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My self-summary
I demand an apology from you leftist hypocrites or anybody who's ever condemned a Christian for judging. I and my entire faith have been labeled hypocrites for exercising our God given responsibility to use good judgment. You have managed to convince nearly all of pop culture to judge and condemn us for judging. By mis-using our scriptures, you take one verse out of context and reduce thousands of years of wisdom to a three word bumper sticker slogan, "Don't Judge People" or "You Shouldn't Judge" effectively hijacking the lesson it was meant to teach and twisting it to fit your self centered agenda to continue in whatever sin you feel judged for. I'd be shocked if any of you could name the verse you so glibly quote to justify this charge against us. Even if you could, you wouldn't be able to quote the next verse or any other verse that supports it, yet you have the nerve to quote our Holy Book to us without any understanding of its proper application. I will rip your self righteous prejudiced condemnation of us to shreds and expose your hypocrisy before God and everybody if you try doing that to my face. If you ever do decide to read a scripture, try this verse; [John 7:24 "Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment."] Oh my God, open these hearts to the truth and make them face their shame for shaming the righteous. Don't snort! We know we are not perfect, neither are we wrong about this. Righteousness is one of those buzz words you hypocrites, who don't like being judged but, enjoy judging us for. If you had any idea what righteousness we speak of, you'd know your judgment of us is unfounded and just plain wrong. I suppose you'll try to judge and condemn me for being angry next. When I am wronged, and especially when my entire faith is condemned on the basis of a prejudice, I have, not only a right, but a responsibility to be angry. Its called righteous anger and the Bible reference for that is Eph 4:25-27. [25 Therefore, putting away lying, each one speak truth with his neighbor, for we are members of one another. 26 Be angry, and do not sin" do not let the sun go down on your wrath, 27 nor give place to the devil.] It means I have to speak the truth, it means I have to say it in the face of those indulging in self delusion. It means I shouldn't bottle it up because that would give place to the devil using it in me to create my own prejudice. So if you don't like being judged with righteous proper judgment, tough, that doesn't give you license to judge us with prejudice and unrighteous improper judgment.

Now, if a strong man assured of his position and able to answer any critic, able to explain a solid path to happiness, requires of his one mate and her associations' behavior which leads to lasting joy, and in all the turmoil of life still manages to maintain a fun and joyous lifestyle sounds like the kind of person who'd make your life better, I'd like to hear from you.

I am seriously, thinking, and judging.
What I’m doing with my life
I regularly blog in hopes of encouraging young people to use their God given responsibility to use their judgment. You can peek at some of my work by visiting http://judgeright.vox.com Yesterday I posted an article revealing the history and politics of William Ayers who has been in the news lately because of his association with Barack Obama. I didn't start the research based on this news, rather on the continued charge against patriots of jingoism. The one person most often using this term is Bill Ayers. His history of hatred toward American freedom has not cooled since his domestic terrorist activities. Today he is working a more insidious work against these freedoms by training teachers to inculcate our children with communist ideals. This is why you see Che Guevara posters inside state run schools' classrooms. He is the enemy within and his entire life has been like a one note whistle touting hatred for everything that is best and good in America.
I’m really good at
These days I'm concentrating on improving my knowledge of history and current events. I use this information to understand and apply good judgment to every circumstance. I hate having to make a decision in ignorance of what the consequences might be. These days, with the advent of the internet and search engines, any information you desire is only 15 minutes from discovery. I enjoy a day out, activities that get my blood flowing, but the way I most spend my time is in gathering and disseminating information in the form of the blog.

I try to be attuned to people's needs, not necessarily their wants, and to meet those needs as best I can. I find that, with my use of judgment in the Biblical sense, my efforts are often unappreciated for the spirit with which they are applied. That's okay though, because my goal is not for self aggrandizement but for glory to God. When I face my Creator, it is my hope that I will have made a difference for the better within this time on earth.
The first things people usually notice about me
The first thing people usually notice about me is my height. Standing well above six feet, I don't really take any notice until I meet somebody taller than I am. While my appearance is authoritative, I often find people are offended on this basis alone. My attitude is one of jovial unobtrusiveness, still I have come into an understanding of impressions and redirecting judgments.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Bible, the Immortal Poems of the English Language, Happiness is a Serious Problem, Think a Second Time, Right Turns, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History.

Movies: Family Man, The Passion of the Christ, The Gauntlet, Die Hard, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Shawshank Redemption, The original [[The Three Feathers], Blazing Saddles, Blade Runner, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Apocalypse Now, Conspiracy Theory.

I used to collect modern folk artists like John Denver, Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel, but I found the lyrics so dark even though the melodies were so beautiful that I tossed all that out and reverted to my Dad's love of Country and Western only I have chosen the deeper works of Christian artists like Brush Arbor, Brent Lamb, Phillips Craig & Dean, Crystal Gayle.

Food: I am almost willing to try anything. The more exotic the better. I love Indian Curry, sweet Chinese dishes, cooked sushi (not an oxymoron), and Polynesian foods. It isn't the heat of these foods that attract me, it is the strong flavors and rich spices used in their traditional cooking. With all that weirdness, I still prefer a great Barb-b-cue with all the trimmings to anything else.
Six things I could never do without
Books. I've always been a reader. These days I do most of my reading over the internet, so I should probably include the internet. My dogs have always been a big part of my life. The few years I've been without a dog, life seemed a lot lonelier even in times with good relationships with lots of people. Deep friends, people who have considered the ramifications and consequences of our daily choices and have developed a world view that makes personal responsibility a high priority, who are not afraid to openly discuss their deepest blessing and cursing experiences. God's grace and mercy. This is self evident, need I elaborate? Faith: Until I fully embraced Christianity, I was the most shamed, fearful, closed individual I've known. Since then I have chosen to defeat each and every one of those traits by acting in accordance with the scriptures in a bold and radical way. I've given this a lot of thought. There really is nothing else I could never do without. I have known hardship and I now have a relative life of ease. If need be, I could live much easier in the hardship I used to know if I have the above listed things in my life.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Good and evil, right and wrong, consequences to our decisions, especially within politics and religion. Again I refer to my blog at http://judgeright.vox.com How this country, our culture is suffering under the influence of the pop culture revolution insisting that we never judge anything or anybody.
On a typical Friday night I am
Online, either discussing the current events or studying the relevance of some point of cultural consequences. This is my fascination, my contribution to the betterment of our society, my [[passion] for the recovery of what this nation was built on. Freedom, Integrity, and Sacrifice.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
For more than a decade I have been happy single until the day God arranges to have my life completely disheveled by that one person He would fuse me with. He knows what is best for us, I'll lean on His will over my own will whatever strain that brings. When He does, I'll gladly go into that adventure and be thankful for the blessing that all that entails. Having survived one divorce of my own and 5 between my parents and their various mates, I know that relationships are fragile, but there are many greater blessings than those in remaining single.
You should message me if
Message me if you have any interest in friendship and exploration of the possibilities. I am perfectly willing to meet new friends and keep it at that, or see where that meet leads.
The two of us