43Naples, United States
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My self-summary
I'm not one to rush things and appreciate a polite back and forth that gradually gets deeper... I've made a number of friends on this site and think being relatively simple and straightforward has served me well, as a start.

Will say, though, the assumption many women here hold that having no response to fairly well structured, polite, sensible and complementary messages doesn't hurt... Well... :-]
What I’m doing with my life
Technologically oriented things... Running an online business... Volunteering with the National Weather Service and Project Gutenberg.

My poetic tendency is re-emerging... Anyone who would like one penned is free to ask! (No worries, it won't necessarily be about you or romantic... ;-) )

Overall, leading a relaxed and reasonably full life. :-)
I’m really good at
I used to be a nationally ranked swimmer and going back a bit, as well, my SAT's were at the top of my class (subsequent testing has reenforced that).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Hmm... Hard Sci-Fi has been a favorite ever since I read through Frank Herbert's work. More recently Alastair Reynolds and Ian M. Banks have been enjoyed...

Not a big movie watcher, though I like to know what's playing...

Made use of Netflix to watch the "Cosmos" re-work. Talk Soup, MST3K and The Daily Show are some older favorites. Family Guy used to be the best, like The Simpsons, but both have lost their comedic edge...

I like several forms of Electronica; Chill, Ambient Bass and Intelligent Dance Music are among them...

Hmm... Pretty typical fare, Wendy's, Little Caesar's deep dish (those only occasionally). Sushi (California Roll) and General Tso's Chicken are Asian favorites...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Not an easy thing to encapsulate...


I'm likely found mediating, moderating or relativising fringier statements...

...Quite a realist and though often using my own stances as principle points, will, usually, in the end, allow others to hold the position they feel most comfortable with. (Agreeing baselessly, though... no...)

Pluralism, reasonable conscientiousness, moderate brevity, safety but not stringency, corseness as contrast (and corrective)... all parts of my mental assembly... :-}
You should message me if
You're interested in messaging leading up to phone calls, then some face to face. You enjoy the simple sharing that brings people together and still use enough intellectual bredth to give these things a philosophical or information rich flavor...

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[A note: for those moving on to my match questions, bear in mind the explanations are an "in writing" sort of effort and are, at times, not done in my typical conversational tone. -Thanks.]
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