32 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Hey there OKcupid'ites! :)
I'm a very friendly, smiley gal.. while blunt and eagerly forthcoming! :)
I strive for honesty and openness, and look for the same in others.
Before I tell you more about me I'd like to get a few basics out..
*briskly rubs her palms together*

--- I'm only seeking locals in my area right now.
(If I can't drive, bus, bike, walk, or pogo-stick to our first coffee date nearby downtown Seattle, then it's probably (realistically) not going to work out. (I need to put the lotion on your skin upfront!) :p
But really.. if you're outside metro bus areas, it's hard for me to reach ya, and you do indeed get the hose again.

---- I prefer being (and honestly can't help but be) blunt.
(Don't add me on Facebook, take me to dinner, jump into my bed, or introduce me to your friends unless you're open and honest with the world about yourself, your sexuality, your politics and philosophy) :p

---- I'm a pretty chill and accepting person outside absolutely despising religion, pseudoscience, and dogmatic idiocy. I'm a pretty militant atheist, and appreciate skepticism and fact checking. If you're religious, I won't ignore it or back down... I believe you're actively being oppressed and oppressing others (most importantly innocent children) and I feel obligated to help you recover.

--- I'm pretty happy and stable in my life. :)
I've been supporting myself financially, physically, emotionally, professionally, etc, for over a decade now (after becoming a cool, spiffy adult) and I feel pretty relaxed about my life in general, while here on this cute little planet.
THAT BEING SAID, If I take a while to get back to ya via message it's because I'm just preoccupied with other awesome 'lifey' things! :)
I don't hate you.
I don't think you're stupid.
I haven't stopped dating.
I'm not ignoring you. Promise.
If I really do hate you (and your mom) and your little dog.. (& maybe your face) and I truly don't want to talk to you ever, ever again...
*I WILL TELL YOU VERY CLEARLY* that I'd like to part ways.
I'm nice like that. :)
Otherwise, I'm just a sporadic 31 year old living on/off the web.

---OKC won't magically erase your message to me!
Messages don't *poof* away... they're immortalized, really.
If you write me, your message WILL indeed get to me.
I don't plan on getting rid of this profile anytime soon either. I've had an OKC account since before the dawn of OCK time.. way back in the 90's when it was an adorable fledgling little humor site called the spark. (Oh yeah.. feel this cougar rawr!!) ;)
So yeah, believe me.. I don't see dating as any sort of "race" to the finish. If you're in a crazy mad-dash to get an immediate response, for.. I really can't imagine why... (lots of babies before the apocalypse, or something??) .. you're probably going to be more than disappointed with me.
I'm a glacier in response sometimes.. but like a parasite, I'll always be back... lurking in your colon, waiting for the right time. O __ o

---I promise to write something back to you if you take the time to write anything remotely coherent and respectful to me :) <3

--I don't practice serial monogamy.. dating is a very fluid adventurous part of me and always will be.
Relax... life is awesome... slow it down. Breathe. Love. Repeat. <3

---- I don't understand folks who get "offended" by things outside themselves. I expect others (you) to be proactive about your sadness, fear, anger, confusion, etc... let's talk... let's work it out. :)

---I identify polyamorous! :)
I'm happy when I'm dating amazing humans... I have endless love to share and I'll always seek love everywhere. Dating isn't a race, hierarchy, or hobby to me, it's simply loving through living.. it always will be :) I'm a bonobo at heart.

---- I rarely feel anger, and when I do I'm very upfront about it so it gets dealt with quickly and (hopefully) painlessly. I thrive on good communication, and expect you to also. Be vulnerable with me.

---If we don't have higher match scores I almost guarantee you we aren't going to get along super great in the real world
(at least intellectually speaking)
Almost every one of my friends/partners in real life has had at least a 90-ish% match with me, if not significantly higher...so, just keep that in mind, folks. :) It's generally going to be worth your time/investment/sanity to message higher-rated matches! ;)
(Trust me.. I've likely been at this OKC thing longer than you have!!)

