47Fort Worth, United States
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My self-summary
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Looking for friends and matches I'm only interested in chatting with people with at least a 75% match. Look for me on Yahoo Spankmeinfw2000 .Rather it be for friendship or a match. To find out more about me go here
Yahoo messager Spankmeinfw20000
Second life:Spank Halfpint

I'm housewife born in 1970. I am [Kinky and am into BDSM and Spanking. If you disapprove of that Stop and look elsewhere. I'm looking for Friends and Matches that are in a 75% percent or higher.and at least have answered 200 questions. I'm not just looking for a match but friends too. As long as you don't judge my lifestyle.I'm married.My Husband and I are looking for a single Truly orally bisexual male dom experienced in bdsm and spanking that lives in the DFW area. But more about that below.My husband and I both are disabled] with cerebral Paley. I walk pretty well but He's in a wheelchair. I have a slight Speech impediment. I'm kinda shy and Awkward when first meeting people. When I get comfortable I'm more talkative and fun. I'm an introvert, and have low self-esteem. I do not work out side the home but am My husbands caretaker. We are able to live completely independent of other except from riding busing for the disabled. I enjoy virtual pets games, Simulation games, quizzes, video gamesporn, reading erotic, movies, tv,computer Finding random web sites like with stumbleupon on the internet, art, music,myspace type sites, Collecting pictures on my computer, Collecting stickers. And many other fun stuff. I do not have children yet but do still want them. Here is our personal Ad.

Married couple seeks single truly orally bisexual male Dom experienced in BDSM and spanking in the DFW area. Must be white between ages 30 and 50. We desire someone who experience sexual attraction toward and responsiveness to both males and females. Someone who likes to give and receive to males and female equally sexually. Must be truly, orally bisexual. Must be willing and ENJOY giving male fair, equal, oral exchange. This means willing and enjoys giving oral to man as well as receive. Must be seriously into BDSM as a Dom and not just someone wanting to try it. Female seeks BDSM play, oral and anal sex. No vaginal sex (unless you've had a vasectomy) because we are trying to get pregnant. However she is not a true slave or sub. She is more of a brat/sub. She does not obey every command instantly. She may fight it. She is looking for BDSM play not a real lifestyle. Male is not into BDSM but desires oral exchange with man. NO MARRIED MEN UNLESS BOTH PARTIES PARTICIPATE. Domme Woman may apply but more interested in men. NO quickie one-time meeting. NO WE CANNOT MEET TODAY or tomorrow or the next. We want a long-term friendship and to really get to know you before meeting. We want someone who wants to be a friend first and foremost, Not just a f*ck. We want someone open minded enough to look past our physical disability. Someone willing to fill out a get to know you form. I have to be a dominating Bitch online at first to make sure you’re for real and to weed out the non-serious idiots that do not fit this but try to get with us anyway. So if you can't handle that or don't fit what this says don't bother. I'm not like that all the time. I'm actually more submissive than I want to be considering I'm a brat not a sub. If you’re the type to criticize spelling, grammar, and typing don’t bother either. IM me at Spankmeinfw2000 on Yahoo! messager or buttercreamkises on AIM. Go here and read the page Thoroughly and fill out the form if you’re TRULY REALLY interested.

I am into bdsm, disabled, and awkward
What I’m doing with my life
Most of the time I feel I'm not doing anything with my life but that's really not true. Being a wife and my husbands caretaker is a job like being a mother. My husband is in a wheelchair so I care for him. He works at home. There are lots of times where if i was at work he'd be stuck in a bad position. I need to be home for him. I have an associates degree and have studied psycology, socialology, and religion. If I worked I'd problably work with children or computers. I've done childcare in the past. Yes I spend more time having fun with entertainment than most. I enjoyplaying on the pc, watching tv, sleeping, and fantising about bdsm.
I’m really good at
computers and working with kids. I'm good at finding stuff on the internet. I'm pretty go at the windows operating system. Windows 98 still rulez! Unforuantly I have Vista. I've always been goos with children. Most Instintively like me. I also enjoy amy childlike things like games and toys which makes me good on their level.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm disabled and overweight. Yep it obvious. What more can I say. I do have a nice face though despite or maybe because of my crooked smile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
General Interest: spanking, bdsm, discipline, swingers, Triad, big love,
Sadist, domination, submission, bondage, bisexual,
fort worth, dfw, D/s, threesomes, master, slave, caning,
pain, fetish, paddling, whipping, belting, daddy's little girl,
mfm, rape fantasy, play rape, school paddling,punishment,
Corporal Punishment, Torture, 24/7, eletro fun,
total power exchange TPE, hair pulling, being controlled,
breast torture, age play, sensory deprivation,bbw,
Polyamory, Polyandry, Polyfidelity,
some interested in goth and wicca and other dark things,
stubleupon, spore, yoono, second life,IMVU.COM, Gopets,,The Movies The game, virtual pets sites, neopets, sims
1 and 2, rollercoastertycoon 1,2,3, deviant art,
collecting pics on the pc, bdsm muds, collecting spanking,
bdsm and sex clips, collecting music, Telvision,
Movies, Music, Computer Games, Nitendo, Simulation Games,
Sims, Sims 2, Rollecoater Tycoon 1 2& 3, Zootycoon,
Vitural pet games,Neopets, Aftermath zone, creature world,
creative critter, ecritters,jinopets,
marapets, Igadis Universe!, nutrinopets, powerpets,
subeta, teripets, zetapets, Triva,religion, psychology,
sociology, philosophy, child developement,
Fun test and Quizzes, Personality test,11:11, collecting Stickers,
Collecting Stuff, unicorns,pets, chihuahuas,
fantasy, children, computer graphics, Art,
collecting pics for my screenpaver screen saver, photoshop, paintshop,,,, Erotica,
Short films(no trailers please),
blogs, food, essential oils, disabilty, informational podcast,
Drinking, partying, Computers, Internet,role-playing,
collecting rocks, collecting shells, collecting figunes knick knacks,youtube, ifilms

