31London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
An oriental guy( not fashionable) has been in UK for few years.
I always believe few things:
1. If you want to someone like you, you have to love yourself first!
2. Just go with flow, make the life easy!
3. If it is time to moving on, please let me know, I can take it. Because I am looking forward to next chapter as well. I don't want to standing at the same place and waiting for nothing, which is good for both.
4. We should try everything at least once as the life is so short.

If you are looking for just one night fun, I hope u can say it in the first place as respect we all know what is going to.

My body and mental is sepreated, if I am with you, maybe my mental is far way. Don't blame me, that's how I am!

There is reason to keep us here, but don't know why. Need to keep searching until the time comes.
We are all obsessed for something or someone even it is wrong, but we are still jumping into. Even u found it is wrong afterward., You can just carry on, because you have got what you think it is worth.

Everyone has their principle, I respect that, but hope get respect as well. If I am not your type, just say so. No harm at all, because I don't know you at all as well. Just someone like you curious, like exploring thing.. Lol

Into following sports: tennis( looking for tennis buddy, I am an beginner, but I am very enthusiasm about this sport) , go to gym regularly, dart ,learning swimming, like watching cycling, do it occasionally as well.

There are three sentences will I really love from the film, which I am quoting it:
If u must steal , please take my sorrow.
If u must lie, please lie to me every night.
If u must cheat, please cheat with death!
What I’m doing with my life
In the middle of life cross road, chasing my dream. Hope it comes true soon.
I’m really good at
The two of us