---- I'm open to my friends, family, partners, what-have-you; about pretty-much everything (barring you losing your k-12 job or something you absolutely must keep separate) and expect you will be open with me too. (Including the entire history of your crotch.)
Okay, onto the -RANDOM SHIT ABOUT ME- section:
- I'm pan-sexual (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pansexuality)
- I'm into local/sustainable consumerism and activism
- I'm a kinky pants! (https://fetlife.com/users/12309)
- I practice vegetarianism <3
- I attend Science-Fiction Conventions, farmers markets, flea markets, and the occasional town-hall discussion
- I'm very into erotic tickling, massage, piercing, and cute feet <3
- I'm extremely pro-nuclear and pro-Biotech.
- I think the gender binary is limiting and enjoy fluidity in others
- I love to attend sex-positive/LGBT gatherings
- I hang out with lovely weirdos at goth clubs, 24-hour restaurants, craft shows and local film festivals when I can.
- I'm super- duper thrifty .
- I listen to a ton of Industrial/80's/electronic music.
- I don't watch TV much, more-so movies and documentaries.
- I listen to a lot of talk-radio! I love my NPR app <3
- I like sitting through the credits during movies, and discussing film theory with my dates afterward <3
- I love to take yoga classes, and go hiking and camping!
- I'm pretty darn inquisitive most of the time
- I appreciate a great conversation with light-hearted, open-minded, optimistic, and overall intelligent people
- I love debating new ideas and controversial concepts
- I love flesh to creep & skin to crawl (touch, touch, and more touch)
I'm really a nice, smiley, happy, and optimistic homo-sapien. :D Promise. I'm far from perfect, but If I don't have anything nice or constructive to say, I try to save it for my therapist. :p
I take care of myself mentally and physically. I have a gym membership. I get regular mental health care, I cook and eat well, I get regular STI checks (the regular 7 ..recite them and know them!)
As of April 2016:
Chlamydia- Negative
Gonorrhea- Negative
HIV- Negative
HSV1- Neg, (WB) (yes, I know this is rare.. I'm a fucking unicorn, k?)
HSV2- Negative
Hep C- Negative
I'm privileged enough to get myself regular physicals and regular dental care. I'm safe, sane, and consensual, and expect you to be as well. :) Wee, health!!
On the greener note: I love, LOVE, LOVE! locally grown and locally made, or fairly traded goodness. I love to shop farmers Markets, second-hand or get things free-cycled.
I cook fresh.. ALOT. Yummy!
Eat more green stuff, people!!
It's good for your [insert favorite body organ here].
- I identify as a non-partisan feminist, and generally lean pretty lefty
- I'm a humanist and generally favor utilitarian approaches.
- I advocate for single-payer health-care, Death w/ Dignity, Marriage equality for poly families, the Male Genital Mutilation Bill, a "FairTax" system, a comprehensive Guest-worker program, the mass investment of safe green (4th Gen) nuclear power infrastructure, fair trade laws, Protectionism, Pro-choice rights, Postmortem organ/body/tissue donation to eventually replace animal testing, stem-cell research, the advancement of agricultural and pharmaceutical biotechnology, the genetic engineering of human animals to combat disease (gene therapy), and the deregulation of all scheduled drugs.
If you don't like talking politics or science A LOT It's best you mosie right along... as I do this literally ALL OF THE TIME. :p
Lets discuss topics on todays BBC newscast, or the latest episode of Science Friday! .. or bicker on about health-care reform, psychology, philosophy, environmentalism, anthropology or the ethics of globalization and political structure while cuddling on the couch, partaking in cannabanoids, and exchanging back/neck massages... now that's a fucking date folks!! Mhrm.
