29San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
*** Fairly outdated profile, I'm inactive for the moment, will try respond to friendly messages :) ***

Ich spreche fließend Deutsch weil meine Mutter Deutsch, aber ich kann nicht sehr gut Schreiben, da ich es nicht viel geübt habe.

Where to begin? I was on a working holiday in Vanc, consider myself an optimistic misanthrope and a meliorist, European/Australian, most of my friends are around the age of 25, don't often recall that I'm not, and that's just the way I like it. I can be put in a box but as I don't fit inside any single one the boxes tend to break, which is generally good fun. Apparently it's like opening presents!

What box to open first? Well, I'm sporting: I really enjoy being active, mostly snowboarding, tennis, and surfing.

I'm also a bit of a performer. I love drama / theatre, and dance. I don't seek attention but I do enjoy it. I relish my imagination and I love trying to put it into reality; sketching, physical models, graphics art, writing, you get the idea. Though I don't do it nearly enough these days.

I'm part 'nerd' too, and I enjoy discussing the meaning of things, ethics in grey situations, you get the idea. Yes, I'm good with computers, *occasionally* play videogames and board games, etc... but no, I'm not antisocial. I love to hang out with my friends, have a drink, a chat, meet new people, go out and to (good) parties, and so on. Life is far too short to spend in front of a screen all the time. Wait... *cough*

I'm also very interested in very many things, and indulge my inner eclectic eccentric often.

There is more, but this is getting long and if you want to know, you'll ask :) Surprise me.

Je parle du Français, mais ne peut pas le bien écrire, parce que Je n'ai pas pratiqué beaucoup. Oui, c'est le même que mon Allemand :) oh, et mon nom vien du Français.

I am spirited, insouciant, and anomalous
What I’m doing with my life
I try to take it by the horns, scruff of the neck, whatever floats your boat (or mine, rather).

Right now I'm in my third year of uni, but I have a few other things going on. What are they? Why, one can't reveal everything at once.
I’m really good at
Being Random (just try me ;)
Writing and expressing myself (apparently)
Everything, including not being humble, being humble, and making self-contradictory statements (bonus points if you find some above).
Confusing and/or entertaining people.
The first things people usually notice about me
My best guess is my smile, since I smile a lot. I'm a happy person :) See? I can't even help it in a text box!

Something more specific might be a resemblance to one of three fictional characters (so far, guess who) or a certain Australian radio comedian, depending on my hair.

But that's in person. Online, I have no idea: you tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Here's a *few* memorable / recent of each straight from the top of my head.

Books/Authors: The Time Traveler's Wife, Heinlein, Meyer, Feist, Reilly, Goodkind, Piers Anthony, Rowling, Richard Bach, Anthony Grey, Mercedes Lackey. And in other forms of literature the odd webcomic. I'm always looking for more and different genres, recommend me something. Oh, and I also read NewScientist, geopolitical analyses not infrequently.

Movies / TV: Lately Glee(!), Firefly / Serenity, Dollhouse, Dexter, Gossip Girl, District 9, Wall-E, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Grey's Anatomy, Futurama...

Music: Again with the range, but I'll try: songs from such names as Gotye, Pendulum, City and Colour, +44, Mayday Parade, Foo Fighters, Basement Jaxx, Josh Pyke, anberlin, Chopin, Coldplay, Jet, and many, many more of which you've probably heard (ha). You may even introduce me to music I like, it happens not infrequently.

Food: hunger is the best spice. But really, almost everything, I love trying new things and cooking. The two go together well too.
Six things I could never do without
Ahh the infamous six... Let's take five. Friends / family, humour, imagination and expression such as... music / performance! And well, to be frank, love... More cheese anyone? No? What's that, you've flown over your RDI? Have a bucket. No no, it's fine, you can keep it!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
On a typical Friday night I am
Being atypical.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have fantastic and impossible dreams, including the literal kind.

And I'll throw another, more pertinent factoid in: I have very high standards for myself, and for romantic interests. Yes, I love confidence (not to be confused with superciliousness) and a good playful challenge.
You should message me if
I used to write "You have standards and you like what you see.", but I'm no longer single, so just message me if you think we could be friends =)
The two of us