30Winnipeg, Canada
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My self-summary
Que background music :D


..And this is part of the reason why I like you already. You don't follow the rules :p

Who am I?.. My name's Johnny Suede (lies). I like to change things up. I'll be spontaneous and do something different, interesting and fun like go on a grand adventure and turn my world upside-down. We all have our own potential. I want to see what that can be.

My life's purpose is to inspire growth in myself and in others.. Nothing moves me more than to see movement in another.. I surround myself with growth, whether it be experiencing the seasons through a nice walk in the forest, or being with good people.

I am extremely artsy

I act, write, draw, paint, sing, play instruments, make films and take photographs.
If that last line has you rolling your eyes, don’t worry..
I also drive fast, refuse to take sh*t from anyone and am generally an ***hole, but you know.. the fun kind that’s impossible to hate.

If life were a movie I would be a villain, the villain you root for.
I am a guy perfectly comfortable making the first move, whether it be a romantic kiss on the doorstep, or throwing you up against the wall and making out with you hard.. in the rain.

I have explored the world for a couple of years, mostly through social and economic development projects and took some of my friends for good company (but really all that means is that I goofed off and traveled around)
I decided to grow my roots in Winnipeg for now. Most of my friends are artists that are in a variety of mediums, so having an interest in the arts is pretty important.

I read A LOT.. Mostly history, psychology ,ancient poetry and philosophy, metaphysical sciences, and business. I'm pretty mature for my age and am often labeled wise beyond my years. If we hang out there will never be an awkward silence and don’t worry.. if you're nervous, I will just tease you.

I have a polar bear named Teddy.. He has dark brown eyes and loves women, just like me.

I'm not looking for the trophy girlfriend, I’m much more interested in personality. You don’t have to be a model for me to respond, but if you are a model.. please prove to me that you aren’t all bat sh*t crazy..

Hmm what else.. I was born Canadian, yet I feel more a world citizen, I am an outdoorsman and I miss the Ocean.. The one thing I haven’t explored yet. One day I plan to sail the coast when I’ve fulfilled all my major goals. I think I'll just eventually buy a Carribean Island and build a treehouse.

I’m not taking this too seriously, I don’t play mind games, nor do I placate low self esteem. Until you impress me I will probably treat you like my bratty little sister

As for everything else.. My wings span so far, you're just going to have to get to know the not-cyber me
and have a real conversation (re'?l kon'v?r-sa'sh?n)

p.s. If I send you a message that seems strange.. I’m probably just bored and ****ing with you.. But maybe it’s because I’m interested. It depends how funny your reply is
I’m really good at
The Arts
The Dance
The Travel
The Books
The I'm not telling you
The Comedy
The Nature
The Silence
The Soul
The Clubbing Baby Seals
You should message me if
How about I roll you up in a carpet and ship you to Greece.. We can drive scooters through the countryside drinking grape juice and eating cheese, dress up in costumes, paint the scene, film the whole thing. I will make you my Mediterranean Princess AHA!!

If you want a friend.. all are welcome.. just make sure your intentions are clear and be honest..

If you're going for the gusto and want some romancing.. low maintenance, classy ladies only..
If you don't know what I mean by classy.. It's ok, your not classy.
If you are classy/ high maintenance.. Props for being classy, you're not my type.

Now If your in a rush to run so blindly into a "relationship" that you happen to hit a wall.. and somehow find yourself waking up on the set of Montell..

I can't help you.

If you are enjoying this way too long, obnoxious write-up. You are weird.. This is good :D

If you are taller than Shaquille O'Neal, look like a Sasquatch, and have the ability to enter men's nightmares..
I WILL END YOU!.. For the male species.. nothing personal..

Or just don't message me.. Your choice.

That being said.

I may be 28 on the exterior, but don't let your eyes deceive you..

I'm actually 5.

Time machine malfunctions.. I'm not getting into it.
BAM! Open book mofo's

Waddup G :D message me! YOU are awesome!!
The two of us