Also, if you haven't figured it out already, I'm pretty darn secular. I expect you are too if you've read this far. This is what I study.
I have some pretty progressive views about the right to life and our rights as a species to take and give it...but that's getting into a much deeper conversation I'd love to have with you later over thai food or "netflix and chill" time (as the youngin's say) ..or other awesome.
I appreciate good food!!. I like to eat out a time or two most weeks. *wink wink , nudge nudge* I dig lagers and dark ales, green tea and milk oolongs, and spicy morning glory chai. Mmmm.
I adore local co-ops like Central Co-Op, and PCC.
(I just work to fight that damned homeopathy crap... and all those "non-gmo" labels)... ugh. I'm a beloved Scarecrow member too! <3
(You!! .....Yes You! .. stop being picky and eat something you can't pronounce, already!!! Be spontaneous. Live a little!) :p
I've been a regular member of the CSPC in Seattle (the Center For Sex Positive Culture) since around 2009... meaning; I'm a dirty little minx open about my kinks to my friends, family, and the community. I don't have anything to hide. I don't do "discreet." I embrace my inner slut.
I'm VERY sophosexual. I need to get to know everyone I love and lust after on an intellectual level... and we generally need to have some sort of fun, flirty friendship beforehand, or my cunt doesn't respond.
I like posting controversial shit on Facebook for everyone to read and debate.. no, like REALLY controversial. You don't have to like it or agree with it. Just be open to debate! I'm a very science-forward gal, so half the time I don't even agree with my damn hypotheses.
I pride myself on re-evaluating and changing my most deeply held beliefs on the regular; as new evidence emerges, so does our collective wisdom!
:p In short, I get off on your brains, folks. For serious.
If you're witty, you smile a lot, you practice empathy and intentionality, you like learning, you're spontaneous, you're direct, you don't mind debates, you communicate effectively, and you have a great sense of humor, we're going to get along pretty damn well.
If you can't be upfront with me about your good, bad, weird, creepy, crazy, intense, happy, sad, perverted, whatever... feelings we're probably not going to be very close... I thrive on knowing and understanding you. I want to know what makes you tick.
If you're weirded out that I practice nudism, fuck people twice my age, and don't close the door when I piss, I think that'll be a pretty big let-down too. Embrace your body! :) More love, less judge <3
Please be good at communication... always... even if the news is awful and terrifying. Just communicate it. Be human. Be vulnerable with me. This includes good communication while naked and embarrassed and sad and awkward. This is how trust builds :p
If you go on a date with me please make sure your smutty little secrets are going to be out there for us both to share. Be you. Don't worry about what others around think or overhear. They are imperfect humans just like us. Flaunt your feels.' Say the things. (It gives us many more reasons to high-five or clink our beer glasses)
How awesome it is to come together... :) to truly share eachother. Mmm. <3's
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a full-time student at the University of Washington!!
I'm studying a heap of things... I'm a comparative history major; my biggest research interests include anthrozoology and multi-species study, approaching science communication through empathy, and everything/anything to do with secular study! :D

