35Lynnwood, United States
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My self-summary
My days off consists of catching up with my family, playing with my niece (She believes that I have magic powers! Don't tell) and nephew, relaxing watching a movie, or grabbing a drink (coffee or beer) with my friends. Having quality time with people who I care about is important to me.

I came to this site as a way of meeting new people instead of bars and clubs. If you see me in a club chances are I’m practicing for my auditions for Step It Up 14!

I’ve dated different types of women, from a pastor’s daughter to the girl who’s the “life” of the party. What I’ve found out is that looks only get you in the front door but an “ugly” personality will be a sure way to see the exit. The “hot” girl in the club vying for every guys attention is a dime a dozen. But the girl who is confident in who she is and what she wants is worth her weight in gold.

I don’t like drama. You must be confident in who you are as well as smart and witty. Good banter is a turn on!

Now for the data point section of the summary:

• Contrary to popular belief, a smile is the best accessory.
• You ever walk been walking thru a crowd, just thinking of stupid things, and start to crack yourself up? Then you start to think that everyone else is looking at you like you’re crazy. But that only makes you laugh more? Yeah, me too!
• I sometimes sing songs about what I’m doing or am about to do!
• When I bake chocolate chip cookies, I always do a 2x recipe.
• I enjoy learning about wine. I believe that good wine should always be shared with good company!
• Life is not about the destination but the journey. This is why when I get lost or problems happen it makes me smile because it’s always an adventure.
• I use Google as a spell check.
• My friends and family makes me want to be a better person.
• I rarely use abbreviated words while text messaging.
• I own my own home. I bought it when I was 23 by myself.
• This is getting to be too long so I’ll stop.
What I’m doing with my life
When it comes to my career, my goal is to take care of the staff and breed positivity and teamwork the leading by example. I would like my co-workers to see their best and potential in themselves that I see.

In anything you do, there are areas for improvement. That goes for personal and professional. I try to create a balance between work, play and personal growth. Personally I try to treat my mind like my body; feed it and exercise it well but also enjoy the treats!
I’m really good at
Giving people compliments. I'm a positive person and I can see the good in others. I feel that you should give positivity if you want to receive it.
The first things people usually notice about me
Is that I’m laughing or smiling. I feel like you should be happy to see people whether they are new to you or old friends! It's either that or me with a serious face because I'm focused on trying to divide by compound fractions while juggling.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The most recent ones that I've read have been The Road, Crime and Punishment, The Alchemist, The Sommeliers Prep Course, The Walking Dead, Beyond Fear, Raving Fans, Daytrippers, Outliers, The Four Agreements, Five Languages of love (I'm touch and quality of time), and The Tipping Point.

TV: Big Bang Theory, The Wire, Dexter, Modern Family, Happy Endings,American Horror Story, House of Lies, How I Met Your Mother, Band of Brothers, CSI: Vegas, Samurai 7, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Workaholics, Red Dwarf, Twilight Zones, Full Metal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo.

Music: I love music that has emotions and soul to it; or even just a great beat with stupid lyrics. With that said, I have different types of music for different feelings/moods. I used to be a DJ, so it's something that I'm passionate about. Music to me is a hidden treasure that I've spent time and energy searching for. I love meeting people who are passionate about music and just share and talk about it. Just talk about how it makes them feel way they do and why they like it so much. It’s a great way to find really good music. So after saying all of that I going to give the generic statement that everyone says, “I listen to everything”. If you are interested is some of the music I like let me know and we can talk.
Six things I could never do without
1.Family/friends- they are my backbone.
2.Sense of humor- if you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at? You better be witty!
3.Music- the soundtrack to my life.
4. Positivity-Negative Nancy Need Not Apply!
5.Water-I drink LOTS of it. I signed a Hydration Proclamation in 99'. It does the body good!
6.A REALLY good walk by Hi-five. I'm talking where you barely put any effort into it but it's really loud where everyone stops their conversation and look at you and nod in approval to appreciate what a rare achievement that was because they know how special something like that is. (Yes, that deserved a run on sentence.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I can be the change I want to see in the world. How will I have impacted people when I'm gone. Will a kind gesture make someones day? I know that a genuine "Thank you" goes a long way.
On a typical Friday night I am
Oh man, what am I NOT doing! Everything from the usual work or play, to the less frequent; like taking my pet giraffe named “Shorty” to the zoo to show him where he’s going to end up if he keeps up his gambling operation in my backyard. (He’s always trying get rich quick schemes.) But in all seriousness, a typical Friday night is spent surrounded with good people having a great time. I've found that depending on the company the things you do changes. When P. Diddy hits me on the phone and says get down to Miami for this CRAZY party, I have to tell him that last time I did that he fell asleep on me. When my friends call, it’s spent laughing and interrupting each other’s story when they pause with a random comment to see if you can break their train of thought and get them to laugh.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can do the best karaoke version of The Sugarhill Gang's Rappers Delight you've EVER witnessed! 7 min or the full 15 min!
You should message me if
• You are happy with who you are. Don’t think that you will find happiness in a relationship. Be happy, then look.
• You have a pet Panda. (This isn't a deal breaker but preferred.)
• You know what empathy is.
• You are health conscious with what you eat and exercise.
• You don’t play games and you know what you want.
• You are WITTY and can take my sarcastic comments (note: sarcasm and being rude are two different things).

Honestly you should just message me if you feel like it. Why not? I'll make it easy. Here are some questions that you can answer:

Why do you want to message me?
What is your favorite place to get a drink and why?
What is your favorite place to hike and why?
What is your language of love?
If you came home and saw a raccoon in your kitchen what would you do?
Have you ever laughed so hard you peed yourself? It's like the best moment and worst wrapped into one!
What is the worst pick up like you've heard?
The two of us