29Helsinki, Finland
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My self-summary
Composer, singer, pianist, teacher, human rights activist, geneticist, medical student and mathematician. Open culture and science education ethusiast. Computer, video game, art, language and general nerd; very much into research and education and I write test books. My favourite sports hobby is bouldering, although it's somewhat off now due to depression.

I watch the ending credits in films, pick up garbage after others, enjoy going clothes shopping with a romantic partner and I can wait for a green light before crossing the street. I sometimes have a problem with not being mean to anyone. Also, this, definitely this:

Born in Vantaa, Finland, then family moved to Kouvola region. I finished eighth and ninth grades in Moscow. I took 13 subjects (~A-levels) in the matriculation examinations in upper secondary, applied to University of Cambridge, didn't get in and went to Helsinki instead! Now it seems I'm stuck here. (In a good way.) I live in my own apartment with a roommate and two African grey parros Liara and Mordin.

I don't drink or smoke tobacco and swearing is reserved for comic relief. (The first because I don't like the taste. Feel free to suggest something new to experience...)

I study primarily mathematics and medicine, but during the years of uni I've taken courses in and otherwise studied social work, special education, biochemistry, radiochemistry, computer science, Finnish, English, Swedish, Danish, musicology, statistics, physiology, genetics, theoretical physics, pharmacology, ...

I'm a political pirate and the general secretary of Finland's most liberal youth organisation Piraattinuoret, youth chapter of the Finnish Pirate Party. My thoughts on freedom of expression and my level of motivation to act on it can be well characterized by the quote by Evelyn Beatrice Hall: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

I'm a pacifist mediator, and you'll find me defending the worst of the worst people if I see them in trouble. I am not loyal to any "sides" but only to what I consider to be just. I won't let you kick an incapacitated murderer, kill a terrorist or castrate pedophiles.

Then to relationships: I'm familiar with distance relationships and I've never had the need/skill/guts/chance to hit on anyone. I'm looking for romantic relationships and I especially love learning all sorts of new things from and about people. I suppose being a musician correlates a lot with being a romantic. I'm polyamorous. I'm not sure how many partners I could handle, but I'll keep my mind open to meeting new people – friendly, romantically, sexually and/or otherwise. :)

I admire and prefer adventurous and spontaneous people who, nevertheless, are responsible. People who are willing to browse sex shops, use toys and try out all sorts of different things. My fetishes and kinks include but are not limited to petplay (I want my kitty! Properly dressed and collared, of course...), Swedish, intelligent debates, rubber, a wide variety of BDSM-related things, and I really, really love girls wearing tight denim – tight jeans and a tight denim jacket just might be the most attention-grabbing view I know of. I in fact most often prefer dressing women instead of getting them naked; I don't find naked boobs as interesting as ('properly') clothed ones. I'm striving to be a caring dom who gives a good aftercare with a smile and rubs. Other esthetic turn-ons are cybergoth and fancily coloured vibrants hairs.

Tumblr (and previously 4chan /d/) is trying hard to corrupt me further. Oh, and bisexuals are awesome! Perhaps sadly, I'm only heteroflexible, but I've had my share (albeit very small) of threesomes.

You can catch me on IRC and almost on whatever platform with my handle JoonasD6. Share links? Twitter/Google+. Wanna play some Team Fortress 2, Don't Starve Together or something? Steam.

While thinking of something more to stress here, here's my tri-lingual blog and website:
What I’m doing with my life
Human rights (more specifically: personal integrity and LGBTQIA) activism, organising art and science events, conventions, ...

If I tried to put my attitude in life in short, it could be something like this:
– learning (I want this to be about anything)
– helping others (learning so I could help with anything)
– enjoying life (getting kicks from getting things done, like helping others with their goals)

How these guidelines turn out to manifest themselves in everyday life, you can check my calendar:
I’m really good at
– optimising, organising, finding weaknesses, improving efficiency and finding bottlenecks
– getting ashamed when I'm asked to brag about myself
– turning emotional stress into music and composing
The first things people usually notice about me
People haven't told me a lot of first impressions, but I take it I do some socially goofy things at times even with new people around. Please do tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I've never written any list of favourites anywhere, it's tough when you appreciate culture in so many forms... But I'll get some listed here soon!

Books: Go rin no sho (Book of Five Rings), Watchmen,
Video games:
Board games:
TV: many documentaries, Doctor Who, ... The Big Bang Theory
Films: Kinsey, Watchmen,
Six things I could never do without
Suppose I'm way too serious to just pick some nice things here. One can often lower his or her standards, and of course there are basic natural necessities...

Let's say I would have to greatly change what I'm content with if there wasn't any
1) humour
2) science (method and mindset)
3) internet or equivalent pluripotent communication method
4) creativity (especially musical and hackeresque)
5) altruism
6) people with different ideas or opinions.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Cosmology, fetishes, teaching methods, logic and argumentation in politics, music
On a typical Friday night I am
doing the exact same thing I'm doing any other night. Or day. So I'm probably teaching, saving the world, playing piano, gaming or working on whatever project at the computer. I taught chemistry and maths when it was Christmas Day.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ask and find out. I'll post it here afterwards for all to see.
You should message me if
you can think of any reason to do so. It's up to you. Even if it feels silly, don't hesitate! It's much better for me to possibly get some noise than miss out on an important contact.

Contact me especially if you think I'm wrong. You're encouraged to correct me and challenge my views. I hope to meeting with a person who takes the effort to contact me and have a debate. There's so much to learn from that.
The two of us