I'm a frugal lady. I love taking my dates out to dinner with mad coupons in hand, and supplying myself with a weekly dose of thrift store.
*wink wink* if you're looking for a thrift-buddy?! <3
I'm surrounded by amazing markets here.

I live solo in the University District. (may adopt a fur-baby house-mate again one day) I love me some kitties!!
I’m really good at
- long conversations/debates/pondering at 3am

-cooking lower on the food chain

- asking very blunt questions

- watching TNG re-runs

- cuddles and kisses and kitten snuggles <3
The first things people usually notice about me
I look a little funny... smell funny too...
(Nah, just kiddin' about the smell)

I have a certain fondness for body modification. I wear a few piercings that stand out, and I sport a lot of odd (often black) clothing and thrifty finds. Also, I'm an indoor/outdoor/seasonal nudist when the surroundings allow it!
People usually notice I'm a good listener, and I generally exhibit a painful amount of patience. I'm alone a lot (I go to movies, social events, road trips, etc by myself more often than with others... but hoping this will eventually change a bit.. social is good :) I just don't require people around all the time. I people watch. I'm never bored. I find most human behavior, art, and conversation pretty fascinating.

I'm not generally the first to answer in groups because I like to ponder and psychoanalyze people much too much. (I'm often more of the reserved type who mingles one-by-one)

Or, you can ask my friend p71victoria about it.. he spotted me out of a crowd randomly for our first meet! :p
Or ask neuro42 about me.. we started dating after a chance encounter at a dive bar years ago, all because I broke my foot!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
"Contact" (or most anything Carl Sagan.. Mmm,)...
"The Circle of Simplicity"
"What If"
xkcd comics ... anything Randall Monroe.. <3
"Sex at Dawn"
"Black Rain"
Anything Anne Rice
"Breaking the Sound Barrier"
"Slow is Beautiful"
The "Ethical Slut" and "Opening Up"
(both on Alt Relationships.. awesome)
Anything Jim Hightower
"The Botany of Desire"
"Second Nature"
"The Word for World is Forest"
"Animal Liberation"
"The Violence of Our Lives"
"How to lie with Statistics"
Anything Richard Feynman
... (I feel less cool putting mostly Non-Fiction in, but it takes up the majority of my reading, so deal) :p I do adore Sci-Fi <3

The "Cosmos" Series (Yumm)
Anything John Cameron Mitchell <3's
Anything Monty Python
A Serbian Film
Cartoon Noir
Anything Gregg Araki
Short Bus
Bad Biology
Anything Tarsem Singh ...OMG, Amazing.
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (original trilogy)
Anything Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Interview With a Vampire
The Fountain
Requiem for a Dream
Better Than Chocolate
Waking Life
Anything Woody Allen
Anything Kevin Smith
The ABCs of Death
High Art
Cloud Atlas
Singapore Sling
A Scanner Darkly (Most all Richard Linklater)
Porn (I feel the need to mention this, because I watch a LOT)

VNV Nation, Christian Death, And One, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Deftones, Tool, Edenfeld, A Perfect Circle, Depeche Mode, Covenant, Velvet Acid Christ, Joy Division, Bauhaus, New Order, CombiChrist, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Soundgarden, Dessau, Collide, Ministry, Enya, Alice in Chains, Love and Rockets, Tones on Tail, Massive Attack, The Pixies, Fleetwood Mac, Nine Inch Nails, Tricky, God Module, Moby, Alien Sex Fiend, Rammstein, Christian Death, Portishead, Dead Can Dance, Kaskade, The Smiths, Echo and the Bunnymen, Peter Murphy, Assemblage 23, Ayria, Ohgr, Wolfsheim, Sneaker Pimps, Royksopp, Tori Amos, Decoded Feedback <3

Foodies: Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese ... (what pattern?!?)
The six things I could never do without
friends, intimacy, music, travel, spontaneity, individuality
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Food justice/ethics/politics/policy and animal activism/rights/advocacy; and the debate surrounding animal use in the pharmaceutical industry.

-When are environmentalists going to figure out nuclear is our cleanest, safest, most super-green option available?

-What's the next poly-podcast about!?

-Disability advocacy for unheard populations

-Do monotheists/theists really REALLY truly believe in God/gods, or are they all just incapable of thinking for themselves?

-Why do I stare at walls and think so much? :p
On a typical Friday night I am
I sorta lack typical. More often than not I'm at home nestled on my couch in front of my projector with some tasty nibbles and a pile of films from Scarecrow. <3 I adore documentaries and sci-fi!!
I walk alone at night a lot.. for hours. I'll occasionally drive an hour away somewhere random; just to get lost or to people watch.
Living solitary is pretty amazing, because I get to choose! *Muahahaha!*
When I'm feeling social I'm out and about at the local 'gothy' club or on some random party/date adventure.
With luck, I'm in bed with a special friend.. deep in something moist <3
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a fantasy about being completely immobilized in bondage "doggy-style" while naked on the floor. My ass is sticking into the air, and my hands and feet secured tightly down to the floor... while there's a large male dog in the room with me. *bites lip*

Mmm.. consensual inter-species erotica, ftw. <3

(On a more general note: I love the energy exchanged in kink, sex, sensuality, body-mods, tickling, massage, cuddling, and the many forms of power exchange out there. Feeding off of each-others "energy" is like no other <3
Role-play is a BIG favorite of mine ;) I won't shut up about it. Yumm.
You should message me if
-- You're playful, slutty, sarcastic, and brainy!

-- You're seeking a geeky activity partner!
(I go to a lot of movies/cons/festivals/townhall meets etc. by myself these days... would love more company!) :)

-- You like to people-watch :)

-- You LOVE spending time in bed talking SCIENCE and cuddling.

-- You believe in the power of FLOSS.

-- You love going out at night!

-- You can appreciate Tempeh or Seitan.

-- You appreciate the journey more than the finish line <3