81 Davidsonville, United States
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My self-summary
I am a widow of approaching five years, surprised to find I enjoy the independence of being single. Although I am surrounded by loving relatives and friends I found the need for companionship and love I didn't realize before that I needed. And I thought I found it. Before I go on, I need to hasten to add that i am seeing someone. (I'm certain I added this before......but clearly it's gone). I wanted to put "seeing someone" in place of single, but was advised it had to be available. Which turns out to be more true than I could imagine. Why. You say, the change? Long story short,
My lover did tell me when we started that I wasn't the only one he was seeing. As we got more involved I became concerned that I might be a home wrecker. In an attempt to assure me, he indicated That there were two others both widows like me. Both had only been with their husbands before him and both of been tested and were clean.
At this point, I was told by friend and relatives that I should keep my options open, so I reluctantly decided to change my profile at Cupid (my favorite website) so there you have it. Sorry if not including this misled anyone. My humble apologies.
That said, let me continue with the description of the kind of person I am. I can be playful and fun to be with. I can be turned on by intellect, humor, and I have a spontaneous personality. My approach to life is being positive---whiny complaining and destructive sarcasm or put downs aren't welcome.
Recently I rediscovered my art --painting-transitional abstract impressionistic- and fans have discovered it as well. by those I am now hailed as artist---long used to the title, teacher, I am amazed by the new recognition. Message me and I'll tell you how to see my art.
Finally a last update--- in the process of self discovery, I have discovered a bit of kink in my personal makeup. Could use an understanding friend re this.
What I’m doing with my life
Getting better in every way every day--making new friends. Doing new paintings, Entering in a few shows. Just sold one at a Guild show. Painting walls in hall a light color and installing new light fixture so can see paintings better And I had my own personal art show at the Edgewater senior center for two months -February through March last year and I'm offered it again this year---anyhow you get the idea?
I’m really good at
I'm really good at creative things and putting things together to see if they fit. I am also good at being loyal and being a good friend. I'd add making love but it's been so long , suffice it to say--I used to be a great lover and assume it's like riding a bicycle!! Lol updated: yep I was right. It's a new world out there (sexually, anyway)
Tell you more when I get to know you....
The first things people usually notice about me
Is my enthusiasm and my smile and my winsome but quiet personality. And my joy.....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like all science fiction and some fantasy and will also read novels by authors such as Wilber Smith and have read every Dick Frances book at least three times. But all well witten fiction has appeal. I enjoy online scrabble- words with friends, WWF. Watch well rated movies with oldest daughter upon occasion, on her fabulous large screen TV
More updating: Now reading on my kindle : Sex in the Seasoned Woman by Gail Sheehy, the Loving Dominant by John and Libby warren, and Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James.
I listen to and enjoy all kinds of music--mainly in my car, where I have been known to sing along with Credence Clearwater or meditate with Mozart or Beethoven. And recently pop and dance music from disks compiled by my 23 yearold grandson---loud! (well, in the car anyway. )
Update. Listen to music recorded by my 25 year old grandson--LOUD. Recently decided my personal theme song is "Try" by Pink. As a result of this exposure, I avidly follow events in TV show "the Voice " along with my grandson.
My favorite foods are homemade tacos with hard shells and coffee ice-cream. Update Lime Greek yogurt also.

One of my most favorite friends is my puppy Gobi. Before he arrived on the scene I thought I was a just a cat person.
The six things I could never do without
iPhone and iPad
My pets- Gobi and Trevor
Someone to love
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What I have to do next, whatever art I'm working on, friends and and family.....
If I had a love, about him.
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing Words with Friends, watching a movie w family, reading, texting. Talking on the phone. Relaxing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is I can cry i when moved by movie or book.
You should message me if
You're willing to discuss relationship with me, chat in general and be a supporting friend.