36Chico, United States
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My self-summary
**New Stuff as of 10-20-12**
I haven't been on OkCupid in nearly two years and have since met an amazing, equally kinky, and beautiful young woman. I am fortunate to have met an amazing woman that appreciates, loves and respects me as much as I do her. We are now married and she serves me willingly as my slave and submissive. We are both very happy together. As I mentioned, we are both very kinky and are currently looking to meet another woman, preferably bi-sexual that is interested in being dominated and having all sorts of kinky fun with us. If you are looking for a serious, monogamous committed relationship then please seek out some other man that will love you and only you. I am always happy to meet new people, so long as they respect the relationship I have with my wife/slave. I am also eager to meet any women interested in Erotic Hypnosis, regardless of whether they are interested in 'playing' with my wife and I. That said, thanks for checking out my profile.

For the most part I am a man of unquenchable imagination. It is truly a beast that cannot be broken, nor bent. Writing is one of the ways to curb the demons of the soul. Another way is through strong drink, however that road can be rather crooked when in distasteful company. When I write the words flow from me as if they have no time for conscious thought. Boundless pyres of knowledge and emotion spew forth. I find myself blissfully overrun by my own passions. Eventually the flames die down and I am re-born. A child of Zeus with a mortal mans heart..

Perfection is an illusion that some expect from us. Worse then that we often expect it from ourselves as well. I thrive on things that make me 'feel'. If it were not for the painful times we might never recognize the blissful moments in life. My pain is what makes me whole. Like Floater says: "One without sun, one without shadow, one without anger is one who's not whole."

It's difficult to write about myself, as I only see me from the inside looking out. Therefore my interpretation of myself will always be skewed compared to others perception of me. I'm sure it's easy to see my flaws, but those that look deeper will see the parts of me that truly shine. I have a deep need to be loyal and honest, especially to those that I hold dear. My heart seeks out truth and absolutely despises anything that attempts to stifle free thought. In some ways I consider myself to be a prophet that has lost his path. My purpose in life is to help those that need guidance and perhaps in turn find my own way.
What I’m doing with my life
I work full-time at a company that develops, edits and distributes school pictures. Its an alright job, but not my ideal career. What I am more into is writing novels and screenplays. Filming skits, and short films is another passion of mine. I am pretty much into anything that allows my creativity to flourish.

**Update: August, 2014**
~ For a bit over a year now I've been doing stand up comedy. I'd always wanted to be a comedian and I am finally living that dream. As of now I've performed around Chico, Redding, Sacramento, and Santa Cruz. I couldn't be happier finally pursuing a lifelong dream.. Also, I greatly enjoy Bacon. ..that is all.
I’m really good at
Making people laugh.
Giving advice when it's asked for.
Philosophical, and/or introspective thinking.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes. My voice. My sense of humor.
Six things I could never do without
My guitar.
My friends.
Nature and all its glory.
Self Expression.
My lovely wife's support, devotion and love.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future of humanity and how I can inspire others to choose a better path.

Sexual Kinks, fetishes and fascinations.
On a typical Friday night I am
sitting at home working on some sort of creative project, hanging out with friends, or playing video games (sometimes all three at once). I'd like to get out more though..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm pretty kinky, and not a lot of women can handle that. I am also very dominant sexually.
You should message me if
Message me if you are adventurous and artistic. If you are into writing, film making, poetry, comedy or any other form of artistic expression that is a plus! Also, I find intellect to be a turn-on.

If you have any interest in erotic hypnosis, or being hypnotized in general you should drop me a line. I have been into hypnosis since I was a kid, and enjoy helping women explore their sexual fantasies.

My wife is submissive to me and chooses to be my slave. She and I greatly enjoy the Dominant/submissive lifestyle. We are currently looking for another submissive to play with, so if you are interested in getting to know us and possibly 'playing' together message me.
The two of us