34Hightstown, United States
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My self-summary
I'm pretty laid back, smart, and I love to learn new things and get to know people. I can be predictable, but I surprise even my closest friends sometimes. I'm prototypically down-to-earth, honest, loyal, and responsible, but I have a bit of a wild streak deep down. I'm passionate and kind, strong and comfortable. I'm extremely honest, so ask me anything you want to know.

The blonde is natural, although I decided to be a redhead for a while, and the tattoos are real. I'm a realist who tries to be more optimistic. I used to be a costumer/costume designer before I decided to switch to the business side of the arts.

I love the possibility that a blank sheet of paper holds just as you're about to write something. I'm a total grammar/spelling snob. I love to shop for school/office supplies. I love the accomplishment I feel when I can point to something and say, "I made that." I love the color cobalt blue with mad intensity. I love to have my picture taken and I cheese horribly.

I get lots of questions asking about my screen name. It's a derivation of a nickname I've had since high school. It is in no way related to any African or Caribbean religions, as fascinating as they are.

If you disagree with/don't like any of the following, we're probably going to have a bad time:
- Gay marriage/adoption
- A woman's right to choose
- Equal pay for equal work
- Healthcare reform
- Gender equality

As you may have guessed from the above, I'm pretty liberal politically. I'm friends with (and related to) lots of conservative people, but relationship-wise, that just doesn't fly.

Also, none of this, please:

or this:
What I’m doing with my life
Just about halfway through my second Masters degree, this time in accounting. Doing temp work and job hunting. Catching up on my reading and TV/movie watch list.
I’m really good at
Being a friend, knitting and crocheting, writing, singing, and lots of miscellaneous artistic things. Also, I have a strange knack for finding the word you're trying to remember.
The first things people usually notice about me
My green eyes and expressive face, short blond hair, and pale, pale skin with freckles
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(A) books by Stephen King, Alexander McCall Smith, Alastair Reynolds, Jane Austen, the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Sookie Stackhouse series. I have a real thing for crime drama and horror novels, but I also enjoy some historical non-fiction from time to time. The Ghost Map is a good example of this. I like it when a book can truly surprise me, which doesn't happen terribly often.

(B) Moon, Little Ashes, Serenity, The Shawshank Redemption, Amelie, A Clockwork Orange, Stranger Than Fiction, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1, What Dreams May Come, West Side Story, Closer, The Red Shoes, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Punch Drunk Love, Rocky Horror Picture Show, I (heart) Huckabees, Kinsey, The Usual Suspects, Rachel Getting Married, Tin Man, Harold and Maude, Hard Candy, the Saw movies (even though they make me swear and peek through my hands at the gore), Dogma, Singing in the Rain, Dr. Strangelove, Lolita, The Manchurian Candidate. As with the books, I really appreciate a movie that surprises me.

(C) Supernatural, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Primeval, Fringe, Bones, The West Wing, Star Trek, Castle, Project Runway, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Dead Like Me, Lie to Me, Coupling (the British version), In The Flesh, Orphan Black, The IT Crowd, Black Books, Community, Parks & Recreation, Hemlock Grove

(D) I listen to everything except country and contemporary christian, but I've been listening to a lot of hip hop and R&B lately. I've also gotten into Muse and Florence and the Machine. I like music I can dance to, so some of my CD collection is a bit flaky, but it's so fun! I also know lots of rap lyrics, which amuses my friends endlessly when I sing along to the radio.

(D) Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, sushi, Mexican, standard American fare, and of course, dessert. I've recently become a more adventurous eater, but I'm still kind of picky about some things.

Really, who can choose a favorite? I love lots of things.
Six things I could never do without
intellectual stimulation, truth, beauty, companionship, good food, and comfortable clothes
I spend a lot of time thinking about
job hunting, how to meet the kind of people I actually want to hang out with, my family

What's with all the people into camping and hiking on this site? (not really my scene)
On a typical Friday night I am
at home relaxing or hanging out with a friend or two, possibly reading a book or watching a movie.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I grew up battling depression and bad self-esteem, but I grew into a strong person with a lot of knowledge and understanding.

I'm pretty balls-out honest, so there's not much I'm not willing to admit. If I'm comfortable with you, I'm happy to share.
You should message me if
you value honesty and intelligence, enjoy cuddling on the couch, and appreciate some sass. If you're kind, honest, smart, open-minded, and NOT old enough to be my father...

I LOVE a tall man, and I like to feel feminine next to my date. I'm definitely not a petite woman. I'm looking for a tall geek to cozy up with on the couch, but who will humor me by going out dancing once in a while.
The two of us