50Long Beach, United States
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My self-summary
work in progress

New here. I am flattered by several well written emails that I have received. Thank you. I am also amazed at the replies thanking me for asking about their perspective on the topic being discussed. Don't all guys ask for a lady's opinion???

I am very open minded, and even tempered. I live a very sentient lifestyle. Balance is key, respect for all of Gods creatures and the environment is of paramount importance to me.

I am a recovered WORKaholic that has not dated in 5+ years (since I moved to Santa Clara and back to "El Lay").

Based on recent okc emails , generally speaking, NorCal women are far more sophisticated than their SoCal counterparts. The Bay Area in general has an eclectic European vibe. However, NYC females trump all.

Although everyone claims to seek honesty, throughout the state, there is a consistency with the misrepresentation of the truth. In my opinion, a "minor deception" is still considered a lie.
What I’m doing with my life
Cashed out my stock options, semi-retired, I now work as a Pro Bono IT consultant exclusively for a few non-profit organizations.

Attempting to evolve from "hunter" to "jumper". Please no more hate mail about
"Hunter". It does NOT involve the hunting of defenseless creatures (sheesh, please research the term thoroughly, hint:google, prior to sending me a self-righteous email).
I’m really good at
Positioning my relevance

Being a nice guy, but I won't accept finishing last.

I know the secret to safely bathing cats.

Avoiding sports bars and their associated (men and women) crowd.
The first things people usually notice about me
Big smile, hearty laugh, graceful dance moves...well, perhaps not quite so graceful but I try.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
CoD (Sigh...for those that believe that I misspelled "God" - Confederacy of Dunces).

50 shades.

Cormac McCarthy's border/cowboy trilogy.

Intouchables, Lincoln

Opus one

Green tea latte
Six things I could never do without
My badass Harley...

Just kidding. I don't own or want one.

Seriously, the love and support of my parents. My mutt. My pampered Hanoverian. Friends. A nice chilled Sancerre or Viognier served with fresh fruit on a summer day.

Birks in Santa Clara. I do miss California Cafe which closed long ago. :(
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My parents health, meeting a great gal and falling in love.

Yikes! Some of these photos
(OKC female profiles) belong on a
Botox gone bad website.

Speaking of OKC female profiles, there seems to be some common themes.
Photos of females:
Kissing/hugging the Stanley Cup/or your Pit Bull
Shooting at the gun range or holding an assault rifle (real classy especially in the wake of the recent Sandy Hook incident)
Sitting on a Harley while in heels
Zip lining in Costa Rica (what else would hillbilly caucasians do on vacation? Well perhaps participate in a "mud run" or attend a Red Bull Flutag event)
Petting a heavily sedated cheetah.
Eiffel Tower in the background while in Paris
A cheesy, sleazy Vegas hotel room photo that resembles some type outcall escort service ad ( w/the caption "Vegas Baby!" - roll eyes)
Speaking of sleaze, those, I mean Halloween "vamp" photos
Toasting at happy hour "cheers"

Additionally, not all men are impressed by
A female's stated interest in hockey/baseball/NASCAR/football/soccer/basketball/UFC/etc. in most cases it simply means that you lost your identity during your past relationships and adopted "their" interests/POV.

Another recent observation (a paradox) - several begin their profile by stating that they are uncomfortable speaking/writing about themselves and the concept with online dating/meeting someone online is very awkward for them. They also mention that they are active and regularly post on twitter/Facebook/Instagram/yelp/etc.
Is anyone here original/authentic? Really?

Disclaimer: photos with the LACMA pillars are chill.
On a typical Friday night I am
Decompressing and chill-laxing

Reading female OkC profiles. I am
Fascinated by the true artistic intellectuals (sapiophile) and the "Burner" subculture.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I dance salsa well.
I wear UGGs with shorts (indoors only).
I sleep in my "race car" bed
I listen to some deadmau5.
Pink lemonade, iced tea, cold 2% MooJuice are my faves on a hot summer day.
I have enjoyed eating spaghetti sandwiches since I was a boy.

I have a black belt in judo.
I train hard, I'm humble, I don't show off or complain, and I do my best in everything in my life.
This is what it means to be a black belt.
You should message me if
You promise not to say that I resemble Opie Taylor.

You bathe or shower at least once per day.

You believe that a real man knows when to bite his tongue, pick his battles wisely and allow the small issues to "fizzle out".

You have a white summer dress and cowgirl boots in your closet. It's a nice "look" that few can pull off.

Please NO Real Housewives Clones, Chongas, HonkyTonk Angels or Gold Diggers.

"Give me your heart make it real or else forget about it..."
The two of us