32Lagos, Portugal
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My self-summary
I suppose I am calmer and slower then most, I "take it easy", at least on the outside, rather carefree, although it varies by issues; on things (like health, and economics (both personal and macro) and politics) I'm more preoccupied then most people I know, but on almost all other things I'm more carefree.

I'm very free in my ethics; basically anything goes as long as no intended (or careless) physical harm is done to other humans or their property. this is the only but very important rules I generally want. this is known to many as the non-aggression principle, although there are slightly different variations)
the only thing I fear is being tortured (physical, mental, or any other way I can't think of) by anyone or anything (so by a horrible disease or accident included).

I just generally lead a rather materially minimalist life, from a modern developed world POV. (one of my favorite songs is: "bear necessities") I enjoy information much more then materials, once basic needs are met of course.
I don't enjoy eating out (although it doesn't bother me much either) or going out to noisy crowded bars/clubs (if they are not too noisy/crowded and have a decent amount of fresh air (no-smoking, preferably outside) and not too many too drunk people, with the right people, they can be nice; but that's so rare...sigh. cafes are ok, but I prefer a park (when it's not too cold; or raining obviously). I do love the occasional outdoor psytrance festival/party, or house parties with nice people.

I have an eclectic interest; very open mind.
I like to think I like everything but at the moment I have my preferences. because of this you should not be surprised if I don't turn out to be what you expected during the 1st days you meet me, it might be just those days I happen to be more like something that I'm usually not or that is not covered in this self description.
Also, at least for me (but I believe for most other people too) we're a collection of many things, some bigger then others, but all of them affect how we are, often in unpredictable or unthought of ways. so I learned to not get very surprised with other people' or my own, new behaviours, especially in differing situations. In short, people are much more complex then any presentation can convey; so expect the unexpected is the best IMHO way of relating to others, especially with those less known.

I am bisexual, but I'm more attracted to women then men (I'd say about 20:1)

politically I identify myself most with the libertarian view in general. basically do as you like as long as you don't initiate force upon other humans or their property is fine by me. but (and in this I seem to differ from most libertarians) when managing shared property/goods/resources I think it's best to (only) enforce rules that deal with "tragedy of the commons" situations (and I consider IE providing basic (and I really mean basic, not what northern EU countries consider basic nowadays) needs to a population of a shared land to be one of those TofC situations, same for health care againts contagious diseases).

I don't talk as much as most but not so much because I don't like talking, more because with most people they seem not to be interested enough in my talkings, and so I don't (I can talk to myself in my head if I want to talk for the sake of talking, I talk to others for them to listen, so if they don't want to listen, I see no point in talking).
I've been told I'm somewhat unsociable, but in my view I'm just less interested in small talk then most people and don't socialize just for good manners (also people probably get this impression because of the "not talking much" I already explained), maybe because if I don't feel like socializing, or talking I just don't, some people see that as rude or even anti-social, but it's just me preferring to be "alone" doing my own thing at that particular time, it just so happens that there are some people around me at that time, it shouldn't make me rude or unsocial. sometimes I'm best just not saying anything for hours thinking, listen to music, contemplating some view. there's nothing wrong with not doing anything in particular, in just being. But when I am with people with common interests I can talk endlessly (I remember IE with one work colleague in cape town we ended up talking for hours afterwork, on the pavement in front of the restaurant into the night).
I actually am very accepting of other people, and from my part can get along with just about everyone (as long as they abide by the important rule described next paragraph), but I wouldn't neccessarly be very sociable with them; to explain better the idea: IE I'd be comfortable with just about anyone being in my house, but I wouldn't necessarily be socializing with all of them most of the time, just doing my thing until there was a common interest for us to socialize.
I'm also told I'm weirder and stranger then most, which I agree with in my lifestyle (not working by choice, being very homey, not having almost any (social) rules, etc), but think more people would be more like me if they didn't abide so much to social-manners and where as financially independent as me.

