41Overland Park, United States
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My self-summary
**//--\\** UNDER CONSTRUCTION **//--\\**

I LOVE kids & dogs... they're kind of like a little bit of heaven on earth. Add to that all of the rescue kittens my sister continues to bring me to take care of, every one of which breaks my heart a little when I have to give them to their new mama's and papas, but at the same time my heart is so happy that they've all found such good homes <3 My favorite home for them is when my sister keeps them and I get to be the awesome aunt who spoils them, but her home is overflowing right now with all kinds of animals!
So I have a soft spot for all kinds of animals really, (but I'll be the first to freak out when there's a snake, rat, or anything else showing up somewhere it shouldn't be... aka near me;)) My biggest soft spot is with children... I've grown up to find that teaching/ nurturing is my calling (even when I was a little one myself, I wanted to take care of & protect anyone younger than me).
As for my guy, I'll take care of you because I care about you ;) If I'm taking care of children now it's because I just love seeing things through their eyes, seeing them learn new things, and I love being able to help them find new ways to learn (or watch them as their unique personalities and abilities come out to shine (kids are kinda amazing;)) ♥

I grew up playing sports- I was half "tomboy," climbing trees, playing with the boys in the mud & dirt.. I've always loved the perfect pair of jeans, soft t-shirts (& a great pair of cleats when I needed them:P) -and half "girly-girl"... if I was going to play ball, I'd like to at least start out looking good doing it! But getting dirty was part of the game!
Getting all dressed up is fun too- the best part is afterwards, when I get to take off my heels;) Better than that is getting into bed at the end of the night (especially if I'm with the one I love!)

The competitive side of me- I love sports. Some I like playing more than watching, some I like watching more than playing, but I'm always up for trying to learn how to play & I love to cheer on my favorite teams. I'm pretty loyal to my own teams, even if they're having a bad season, or ten. (or 35?!) But I'll cheer your teams on too.. for fun I miiight cheer against you- but I'll probably secretly hope your team wins (unless they're playing the Jayhawks, the Royals, or the Chiefs- especially in the playoffs!) ..because if I've been watching the games with you I will probably have fallen in love with the team too. :X! So don't take it all to heart! I'm just a little bit feisty at times.

Music is something that touches my soul, can bring me to tears or make my heart soar.. I have too many favorite songs to count & they're always increasing in number. I can't think of a music genre I don't enjoy just a little- but most of them I L-O-V-E!

While I don't exactly know how many guys will relate to this, "So You Think You Can Dance" is (just) one of my favorite shows. (don't worry, you don't have to watch it with me if you don't want to :P) It puts the movements to the lyrics, to the music, that I love so much and defines it all in new and even more intriguing, or beautiful or super hot/ sexy- or just plain FUN ways I've never seen before.
It's like watching a music video that explains the song to you and now you finally understand the meaning of the song. BTW, So I *Don't* Really Think I Can Dance- (I took dance but I never would have made the show :P) but if you can that's kinda hot.. big props- singing too. Or if you can't, but you own it, even better ;)

The little things are the things that matter the most to me. Gestures. Like holding hands, writing a sweet note (an apology or a love letter or "this reminded me of you" so I just had to send it to you. Making a playlist of songs just for me with a note explaining why you chose those songs ♥ (: Soft kisses. Surprise kisses.. Long, deep kiSSSSes.... Did I mention kissing? :P But it's more than just that..

Covering someone up when they've fallen asleep, getting them their bedtime glass of water without them asking.. (doing things for them that they do every day or anticipating their needs in general)
A neck/ back/ foot massage- not something I would typically ask for unless I was really hurting, but always SO very appreciated!!
Sleeping next to someone and even if you need to roll over to sleep, still finding a way to touch in some way so you still feel connected (if the bed & sleeping positions make it possible!) Just making the effort before falling asleep is a huge plus:)
Watching TV together and cuddling, making every day things so much more enjoyable by doing them together- doing the dishes, folding laundry, putting in a garden, fixing breakfast together or making an evening meal- while I enjoy these things to a point, they can become tedious, and having someone else there while you're doing them and to do it with is SO much more fun:)!

All of those affectionate gestures (whether they're seen or recognized every day), the things you do for the one you love just because you love them so much- those are the some of the most important things to me. Love, Respect, Communication, Working together as a Team... the usual I think?

Also no watching sports- that's only for the women. You must do ALL the cooking, cleaning & bring my beer when I ask for it! (Just checking to see if you were paying attention... :P)

~I'll add more as I can (to all the sections) Thanks for being patient!! (: <3
What I’m doing with my life
Wishing I hadn't dropped out of Space Camp ;)
Six things I could never do without
My Friends, My Family, and those in my life who I consider both friends AND family!! (no matter which of these they started out as being) <3
My Border Collie.. he's my baby!!
Edit: While this is still true, my sweet baby boy was diagnosed at the beginning of 2013 with a form of cancer that had spread very quickly and had progressed too far to do anything more about than make sure that for the time he had left was without pain and the best it could be (I was told 2 months, we didn't get that long but with his steroids and the other medications our wonderful vets gave him, he played like a puppy up until the day before he died, he wasn't in any pain, and I was there by his side the entire day he started to turn... that evening, the rest of my family got home from work and were there to see him as well. As I saw him start to slip away more and more throughout the day, I told him he could go if he was ready, and to look for his big sister, he could follow her just like he used to do when she got out of the yard and went on little adventures (>.<)
With my sister and parents right there for him, I finally got up for a minute to go to the bathroom, and I had only made my way out of the room when I heard my mom ask if he was still breathing... he had held on until everyone had made it there to say goodbye, and until I had everyone there with me. He waited until I felt "okay" enough to leave him to let go♥
I didn't date during this time or while I was grieving, and I haven't officially dated since, but I have adopted a new family member who demands more time and attention than any other puppy I've ever had!! My first baby Border Collie, such a big heartbreak because even my sister says, he was more like a human than "just a dog." Now this baby girl, she has been more like having an actual baby girl than a puppy- except for the chewing;)!
Which leads to this:
My Border Collie... she's my baby!♥

Getting to teach, cheer on, play with, fall in love with & be loved by more and more awesome kids :) ♥ ♥

Songs that instantly make you feel better~ (Shake it Off, Happy, All About That Bass, Uptown Funk, etc., etc., etc.!)
A really good book and something that challenges me (-NOT a challenging relationship..!)
Sleep & Sunshine.. ~not necessarily at the same time!
On a typical Friday night I am
Spending time with my family, Catching up with friends, Cuddling up with my puppy & watching movies :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Wouldn't you like to know?!
You should message me if
You want to! ~If you like to laugh & make others laugh! If you are good at communication, compromise or you're willing to work on those things. If you are good with dogs & kids (I don't have any kids yet but obviously, I love them!)
You know what to do- just leave a message after the beep!
BTW, if my inbox gets full I'll do my best to clear it out again ASAP- don't give up on me! :)
The two of us