38Highland, United States
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My self-summary
NOT LOOKING FOR ANYTHING. This is for archival purposes only (and to see how many scary suggestions this machine has to make for me)

Me: Funny, precocious, progressive, tattooed, metal/classic rock nerd who loves to help people (think Brian Posehn, but not you know, a giant.) Jack-of-all trades. Unusual views on almost everything, but always willing to hear other people's beliefs and rationale. Just as happy in a moment of quiet contemplation as in a loud concert hall.

You: Cute and smart - ready to give unconditional love to someone you admire. Open to almost anything, but ready to set up roots in the Valley.
What I’m doing with my life
I work for a charity, making the world a better place. Looking at getting back into Human Rights law or other public interest gigs.

I spend a lot of time reading things online, writing witty introspective blogs, and working out at Planet Fitness.

I listen to different kinds of music while trying to play along with my bass, and I enjoy falling asleep while listening to audio books. I've been known to smoke miniature cigars and drink Belgian beer on a Wednesday night. I run many miles.

Personally, give me loft full of artists, appletini's on tap, live Velvet Underground covers, comfortable furniture, and cult movies on and I'm pretty satisfied.

I abhor boredom, so I try to overschedule myself. What I'm doing with my life will change as I try new things, jump off new bridges, and go down new rabbit holes.
I’m really good at
I am passable at just about everything. I try to be good at whatever I do, and I have done a lot of things - science, math, philosophy, cooking, writing, politics, business, religion, card games, softball, role playing games have all been areas of expertise of mine from one time to another. I love to just talk about whatever batshit crazy idea comes to mind.
The first things people usually notice about me
Usually I say something really goofy (borderline offensive) that people remember. Sometimes people notice the elbow patches on my sportscoat.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Neil Gaiman is awesome. Dark Tower books are amazing as is Talisman. Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse ftw. David Sedaris is a pisser. Daniel Quinn, David Deida, Allen Ginsberg, Thomas Friedman are on the list of favorite non fiction authors. Dresden Files are surprisingly fun. Comics are books too right?

When it comes to movies I prefer either classics like Jaws or Cool Hand Luke, or really offbeat indy type stuff like Life Aquatic or Cashback. I cry a little for things like Bed of Roses and It's a Wonderful Life. I have huge portions of Bill & Ted, Wayne's World, Clerks, Reservoir Dogs, and Star Wars memorized. Amongst my new faves: Lo, Mongul, Valhalla Rising.

My muscial tastes are very weird: I like everything from WuTang to Nirvana to Ani Difranco to Elvis Costello. Current favorites: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Amanda Palmer The Mountain Goats and Gogol Bordello. Devo, Talking Heads, Velvet Underground. I think what it comes down to is, I like music that is confrontational.

I like to cook, but I also enjoy going out for good ethnic food whenever possible. I make a few meals that are on the fancier side, but mostly just to impress the ladies. Sadly, I dont think I've ever said no to a Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito either.

This thing also doesn't mention television, games or drinks.

When it comes to TV, I really need it to be done well to care. Arrested Development, Dexter, Dresden Files, Eureka, [Doctor Who]], Game of Thrones, Weeds, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Buffy, Coupling. When it comes to older school stuff I like Mad About You, News Radio, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Brisco County or the old Degrassi Junior High. Cartoons featuring comic book characters and Adult Swim shows are good too. Quasi competitive Asian entertainment sports can be quite brilliant, particularly if there is some good face planting.

I like nerd games, so RPG's, non-collectible card games Cards Against Humanity, Taboo, Settlers, Trivial Pursuit, things like that.

Pretty much all of my hobbies can be improved with Long Island Iced Tea, Vodka Cran, Mailbu, Belgian beer, or British bitters.
Six things I could never do without
I have done without pretty much everything at one point in my life or another, so I can't really answer this one. And thats better and more honest than saying something funny like "oxygen/hydrogen atmosphere, water, etc." Maybe I should say I can't live without knowing, valuing and accepting myself.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Religions of different cultures and different times, and thier interconnectivity. The fundamental lessons that we are supposed to learn from our myths. New ways to catch people off guard. Fire. Anansi, Malkav, and all the trickster heros. Why people aren't more open, honest and direct in their communications with eachother.
On a typical Friday night I am
Well, that's a weeknight, so I work late, go to the gym, come home, make dinner, then maybe wander off towards some fun activity like a cheap movie at the Roosevelt in Hyde Park
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
"I'm waiting for the end of the world."

I can't say I'm a particularly private person - I live as naked as possible.

I would immediately propose to any woman I was dating who either said "You've hit the jackpot tiger" or sent me the "Can You Read My Mind" poem from Superman.

Also, big fan of sodomy.
You should message me if
Message me if you pretty much know yourself.

You are my twin high maintenance machine.

To borrow some Blackalicious lyrics that describe the unrealistic ideal woman:
" she does the most intoxicating things
To make a man with worries
Feel everything is okay...
She holds you down but when you need a push
She keeps it honest
She reflects
Then she'll force you to look
You dig everything about her
From her head down to her follicles
There's a heaven in her smile
She'll steal your heart like a crook"

On a scale of 3-18, I am looking for 15's or higher in the following categories -
1) Tough as Nails (must have overcome some pretty serious challenges in life)
2) Intelligent (I'm a big fan of discussing philosophy, theology, politics, anthropology, psychology etc. preferably whilst intoxicated)
3) Physically fit (I'm not talking marathon fit - just you know "normal" person fit vs. cant walk up a flight of stairs without becoming winded).
4) Creative (writers, painters, sculptors, musicians and folks who appreciate the same)
5) Independant Thinker (must look at the world in thier own unique way that often is at odds with the folks everywhere else - Reality TV automatically disqualifies you)
6) Wild (that doesn't mean promiscuous - it means you like tattoos, hard liquor, loud music and generally defying expectations)
The two of us