23 South Beloit, United States
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My self-summary
Hello potential partner, you're sure looking purty today. I'm sorta more interested in girls right now, but I'm still open to finding a man if you're super neat. Just be aware that only saying "hi" won't make me want to respond to you. Yet, me saying this oddly doesn't deter like...anyone from still doing it. Humans are crazy. Why you do this, humans? Go to your collective rooms.

Hey, I'm Jessy (Jessica, Jess, whatever other variation people choose to call me. Most people call me Jessy though.) And before you ask...yes, the pink hair-clip is actually part of my body. It just grew there one day and it looked good so I was like meh and left it alone.

Now, some stuff about me! Bask in the glory that is my entire book trying to describe myself adequately enough for you to decide whether or not you want to message me! There's a list of things I like in a person farther down the page, so you could just skip to that too if you're a wimpy nerd that can't handle my words, son.

I'm an avid gamer. I greatly enjoy competitive gaming, and I like to think I'm really good at them. I'm also super into indie developers as they've developed some of my all time favorite games, namely The Binding of Isaac series. League of Legends is my current obsession (Platinum top lane main). And no, I am not a streamer. Why does everyone assume I am? I also play tons of turn based strategy games, those are my thing. I spend most of my time on youtube watching people play games when I'm not playing them myself. Since people keep asking, I'll just say some of my favorite franchises are Monster Hunter, Disgaea (or NIS America games in general), and basically anything made by Atlus. Persona 3 gives me more feels than I could ever hope to handle.

I don't think I fall within the butch or prissy stereotypes, I'm much more of a tomboy. I don't like getting dirty, but ill go camping any day! I love makeup and nice clothes, but I don't go overboard. I'm kinda in the middle, you know? I will say I'm slightly more dominant when it comes to relationships, though. It comes with the tallness.

I'm pretty shy and reserved, especially around people I don't know. Though, around friends I can be pretty outgoing. I'm very laid back when no work needs to be done, I like to take life pretty easy. I've been told I have an amazingly sharp wit and can easily turn conversations around on people to make us laugh. I really love someone with a good sense of humor, I believe anything can be joked about. Uptight people kinda annoy me.

I'm a HUGE romantic, which is kinda a double edged sword. I have high expectations when it comes to my relationships, But once I fall for a person, I fall hard. I can get a biiiit clingy, but I have no problem respecting people's space.

I am completely non-religious, and I doubt I'll ever be convinced into believing in spiritual things. But don't let that scare you off if you are religious, I'm pretty accepting of all backgrounds and junk. Just be aware that I would not conform my beliefs to yours if that's a requirement for you. I'm pretty secure in my Atheism.

I'm something of an "eternal optimist", I can find the good in like, any situation, and I am also just a super happy person. People who get in bad moods frequently bother me...cheer up! For this reason I've found it hard to connect with people who have depression, so be aware of that if you want to talk to me.

When it comes to things like alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc...I'm pretty against stuff like that. Smoking slowly kills you and is just gross. Drugs like meth and stuff are just plain stupid, I shouldn't even have to explain that. As for softer stuff like weed, I'm a bit more accepting but I don't think I could date someone who does it. I'm cool with you if you smoke, but don't expect much more from me than friendship.

Stuffed animals are freakin awesome. I have too many, they have taken over my room.

Here's a list of things I love in a person! It's not a list of requirements mind you, they just get you bonus points. I am also open to compromising on certain things on the list too, It's just a list of things I favor. And yes, this applies to both boys and girls and everything inbetween.

* Non-smoker
* Long hair (Especially guys)
* Computer savvy, or tech in general
* Gamer
* Affectionate
* Non-vegetarian ( I freakin love meat)
* Into anime
Hey, just so you remember, this isn't a list of requirements, okay? You don't need to have everything on this list.
* A love for good metal music
* Laid back
* Atheist, or not too into religion
* Above the influence
* Stuffed animal lover (big points for this one)
* Tolerant of others
* Pierciiiiiiiiings <3 (The more the better)
* Not depressed or have clinical depression (I have a hard time connecting with depressed people, I've had bad experiences before. I'm not here to be someone's therapist.)
* Non-Asexual (Physical love is important to me too)

There's more, but these are just some big ones. Lists are good!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm going to college currently, I have about half a year left before I graduate. Besides that, not much else. When I'm not studying I'm probably playing a game. I'm taking mainly computer classes in school right now, I know I want to get into something to do with computers as a career. Maybe programming, who knows. I also take a lot of classes on psychology and sociology, so if you're into that let me know! Same with computer programming.
I’m really good at
I love working with computers and anything to do with them, I'm definitely a tech geek. My computer is my baby, and I know her inside and out. I'm also a great cook when I feel the urge to create something. Also, not to brag, but I'm awesome at video games. I grew up with 3 brothers, so I became addicted to games at an early age.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a freakin tall-ass llama, yo. Seriously though, I'm pretty tall and I like it. People also notice how darn skinny I am. and that my voice is higher pitched than they would expect from a tall, slightly punky girl like me. I've gotten a few surprised looks when I say I love heavy metal.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Breaking Bad, American Dad, Squidbillies, Adventure Time, and every cartoon they used to show on cartoon network. I'm a real sucker for cartoons. Fionna will be my wife some day, I just know it.

I like a range of music, from techno, to classical, to metal. I really really hate country, pop, and rap. Metal is for sure my favorite genre of them all. Some of my favorite bands are Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains, Three Days Grace, (Old) Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine, Apocalyptica, Nightwish, Killswitch Engage, and many more. AND I HEAR THIS CALLING, STILL YOU DON'T SEEM SO FAR AT ALL.

My favorite kind of food has to be European style food. I'm not too much a fan of Mexican, Indian, Chinese...etc.
The six things I could never do without
1. Straightening Iron (I have curly hair naturally)
2. Video Games
3. Meat
4. Heavy Metal Music
5. Cute Stuffed Things
6. Internet
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Computers, video games, school work, junk like that. I also tend to think a lot about potential relationship partners. Plus, why can't I have any male friends who don't try to get into my pants? I think about thinking sometimes too, and why I think what I think, I think. How deliciously repetitive that last sentence was. I hope you enjoyed it.
On a typical Friday night I am
Most likely playing a game with friends over skype or doing homework for school. I don't go out to parties or anything like that. Not really my thing. I'm an introvert at heart.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
90% of my room is stuffed animal. How private of a thing to admit.
You should message me if
You're female. Haha...seriously, do it. I get like one girl messaging me for every 50 guys and it makes me the saddest of pandas.

You're well aware that you can't kill the metal.

You're not looking for someone to be your therapist. I've done that with too many people and it's just not how a relationship should work.

I would REALLY prefer if you were within 200 miles of me, but I'm still open to talking to people over longer distances. Just know it'll hurt your chances of me really getting into you if you're a bajillion miles away. Bajillion is a real unit of measurement, I say so.

People who don't conform to the male or female gender as well as transgender and transsexual individuals are more than welcome to talk to me, I'm open minded!

I'm not looking for someone to just have fun with, I want to be with someone who has their life together and knows what they want to do, like going to college and whatnot. If you're satisfied working retail for the rest of your life, I don't think we would get along very well.

** To be clear, that means I'm not looking for someone to just have sex with so don't bother talking to me if that's all you want.

Most importantly, I'm not really looking for friends, I would prefer if you only message me if you think I'm someone you might come to like in a more than friendly way. I got enough friends, don't need any more!