33Spring, United States
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My self-summary
To start, my name is Jesse. I use humor to deflect my insecurities. Plus, I'm hilarious. So don't hate. Not exactly looking for a solid relationship type thing. Just something casual.

Now that that's out of the way, let's see, I'm a Jack-of-All Trades, when it comes to knowledge; I know a little about everything and a lot about nothing. The winning word at the 1940 National Spelling Bee was "therapy." Now you know.

I do things to make others laugh, generally at my own expense. If you can't laugh at yourself, you take life entirely too seriously. Lighten up, you only live once. Not looking for anything serious. More of a FWB thing. Someone I can hang out with and occasionally hook up with. I like my space, so relationships aren't really my thing.
What I’m doing with my life
Living, recovering, being stubborn. You know? The usual life stuff.
I’m really good at
Breaking things. Dunno why. It's a gift, I suppose. And stitching. Not clothes, unless you count buttons, but wounds. I've had my scrapes and haven't always had insurance or been in the vicinity of a hospital.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a big guy. Big as in broad shouldered. Not big as in big boned. Besides, you ever seen a fat skeleton? Also, why do they not have a burly/stocky choice under body type?

Either that or the whole Two-Face thing I'm rocking.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book wise - The Dresden Files, Sandman Slim, Iron Druid series, Mortal Coils series, If Chins Could Kill, How to Make Love: The Bruce Campbell Way, Got Fight?, Be Ready When the Sh*t Goes Down, just to name a few.

Movie wise - I'm a guy, give me a movie that has an explosion in it, and I'm happy.

T.V. wise - It depends on my mood. Some main stays are Castle, Burn Notice, GoT, Archer, and Firefly.

Music wise- Varies depending on the situation. From Rock to Rap to Honky Tonk to Classical.

Food wise- Anything that tastes good. And no, avocado does not taste good. But that's just my opinion.

I don't tolerate Twi-hards. It's an affront to all things cinematic and literary.
Six things I could never do without
Well, I'm gonna go with necessity, so really just the basics. I've done without most at one point or another.

Food-Don't need it, but it's good stuff
Water-All I ever really drink. Unless you count whiskey. But that's made with water, so it counts.
Sunglasses/Glasses-My eyes are light sensitive. So it's a necessity. Plus, I wear glasses now.
My dog-He's a 100lb lap dog. I know I'll have to live without him eventually.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I probably should've put some actual thought into this, but I get easily distracted at times. Plus, I was busy suplexing a shark wearing a bolo tie. You may ask, "Who was wearing the bolo tie?"

The answer is "Yes."

Plus, a lot of random things. I'll start on on thought train...SQUIRREL!!
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm generally out hunting monsters or aliens. What's that? You say it's not possible because you've never seen a monster or alien? That's because I'm damn good at what I do. You're welcome.

Also, I laugh in the face of Danger. I'm like, "Ha, Danger! You're dumb! You have an ugly face, which isn't as hot as my face! Which is totally hot!"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Now, I know some of you are wondering, "HOLY CRAP, WHAT HAPPENED TO HALF YOUR FACE?!?!"

Funny story, actually. I auditioned for the role of Two Face, back when The Dark Knight came out. I figured making half my face malleable for make-up and such would make me a lock for it. I was sure I had the gig in hand, but the studio went with Aaron Eckhart, based solely on the fact that, ya know, he could actually act. The bastard.

Truth of the matter is I had a golfball sized brain tumor removed from my head back in 2010. It stretched out and shifted my brain, so somehow, it cause partial, temporary, palsy on one side. Yes, temporary, but it's a slow recovery process, apparently. But, on the plus side, I get to play the brain cancer card when I don't wanna do something and people don't question it. So yeah, go me. I should probably be dead, but I'm too stupid to die when I'm supposed to.
You should message me if
Why the hell not? You've got nothing to lose by doing so, or if you wanna really know something about me, because let's face it, I haven't really told you anything, hit the button and ask. Or, if you just want to know random facts, because I am a fountain of useless trivia that will cause you to forget something incredibly important.
The two of us