic anymore. I still go to masses but not regularly. Normally I attend my friend's church. (or more accurately friends' churches )

I was going to school to be an Elementary Ed teacher. but I realized that I hate the school systems, not just in the US but all over. And I dont know how to fix it. so I got out. Just doing Gen Studies so I can graduate. :/

Right now strengthing my faith is most important to me. I need someone that will pray with me, go to church with me... I cant be any more specific because I dont know what I need. But I'll know it when I see it.

Did I mention I'm left handed?
What I’m doing with my life
I work part time at a retail store, hoping to get something else soon that I can support myself with.

I have an Etsy where I sell yarn, knitted things and jewelry.

A local yarn shop is also selling my yarn.

I go to college, but I am not much of a student. I'm taking one class right now,and probably two next semester. I used to take more but I trying to find full time job so I want to maximize my availability.

I would love to be a secretary.

I went on a mission trip to Puerto Rico this last September. It was super uplifting. I would not mind going again or on another mission trip. I thought about joining the peace corps.

This probably will never come to anything but I would LOVE to live on a farm with a couple sheep and maybe an alpaca and a llama and raise them and sell their fiber and yarn from them.
I’m really good at
ruining relationships.
acquiring pets.
loving unconditionally.
The first things people usually notice about me
Not sure.
I have a lazy eye. I catch people looking behind themselves when I'm talking to them because they think I'm looking somewhere else.
I have issues with eye contact.

I'm super friendly when I have to be, like at my job, I get customers raving about be all the time. But that's when I have a purpose and its my job to ask them what they need.
When I'm around people I don't know, like the first day of class or at a party. I clam up.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like CLASSIC Disney movies. Tarzan and previous.
I hate Cinderella (you wanna know we can talk) Belle is my fave Disney princess

Fave movies:
beauty and the beast (I can recite it word for word while watching it and most of it by memory.)
Meet the Robinsons (oh Gosh. this movie is pretty much the best disney pixar movie)
cant hardly wait (seriously. Special K... Seth Green.. ::shakes head::)
pulp fiction (surprisingly)
enchanted (one of the only live animation movies I like)

I also like..
and shark tales (even though its dreamworks)
I like owl city, secret handshake, miley cyrus, taylor swift, lily allen, etc
Also like Disney scores. My fave is probably Aladdin, although Brother Bear is super close. Also the score to Blood and Chocolate was amazing (movie was pretty awful though, book was 100 times better)

As for TV... (in no particular order) I like that 70's show, firefly, spaced, scrubs, my name is earl, how I met your mother, friends, big bang theory, and I'm almost afraid to say it cause I have no reason to like it I just can't help it,
America's Next Top Model, hellcats and The Hills. Don't ask why. I dont know. lol

I dont read as much as I used to. I have authors instead of books. mostly. (fave book of the author in parentheses)
I really liked the first three of the UGLIES series by Scot Westerfield (but I haven't read anything else by him)
I like Annette Curtis Klause (Silver kiss, but Freaks! was super good as well)
Amelia Attwater Rhodes (In the forests of the night)
Robin McKinley. (Sunshine) she does a lot of fairy tale retellings.

I really like fairy tales, like the originals. They're dark.

I also read a book called "Say Goodnight Gracie". But I don't know the author.

I'm going to regret putting this on here but whatever. I like the Twilight series. Now before you instantly say, NEXT, you should know a few things.
I haven't seen the movies and I don't plan on it.
Some people will say the books are poorly written, Bella is a stupid character, etc. But really? She embodies perfectly a whishy washy teenager from a small town. Thats how sixteen year olds are. But whatever. I lost all my respect for Stephanie Meyer.

But I disgress

As for food, I like a good turkey sandwich (lunch meat turkey. 'real' turkey is too dry), grilled cheese, mac and cheese, rice with green onion for flavor (its REALLY good) and many more that I cant remember.

I don't like spicy food, gives me a tummy ache.
It's that fall/winter transition period now and I remember how much I like chicken noodle soup and chili. (but only my papa's cause he puts rice in it.)

My grandma makes a mean Zucchini bread. (and don't give that look, its like carrot cake. just delish.)

Also I was recently reminded that I like tea. Looking for Tupperware and finding a 12" tall plastic jar of Lipton tea spoke to me. This reminded me that its almost winter and Egg-noggin tea is also delicious. Followed by vanilla caramel (a good tea for when I want something sweet and egg-noggin is all gone) and my new favorite that is super yummy, sugar cookie sleigh ride. It is seriously tasty.
The six things I could never do without
1. Jesus
2. my little brother et al (he's only 17 but he's such a good listener and has helped my through some tough times. I tell him everything)
3. my kittens
4. yarn
5. fall weather
6. my hotspot (makes hot water for tea)
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually working...
But sometimes I'm hanging with my friends, or going to a movie, or at home with my kittens
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've never been to a concert.

True story.
And you know what? I probably wouldn't enjoy it because I also wear earplugs to go to the movies. And I also get a headache when there's too much bass.
You should message me if
You shouldn't. Im taken and only keep my profile active to help my single friends