26Chesterfield, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Hey I'm J, I'm 22 and from Chesterfield.

Well, a summary of me - what exactly does that entail?

I read and write and can do basic mathematics, which is a plus.

I'd prefer to chat to people who live near(ish) to me, but as I said - I'll chat to anyone. It's always good to have friends and if not traveling isn't that difficult =]

I love: Photography
Table tennis
My dad lol
Awful films ( i do like good films too ... honest)
My guitar
Dark hair and tattoo's

I hate: Drama
Fake people
Stereo types

I could sit here and try fool you with some charm but if you want to get to know do just that and talk to me I'm harmless and i think it rude not to reply even if I'm uninterested relationship wise. Unless your a guy or a couple who seem to think someone else's presence will somehow help your sex lives, I'm not interested and will just ignore you =]

I keep snakes - don't be freaked out!! They are sweet creatures really, you just need to know how to look after them. I breed corn snake's but don't worry i don't chase people round with them.

Sarcasm is fun ... i like a woman who doesn't mind a bit of harmless banter (when a say a bit this may be somewhat down played)

Unlike most on here I have no plan for the zombie apocalypse, if you do and you think you might be able to save me from rotting in a hiding place this would be an added advantage! If not maybe were going to have to just rot in a hiding place together.
I also think that when i eventually grow up id like to be a pirate. I have my hat ready. If you message in pirate ill be very impressed. Go on have a laugh

Recently the rain has reminded me of my hopeless romantic side. Whats the point in really good rain if there's nobody you care about to kiss in it?


Very much prefer quiet places where there’s not too many people but with the right company will give most things ago (just dont ask me to jump out of an areoplane - you know if you stay on them they land safely lol). If i get nervous i tend to make jokes and generally take the piss out of myself.
I’m loyal to a fault when it come's to friends, family or anyone else i happen to love. I will do anything for someone I truely care about.

I love reading and writing.

Music is the way to my heart. I have a lot of opinions on music and love chatting about it, im pretty open minded and love being introduced to new things so give it a go.

I am the dictionary deffinition of hopeless romantic but atleast i try. My favourite things will always be cuddling looking at stars, random walks in the forrest and the smell of spring early in the morning.

I prefer drinking in to drinking out, I smoke too much, think too much and generally dont do enough of other things.

I love random questions, espesh if you give me options, i could happily answer questions all day lol

I have a slight obsession with Kat Von D (shes hot, like really hot) oh and her tattoos rock.
Nice tattoos on a woman is always good =] i like piercings too but dont have any, i will get snake bite at somepoint and i want scaffolding in one ear. Just need to get money which is apparently bloody hard when your trying to pay for a house ect.

I love goin for random road trips with good music on, im a terrible passenger though because of a crash i was in years ago i spend half time wondering if someone will pull into us or stop or something, you would think this would make me hate road trips really but apparently not. Ok that was a very long winded way of saying that.

I love julia nunes music, at the min her album seems to live on repeat. I also love florence and the machine. Oh and Greenday of course. Then there is All time low, we the kings.

If i start talking about rubbish i can go on forever but never seem to be able to say anything when i really really need to.

I think your doing very well if you have reached this point in my Ramblings, well done lol air high 5!

I am fun loving, Loyal, and shy
What I’m doing with my life
I used to care for people with autism, i loved my job but then moved back to Chesterfield I'm currently looking for a job. In the long term i really want to work with troubled kid pref in a childrens home or something who knows maybe one day it'll happen. That or be a photographer but i really dont think that one will happen.

In my spare time like hang out with the people i love doesnt matter what were doing. I also breed snakes which is good fun =] dont worry im not goin to chase you round with them if you dont like them lol.

So ye basically with my spare time I job hunt, sleep, eat, work, play guitar, Attempt to sleep (doesnt happen often), cook, coach table tennis!
I’m really good at
Not one to blow my own trumpet so i dont like this part at all.

I used to play table tennis for region and hockey upto County level.
I'd like to think I'm not too bad at my photography either.

You're awesome at playing guitar! And the ukulele!! <3
The first things people usually notice about me
Eye's or so im told but you know what most people dont notice me atall. I like to make myself invisible!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books first, theres a few, I love blood letting, Home truths by freya north is an amazing book. Also cant argue to great expectations. Reading bit of everything at the min so ill let you know how those go as i progress through them slowly (not because it takes me ages to read them but im reading 3 at once and im easily distracted)

Movies - Thats a toughie i dont tend to watch that many films love the stephen king films andthing thats meant to be a horror can be good too. But then im not a hater of a good romantic comedy. Love the Step up films (mainly number 2) I love the meaning behind them. Also you have to love dirty dancing and greece.

Music - I really cant list all the music i love as far as im concerned music is as good as oxygen if im not messing about on my guitar then i will have some music on. That can be anything from oldies to country to punk rock ect. Loving Me first and the gimme gimme's at the moment, along with plain white t's along with paramore, pendulum, greenday, we the kingss, all time low and many more. As i say I LOVE music.
Six things I could never do without
My phone - I like to know my friends are ok ect and stay in touch.

My laptop - My freinds are scattered across the country from the highlands of scotland to cornwall so its a very good way to stay in touch.

My animals - I just enjoy the time with them. Espesh my dogs when i go to my parents.

Cuddles - Everyone needs a good cuddle you cant argue that one.

My friends - Don't know where Id be without them but I dont want to have to find out.

Music - Means alot to me wether it be makin music or listening to it, its a huge part of my life.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The past, Present and Future

Wether if i tuck my shoelaces in theyll stay in my shoe for ore than 3 steps
If cheese was the reason for my wierd dream the night before.
Alternative endings for said dreams.
What the people i care about are doing right now.
When ill have money for another tattoo.
If being a pirate would be considered a valid job option.
Dreaming about my happily ever after.
On a typical Friday night I am
Chilling at home with my friends, with a pint. Pos in a quieter pub having a laugh with select friends.
Also sometimes work or snuggled up on sofa with a good film
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
im very particular about how i lace up my shoes (spesh with converse)
Although im sure if contacted there is much more im willing to admit. Try me
You should message me if
You have managed to get this far without wanting to murder me in my sleep.
You like music or anythings else i do or if you just want a friendly debate about anything.
If you want to chat drop me a message i dont bite
The two of us