38Flint, United States
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My self-summary
I like to be active and eat healthy. Lookin for an active, attractive and intelligent women.
Random stuff about me:
1. I love music but I really like Alternative rock.
2. I have a sweet tooth.
3. I like random facts and trivia.
4. My Masters is in Economics.
5. My ideal job is I work for Match and read profiles for approval I bet they read some crazy stuff.
6. I am a morning person.
7. I enjoy road trips and travel in general.
8. I have an odd/sarcastic/witty sense of humor.
9. I have never been sky diving but want to.
10. I believe that life is for living and that's hard to do in front of a TV or a PS2.
11. How I met your mother and Big bang theory are great shows
12. I am a very passionate person.
13. I take lots of pics with my iPhone. It is my visual diary.
14. I want to find a woman I can be poor and happy with. If we are rich and happy GREAT but money is 2nd place.
15. I just found out that in my profile AFTER I called myself educated I also spelled sarcastic wrong. :/
16. I don't like sushi but I did try it for the first time a few weeks ago and I liked the beer I had and the dragon roll.
17. I usually have a smile on my face even when I am mad. The smile when I am mad is from me thinking about what I am going to do to the person who made me mad.
18. Almost every day I juice fresh fruits and veggies to drink.
19. I have a 2002 Buick with 230,000 miles on it and I want to try to get it to 300,000 so if you are wondering why I don't have a pic of me with my shirt off with my car that is why.
20. To worship the sun on the summer solstice I did a 2 mile kayak 4 mile run 8 mile rollerblade and 16 mile bike ride. This shows both my active side (the activity) and my nerd side (that I had the miles increase geometrically)
21. I did not truly "worship" the sun I am a Christian and only have one God: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit...ok we'll three Gods...well three in one...well you see it's like a clover, one plant with three leaves... Ugh the mystery of the trinity :)
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a little different
On a typical Friday night I am
Every other weekend I have my kids and every other weekend I am with my friends living life.
You should message me if
You want to chat and see if we click.
The two of us