Dislikes: arrogance, idiots, stupidity, closes-mindedness, liars, people who don't read

anything about u before e-mailing you to hook-up.

Music Country, Southern rock, Classic rock, Jazz, Blues, pop, 80's, 70's. Anything as long

as you can understand the lryics and they are good.

Movies Porn, spanking and bdsm videos, story of o, the secretary, 9 1/2 weeks, Exit to

eden, bastards out of carolina, walk the line, Grease, pearl harbor, Lolita, harry potter,

Cold Mountain, Coal miners Daughter, little house on the prairie movies, the olor Purple,

Brewster's Place, Boyz in the hood, Alex: Life as a child.lomeso,e dove, Eyes Wide Shut,

boys don't cry, Titanic, Drama, Historical

Television starting over, little house on the praire,Call For Help, Screen Savers, Big

Love,The L word, Queer as Folk, Six feet under,Sex in the City, the Riches, Everybody Hates

Chris, Dirt, oz,Huff, Carnvial, rome, Friday Night Lights, Medium,Reba, Love sydney, The

richest, American idiol, What About Brian,My Name Is Earl, Grey's Anatomy,weeds, deadwood,

sopranos, rescue me, califorication, 7th heavan,nip/tuck,the shield,The Secret Life of the

American Teenager, full house, lost, desperate housewives, brady bunch,Jack & Bobby,

swingtown, Wildfire, Las Vegas, Nashville star, Strong Medicine,Third Watch, 8 simple Rules,

Everwood,army wives, the mole, friday night lights,diary of a call girl, hell's kitchen.

top chef, super nanny, nanny 911, wifeswap, trading spoues, ER, the tudors, Grey's Anatomy,

Brothers & Sisters, Big Brother,kid nation, eight is enough, 4400,Tell me you love me,

Lincoln Heights,mad men, boston legal, american dreams, joan of aracadia, judging amy, Soap

operas, All my Children,Days of our lives, General Hospital, Sitcoms, Dramas, TOO MANY TO


Books little house on the prarie, american girls, harry potter, Self-help, Psycology, Historical, fiction,erotica,story of o, exit to eden, beauty

series, The Loving Dominant, sm101, The New Bottoming Book, The New Topping Book, Screw the

Roses Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism, S&M: Studies in

Dominance & Submission : bdsm and bondage and discipline

Heroes The perfect Dom LOL well anyway.........God, Jesus, Rhonda Britten, Iyanla Vanzant ,

Rana walker, Dr. Stan J. Katz, The Starting Over ladies, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Micheal

Landon, Melissa Gilbert, Meredith Eaton, Finola Hughes, kimberly mccullough, Christopher

Reeves, Helen Keller, Josh Blue, Geri Jewell, Christopher Templeton, Christopher Burke,

Phyllis Frelich, Larry Drake, Marlee Matlin, Susan Lucci, My grandpa, and most important my

hubby. .

Who I'd like to meet:
Jesus, God I accept all friend request. New friends with any of the same interest. People

into spanking, bdsm, bissexuality or any of my other interested. A single bisexual Dom into

BDSM and spanking that lives in Fort Worth Texas. See About me for more info.The perfect Dom

LOL well anyway..........

sports yuck. i hate sports except, gymnastics, equestrian, ice skating, extreme sports and

olympic sorts.

fav food Fried Chicken, alfredo, pizza, steak,buttercream icing, ice cream, chicken keiv,

chocolate candy, Diet Caffee free dr. pepper,shrimp, Chinese, Mexican

Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Bamboo Garden, Perrotti's Pizza, China


Games bdsm game trivia, pc games, simulation games, nitendo games, thinking games, virtual

reality games, virtual pet games,

Favorite Quote: "i'm a bad girl. Spank me Ouch"

animals:dogs, cats, gerbils, virtual pets

The Six Things I Could Never Do Without
Computer, Tv, Internet, Hubby, Dog, Sleep
Six things I could never do without
Despite the obvious food, water, air etc. I'd say my Computer, Tv, Internet, Hubby, Dog, Sleep, sex and bdsm.Do love my hubby and dog so much. My computer and tv is how i spend most of my waking hours. However I do love to sleep. I sleep alot more than most but i wake up every couple of hours. We all need sex and I enjoy Bdsm and spanking.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
bdsm and how i've not done much with my life or how I want a child.
On a typical Friday night I am
on the computer watching tv with hubby.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i like pain, being controlled, forced to do things, punished, to be spanked and threesomes with hubby
You should message me if
If you are a match for match or friend over 75%and have answewed at least 200 questions OR single Truly orally bisexual male dom experienced in bdsm and spanking that lives in the DFW area.
The two of us