27Durham, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a clinical psych student at Duke trying to finish up his Ph.D. So, basically, I like finding out what makes people tick and helping them become better versions of themselves. Generally speaking, I consider myself the kind of guy who can find the fun in almost anything, but I gravitate especially towards good books, long movies, strong drinks, and deep conversation.

Romantically, I'm looking for a partner who's intellectual, laid-back, affectionate, and fun. I'm totally fine with just making new friends (in fact, I usually prefer to be friends with someone before dating them), but if I had my druthers (yes, my druthers), I certainly wouldn't mind having someone to cuddle up with in the dark, frigid depths of the Carolina winter. Ideally, I'd like to find a partner who doesn't take life too seriously, but is still introspective enough to feel comfortable with all the "woo woo" emotional stuff that being in a serious relationship entails.

Scientists, artists, foodies, gamers, geeks, kinksters, and fellow oxytocin-addicts automatically get moved to the front of the line :)
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I'm trying to finish up a paper on the prevalence of psychopathology in developed countries (In case you're wondering: it's high enough that I think my next project should be writing a mental illness version of "Everybody Poops").

I also tend to start a not-insignificant proportion of my sentences with "Yeah! And, actually, someone did a study on that..."

(I'm not trying to be a pretentious ass when it happens, I swear. I just get really excited about science and spend far, far too many hours on PubMed.)
I’m really good at
bad puns and terrible jokes.

Representative example of the foregoing:

Q: What's a mockingbird's favorite drink?

A: What?

Q: Tequila!

A: ...

Q: Get it? Get it?? Tequila mockingbird! :D

A: ..........

(Yes, you can punch me afterwards.)
The first things people usually notice about me
I tend to speak with tongue firmly in cheek.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Fantasy series are my guilty pleasures. Game of Thrones, The Dresden Files, The Codex Alera, Sabriel, Good Omens, Harry Potter--and Animorphs, from back in the good ol' days when I had time to read 10 books in one sitting and and girls were girls and men were men except when they turned into animals to fight off the aliens <3

Movies: I like comedies and action flicks, mostly. Especially series! The Naked Gun, Pirates, LoTR, and The Dark Knight trilogies are all favorites. And Love Actually, but I will pointedly ignore you if you try to remind me of that in public.

TV Shows: Archer, Arrow, Sherlock, Supernatural, Dr. Who, Louis C.K., Fawlty Towers, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks & Rec, Seinfeld, and Supernatural.

Comedians: I like Eddie Izzard, Louis C.K., Bill Maher, Jim Gaffigan, and a couple of less-famous others. If you don't find any of these people funny, we're probably not going to be a great match.

Music: My music library has everything from George Crumb to Carly Rae Jepsen, and quite a bit that falls in-between. I took a lot of music theory classes in college, so, although it was never my forte (HAH! See what I did there? SEE WHAT I DID THERE??), I also have a bit of a taste for classical or New Music that rears its head from time to time.

Food: ALL OF IT. Well, except for meat (My family went vegan when I was about six. The hippies.) That said, cheap Chinese food and homemade baked goods will always be a surefire and inexpensive way to my heart.
Six things I could never do without
1) The Internet. Because, god knows, I do not have the patience nor the motivation for a world without Netflix and Amazon Prime.
2) Stipends. They buy me food.
3) My bed. From midnight to 8am every weeknight, it makes me feel like an angel baby swaddled in a cocoon of cloud candy.
4) Backrubs. If magic were real, the first I would do is make a voodoo doll of myself and give it a backrub. (HA, YOU THINK I'M JOKING! I'm not joking.)
5) Those random, bittersweet moments where I decide TO HELL WITH PRICE AND TIME CONSTRAINTS, I'M GOING TO COOK SOMETHING COMPLICATED AND DELICIOUS but then give up and start eating the individual ingredients about halfway through.

Don't look at me like that. That last one is a wonderful antidepressant.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What's the meeeeaning of stonehennnnnnnnnnnnnnnge?

A giant, granite birthday cake?
Or a prison far too easy to escaaaaaaaaaape?
On a typical Friday night I am
in with my kittehs (Jax & Tibbers), taking selfies. It is my dearest ambition to someday be featured on

or out with friends. Scoping out a new bar or restaurant. Watching Netflix. Reading pdfs. Y'know, wild and crazy shit.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I cannot deal with watching other people in awkward interactions. Seriously. You can put on a movie with monsters and chainsaws and death and blood and I'm fine. But videos like these make me wince and cringe and hide under blankets:
You should message me if
you have just a little bit more to say than "ZOMG HAI WER DID U GET TO HOLD A SLOTH???"

you think you can make me feel all on the inside.

or because I messaged you. That would be nice, don't you think?
The two of us