34Cuyahoga Falls, United States
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My self-summary
I am super busy with school, so I dont have much free time. I will manage, but please be patient with me as the semesters are wild times!

I work as a hairstylist and am also in school part time. I am optomistic about my future career as a Geologist, but am often bogged down by tedious labs dealing with maps and mind numbing calculations. Yes, what an unusual change to make in my life... it felt natural and I now realize that I am destined to be a scientist, and definitely not the keeper/controller of ones vanity.

I am the most unique combination of hippy and nerd. I love knowledge and the power it holds and also anticipate working in the field camping and hiking as much as possible.

Please, I ask that you read my ENTIRE profile and if you are interested send me an email. Look at everything about me, read my whole profile and details. Ask me something interesting... don't just say "HI" or I guarantee you wont get a response! :)

I garden, my favorite food group is fruit-I will eat just about any fruit but pineapple(I think I am allergic), flowers make me happy(wild or a bouquet) and I enjoy meeting many different kinds of people and learning about what makes them their own awesome individual.

I can Salsa dance, although I havent it a few years... I also make an awesome batch of fresh salsa (this years crop was a disaster, although I did have some incredible rainbow carrots that I will be planting more of this spring).
What I’m doing with my life
I am having the time of my life right now... studying Geology, enjoying the changing seasons and making sure not to lose sight of what life is truly all about-the experiences we share with those we care about. I am taking full advantage of this privilege. Life is too short to not make the most of it.

I have grown and changed greatly throughout my 20s and look at 30 as a gift to continue my endeavor... which includes meeting more like-minded souls, to enrich my life. So, I am looking for someone that I could say is "one of my kind"... are you out there?
I’m really good at
Studying Geology, gardening, creating fun crafts, staying optimistic, cooking, ameteur photography, coloring, identifying rocks/minerals and collecting them, and styling hair!

I treat my friends with the utmost respect and loyalty, and expect the same in return. I will be an amazing addition to your life... ;)
I am confident in myself, and I do not find self-centered people attractive. I am a great listener and communicator and expect the same courtesy from those I surround myself with.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm smiling! I am always happy. People also cant help but notice how friendly, outgoing and helpful I am, even to complete strangers... I like people! And I like talking/learning/listening/experiencing new ideas that others are passionate about.

...I have a lot of freckles...I like to laugh and can enjoy a good conversation.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fave books-Text/Reference books are my current reads, but when I have time I enjoy a novel, usually a mystery or historical fiction.
An all time favorite is Gift from the Sea (I have read it any times).

Fave movies- Age of Stupid, August Rush, Earth-The Biography, Planet Earth, How the Earth was made(History Channel documentary), Adam Sandler and Robin Williams movies... comedies, dramas, foreign films, independent films and documentaries are up my alley.

Fave music- Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, G Love, Guster, Zac Brown Band, Tom Petty, The Beatles, John Lennon, Simon & Garfunkle, or just Paul Simon, Bob Marley, Ray LaMontagne, Michael Franti, Rebolution "oldies"....
I enjoy a wide range of musical types. I don't like "gangster rap" and don't relate to it at all, although I do enjoy some of the beats...

Fave food- strawberries, just picked from the garden green beans, crackers with cream cheese and apples with peanut butter, frozen PB&J on cinnamon rasin bread. I enjoy cooking healthy, so expect to be told to "eat all of your vegetables!" LOL
Six things I could never do without
1 Fluffy and Merlot!--my cats
2 The ability to study what I enjoy- Geology
3 My family-- truly unique and wonderful people!
4 Room for a garden, opportunity to enjoy to my own company in said garden...
5 Girls Night Out, BFF Night-- yep, we do that, but usually stay in...
6 My Phone-It keeps me connected to the world, although it is a relief when I get to put it on silent and just study or nap or just enjoy my own thoughts.

Notice that these are not all "things", more people and abilities... I could live without "things" in the context of unnecessary possessions (I have been able to work on continually simplifying my life in that manner), but people and my own free-will and state of consciousness are attributes that make life worth living!

So, in terms of "things" it would be hard to say what I truly need... I believe that things can clutter our minds, keeping us from the ability to comprehend what is truly important to us! I am not a mass consumer and often will spend more money/time to fix something rather than pitch it and buy a new one. Landfills are so stinkin packed with Americas junk.The irony of buying something made in China, using it for a year and tossing it into a pile that will be shipped back to China or to pollute our beautiful and fragile oveans/ecosystem seems so far beyond frivilous that I will have nothing to do with it. I have bought few electronics new and use them until they die completely... you get my drift.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What the future may hold...

Why our civilization is so ignorant to the fact that we are on a path of self-destruction. The signs are obvious, global warming is happening and we, as a country and species are not opening our eyes and finding an alternate route to a prosperous future. The earth will hit peak oil in 2015, and people are seriously griping about wind farms destroying the view of the landscape. Come on now! Everyone must watch the "documentary" Age of Stupid. This is a peek into what is happening all around us and the stark reality of what may be our demise(within the next 30 years). <--this is why I am NOT going to get into the petrolium biz with my degree, enough of the absurdity already Big Oil!!!

The purpose of our existence on Earth, earth processes, the environment, organics, science, physics, chemistry... who will I meet today and what will tomorrow bring?
On a typical Friday night I am
Home most likely. I like to stay close to home on Fridays because I work Saturdays, which is also my earliest day of the week... I invite friends over and watch movies, talk and catch-up, cook dinner and enjoy our time together... but most likely studying so that I can enjoy my weekend!

Any other day of the week is bound to be at least a little more interesting... :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am honest and open about everything... probably too honest, but here it goes!

My father passed away when I was six from Pancreatic Cancer.
**I admit that here because it has helped to shape me into a stronger, more resilient human being. With that fact in mind, everything in life requires an outcome; the situation could be either dwelled upon and therefore hinder any personal growth, OR put it to best use, to grow and learn from the examples of the past that our current livelihood depends upon.**
I am by no means insinuating that the loss of a loved one is not hard to deal with, but it is much easier to learn and improve yourself in ways that they would be proud of you.
You should message me if
I am looking for some new and interesting minds to enjoy the company of.... I am busy with school, but can always make time for someone special. If you are interested please send me a message. Don't be afraid to start a conversation. I love talking :D

I look for intelligence in my company. Those who can challenge and stimulate my mind, an intellectual, who could also just spend a day outside, those who are fun and easy-going. I like a man who acts like a man and knows how to treat a woman. I would like to create a long term relationship made of both love and partnership. I like an educated man, one who has his career either in progress or established. I am looking for someone who can be my equal in many ways.

I am a wonderful woman, looking for a comprable partner. Don't pretend to be someone you are not, it only hurts you in the end... Don't play games with my heart and head please, I deserve better than to be played!
The two of us