Generally I just do whatever I want when I want it, but of course consider the consequences of my present actions. I don't have some great ulterior purpose or goal or so in life, other then doing/being what I want to do/be; which generally just entails satisfying my biological nature needs (nourishment, comfort and health, novelty, and security, intimacy)

I grew up till 9yo in amsterdam, then in Lagos, portugal till I finished highschool, then lived in capetown with my father to live with him and get to know him (we lost contact when I was a baby and only spend a couple of months together in my mid teens) then rented a room for the second half of my 1 and 1/2 year stay in CT, then lived and traveled (hitch-hiking and tent camping where I could find a spot) in some EU countries for ~3 years, then attempted to study (jazz drummer) but gave up at the end of the 1st year for many reasons, and have since been just living and exploring and learning, no plan, just as long as I have my needs satisfied (which I also consider my purpose in life: to fulfill my needs and then do whatever I want (basically I just try to feel satisfied, content, comfortable, good, as much as possible)
I haven't really worked (since I stoped trying to study in 2009), I've just done odd jobs for family and friends and family-friends (housekeeping, house-maintenance, house-sitting, etc) that kept me paying for some basic necessities, and stayed at the houses of my mother; father (and occasionally uncle and grandmother) making myself useful enough for them to want/accept having me around.

(see "what I'm doing with my life" for my current situation)
What I’m doing with my life
Mostly exploring the world thru Cyberspace.

I sleep ~10hours/day and with my "freetime" I daydream/think/meditate a few hours and spend the remainder at friends or online, mainly watching films (movies and youtube) reading some news, playing starcraft (and of course music almost always) and I used to be on reddit alot but very rarely nowadays (I subscribe to
which should give you a decent idea of most of my interests)

I get money from renting my residential property which grants me basic necessities, keeps me comfortable and entertained enough.

I'm trying/planning to move to the country, do some permaculture maybe; but the lack of security and decent internet connection (and money to get better security and decent internet) has been keeping me off for a couple years already, but I hope probably this or next year (either that or buy a caravan and live wherever I please whenever I please). I'm also looking for other people that might be interested in moving to the country to move with me to the same patch of land (but each with their own living space, maybe/probably share bathroom/kitchen) or some more commune kind of thing... or just live in a autocaravan; I don't know
I’m really good at
I don't know given that I know too little about what the average is.
maybe debating, finding lack of accuracies... and music (especially rhythm)
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know, I have never asked; neither do I remember any person telling me, although I suspect they have (maybe that I talk less then most people).
I just don't give any more importance to first noticeable things then to later noticeable things in people.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
some of them were favorites when I read, saw them, but would probably not now so I posted them in chronological order to give some idea of my more recent favs.

On the Road; jitterbug perfume; Mr. Happy; the singularity is near.

So many!!!!!! the big Lebowski; Amelie, The Matrix; event horizon, pandorum, Groundhog day; being john malkovich; (and almost all coen bros are good); donnie darko, a brilliant mind; eXistenZ; ghost in the shell; paprika; waking life; The Thirteenth Floor; all the wim wenders; Ex Machina, the man who fell to earth, I heart huckabees, restless, now is good, chappie, fear and loathing in las vegas, most woody allan and noah baumbach and jim jarmush; frank; the signal; the grand seduction; the untouchables and lots of others. (I generally prefer movies that don't centre around conflict between humans nor love between humans, which seems surprisingly hard to come by)

Monty python; the fast show; the simpsons; eddie izzard; max keiser; vice and vice news; steins;gate psychopass and some others.

anything depending on the present situation/mood; but rarely do I like more angry or sad type music, heavy is good, but angriness/sadness I extremely rarely feel or want to feel.
I think I generally prefer music without lyrics (although "Chance Waters - Infinity" has probably the best lyrics I have heard)
lately been more into psytrance and classical. and dislike hip-hop and pop and such. often I'm a sucker for funk/soul/disco too, but my knowledge of it is unsatisfactorily limited.

for me is (almost) just a need to fulfill, so the best quality/price ratio :) my staple diet is wholegrain wheat flour and soyflour baked in the oven.
Six things I could never do without
Air; food; water; shelter from extreme elements; these kind of things that keep me above a certain level of physical comfort. maybe internet access that seems to keep me a bit more grounded to the outside world (ironically as it sounds; without internet access and given I don't watch TV I lose touch with the external (to my personal life) world) and end up living in my head alot.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
consciousness; qualia; determinism; time (both subjective and objective); and other metaphysical questions. possible/probable futures of human civilization; possible/probable futures of me.
best ways to gain more security of the things I feel I need.
politics, economics, finance, (human) biology and sociology, futurology, tech (specially IT).
paranormal phenomena ( mostly coincidences that seem far to coincidental to be just from chance; which leads me to question: how come? are we living in a simulation? is there anything after death? and such.
how much/if-we/I-need/want human socializing/intimacy/sex
On a typical Friday night I am
just as almost all other days, I'm either online or onsleep or onmind.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
... IDK, I guess that I'm somewhat bisexual?
You should message me if
you want
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