42 Carrboro, United States
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My self-summary
Like everyone else on OK cupid, I am laid back and love the outdoors. Well, maybe not the latter. The outdoors are cool and all but mainly I see them through the car window as I drive to work or the gym or cart my kids around to one of the million activities they "absolutely have to do, right now." But laid back. That's fairly accurate. Or, at least as laid back as any mother of 3 with a full time job could be expected to be.

Other things about me: I like to think I'm reasonably intelligent and amusing though my sense of humor tends to the dark, hey-ain't-life-a-bitch side of things-- with appropriate breaks for silliness. (Hey, you watch enough disney channel with your kids, eventually you are gonna find yourself laughing at some pretty dumb shit.)

Like most people living in this area, I care about social justice-y things and have fairly progressive politics. But I hate self-righteous assholes from any side of the political spectrum. I have firm opinions on many things but that doesn't mean I can't have a conversation with someone who disagrees with me. (That being said, the conversation will probably be short if you endorse either anarchy or totalitarianism.) I volunteer a lot because just looking at the world and wishing it was better makes me feel depressed.

Though the aforementioned kids make obsessive hobbies impossible (also, I'm just not an obsessive hobby doer. Laid back, remember?), I make time for swimming, movies, laying around and watching TV, seeing music, and going out to eat. I've recently added hot yoga to my life and while I look like I drowned when I'm done, it's a pretty satisfying feeling. Then again, I haven't done it in the summer heat yet. We will see how that goes...
What I’m doing with my life
trying not to fuck up my kids (Current challenges include mourning our first dead pet-- Zippy, a gerbil-- and overcoming the many consequences of my best friend telling my kids about the evils of factory farming-- Thanks, friend! Couldn't have waited until they could cook for themselves?), working as clinical trials coordinator, volunteering, taking on way too many commitments and then somehow miraculously getting them done, spending rare days off catching up on whole seasons of TV, getting too little sleep and compensating by consuming too much caffeine.
I’m really good at
procrastinating, then being decisive, and walking really fast. Here's the deal: I wait til the last second to do just about everything (I maintain this is a skill, not a weakness), I make important life changing decisions (or almost any decision) quickly (This may or may not be a skill, but I'm awesome at it). The walking fast? That's just cuz I'm short and have to keep up.
The first things people usually notice about me
Depends on who the people are... Straight dudes? I'm gonna go with boobs. Not that you should notice that first. Get your mind outta the gutter, straight dudes!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: james michener, screwtape letters, poisonwood bible, gone with the wind. anything with some kind of gruesome crime and lawyers. movies/shows: true romance, scarface, both godfathers, sons of anarchy, walking dead, supernatural, mad men, how i met your mother, dexter. food: indian, mexican, thai
The six things I could never do without
Never ever? My kids (they are one thing, bc i need all 3 of them). Most other things are negotiable but in the event of a zombie apocalypse I would probably grab something caffeinated (hey, no one wants a caffeine headache when they are trying to fight zombies), some pants (I'm thinking sweats...), a weapon (I don't currently own any weapons so I can do without a weapon but if there are zombies, then I'm getting a weapon), wheels (my current car has a giant spoiler. I don't have a good explanation for that) and a couple of friends (someone's gotta watch your back).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to fill out these questions without sounding douche-y. still thinking...
On a typical Friday night I am
with kids, learning about ninja games, mermaids and looney tunes.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is not very private. Sometimes I silently judge people. (Like my neighbor, who I think is in a cult.) There, now you know.
You should message me if
you like walks (any walk, it doesn't have to be on the beach. In fact, it would be great if it's not the beach considering we live nowhere near the beach and I don't really wanna drive all the way to the beach just to go on a walk), coffee, restaurants, long, ramble-y conversations, and you are not creepy.