32Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Beauty is empty and meaningless without ugliness.

Don't worry I'm not as intense/insufferable as that opening line might suggest, but it's a simple truth that has helped me to appreciate all the people and things and happenings in my life for what they are. If one can not revel in and value contrast, they can't ever really be free. (Warning: this whole profile was written a while back on a PC. I realize it appears obnoxiously long when read on a phone)

I suppose I should also mention here that I've been living in NYC since the middle of 1988. And if you really want to take a deeper dive in to my brain, go here (hey look, another blog that someone didnt stick with)
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently getting paid to go running with dogs. I might call myself a canine fitness specialist if I were completely up my own ass about it. I adore it.

Setting aside 'professional' endeavors, I run (kind of a lot, the specifics may shock you). I run because it is a purely beautiful practice that allows me to meditate, explore, commute, exercise, and get high while providing me a great venue for my other big one: consuming/loving music. I am thorough and relentless in my pursuit, and constantly hungry for new sounds that excite, surprise, and speak to me. It can be overwhelming to think about the sheer amount of music that has existed and will exist in my lifetime, but that's ultimately a very good thing. Rhythm, chord, and melody: three words representing that which can be combined to transcend words/description (not to take anything away from words).

I see LOTS of live music and would love to meet a great show buddy for those times when none of my homies are down because it's raining or too late or some crap like that
I’m really good at
listening, running, gaming (video games and obscure board games, good for the mind), identifying little details and subtleties that really define things/people, playing drums, Tetris, bowling (kinda), acting like I'm awesome at mini golf, staring directly at the sun for extended periods of time, random acts of kindness
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm pretty low-key, or maybe the Vibrams I'm wearing
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Words: Cloud Atlas, The Diamond Age, Light in August, Heart of Darkness, Catch-22

Film: Fight Club, Fargo, Akira, Let the Right One In, Jurassic Park

TV: The Wire, Lost, Archer, Louie, Community, Parks n Rec, Homeland, VINTAGE Simpsons (seasons 2-8 only please. that show has been dead to me for a very long time), Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job, Eric Andre, Cosmos, Rick and Morty!!!, also LOUIE. Mentioning Louie for a third time with this sentence.

Music: Flying Lotus, Meshuggah, The Bad Plus . . . this band/artist list could easily take up this entire page, but that would be obnoxious, no? Well wait, I must also mention Oceansize, Ravel, Satie, Debussy, 22, Gotye (was into him in 2010, yes I know, I'm so cool), Sikth, Grouper (omfg GROUPER. if Liz Harris has dug herself in to your soul we can definitely hang), Dirty Loops, Mutemath, Karnivool, Chet Baker, Disasterpeace, Knower, Last Chance to Reason, MF DOOM, and Gem Club. Okay I'm done.

Food: I'll eat/try practically anything but these things are particularly enjoyed by yours truly: hummus, jalapeno peppers, stuff involving mint, stuff combining salty and sweet. Hot sauce makes almost anything better. As far as snackables: white cheddar popcorn, clemietimes, and muh' fuggin' Snapea Crips.
Six things I could never do without
(Not including the obvious Friends/Fam), music, my vibram fivefingers, my backpacks: one for running and one for hiking/travel, seasonal weather shifts, the great provider and vice that is the internet, my beloved comforter when the temperature calls for it

Seventh honorable mention to waking up parched and downing a bunch of water. Holy hell, the satisfaction
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What would need to happen to the planet to cause a true paradigm shift/total mindset revolution? Can be a scary thought, or a happy thought depending on your angle of approach.

Also, that damned DiGiorno commercial where the kid impersonates a pizza delivery boy and rings the bell of a mansion in which a bumpin' party is going down. This guy is hoping to gain entry in to said party. Forgetting the fact that the man who answers the door actually buys the boy's ruse, why does he invite the guy into the party?! When does anyone ever invite a pizza guy in to their home? A transaction takes place at the door and then the guy leaves to continue doing his job. Also, it was a single pie. If someone actually ordered pizza for a party that size it would have to be at least a dozen pies to be believable. Okay so I don't spend THAT much time thinking about it, but just how does this ad fly under the radar of plausibility? Who buys DiGiorno frozen pizza anyway? Hopefully the host of the party is not fooled but is a genuinely nice guy, appreciates the dude's tenacity, and says 'sure, why not?'. Now I've officially thought about this too much.

I spend a minor amount of time thinking about whether I've been too wordy in this profile. I only add to it on a PC so it doesn't seem as long. On a phone it appears ridiculous. I suppose I enjoy writing more than I knew. I don't ramble endlessly irl, never fear
On a typical Friday night I am
Running home from work, then grabbing a bite with buddies or meeting up with any number of said buddies in some sort of social setting. Very often this means one of many live music venues. Or maybe I'm just playing video games, who knows.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I went through a pretty bad phase of kleptomania when I was a young teen. Was a bit too good at it. Never anyone's personal possessions or anything.

On a lighter note, I almost always eat the leafy top part of a strawberry along with the rest of it in one shot because vegetables and because why not and because you gotta take the bitter with the sweet
You should message me if
you feel like it, or if you like crisp autumn air

also if you dig candlelight. I'm way into candlelight lately, scented or unscented

or if you want to go running. running is the best

Or if you're like me and not a deranged psychpathic killer.

Snapchat me something cheeky? notjoeman
The two of us