28Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Hayat yaşamış olduğunu, zevk ve size getirdiği tüm şeyleri ve insanlarla ekledi.

I'm just living life, loving life, enjoying it, growing in it, letting it grow on me with everything it has to offer, and always looking at the full part of the glass and satisfied with the empty part because at the end of the day I consumed it and surely life gives you unlimited refills so no worries. No self can be summarized. get to know me if you please. But if I'd have to describe "me" I'd say I'm a very cultured old soul with a futuristic complicated mind that carries itself in a very simple way which can be deceiving because sometimes has a George Carlin/Louis Ck mouth and could be a huge goof.

Why am I on OKCUPID? Idk, I guess just being open minded and I like exploring the unknown because who knows what could come from it. I mean as I'm running through my life Okcupid is like public park on my way why wouldnt I take a run through it instead of going around it? who knows I might stumble upon someone who'd like to join me or experience something I would have missed out on if I ran around it!
What I’m doing with my life
A lot!
I’m really good at
Writing, drawing, swimming, sarcasm, singing (hah I wish, im terrible but I like to believe im not and unless you're simon who are you to judge me? Plus when I sing in the shower I dont just sing I perform), and a few other things.
The first things people usually notice about me
Usually my smile "i like smiling, smiling is my favorite. :)" , my sarcasm (but don't let it intimidate you, play along it's fun).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Bears, beets, battlestar galactica.
Six things I could never do without
My teeth
Metrocard, NY life
EDUCATION, I plan on learning til the day I die. (I happen to be a huge nerd)
Having manners (I'm a bit old fashioned), Water water water,Fooooood, Sleep,Work, Gym,
Deep intense conversations/debates (I love debating and actually enjoy being proven wrong sometimes. Key word, proven).
Reading, Camping, Nature, Activities,Reddit.com, Coffee, Pencil and paper, writing/drawing
A drink, Music, Money, Self confidence
Etc etc etc etc I guess you can say I'm bad at counting aaaa f** it the 5 things I mentioned are good enough I cant think of the 6th :) and until the day I become a hippie, if I do, then...ill do away with a lot. isn't that what true hippies do?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why doesnt okcupid just have an upload (resume/cover letter) option on this thing and it'd just automatically fill out your profile. Life, philosophy, psychology, how people think so differently, live so differently, which one of my writings I should edit, which one of my drawings I should edit, the known, the unknown, loyalty, the truth, sane vs. insane, what's normal?, women, my future, my present, how much ill love being part of a forensic team and the investigation scene in NY. etc etc. My brain doesn't stop thinking.
On a typical Friday night I am
Qui qui but of course, on a typical friday night I always am. (if you pronounced the "Q" in Qui message me you're deff. Something else) hah
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have super powers. I invented a time machine, i'm currently back to the future actually. I'm also loki. I studied with socrates. Im platos buddy. I am the son of zeus. I am aladdin. I am einsteins worst enemy. I am freud. I've been to the moon ehh it's nice there I suppose. I fought in vietnam maaan that shit was a drag. I have a mythical creature as a pet but shhh dont tell anyone. I am dwight schrute and jim halpert. I am wolverine. I am a vampire. I am a cave man. I guess you can say I AM THE MAN FROM EARTH. Hmmm I think ill leave the rest of my secrets for our conversation because now I feel exposed hah ^ talk about privacy, pshhh.
You should message me if
Ok first: chances are I will not message you first unless maybe you like my profile and even then i'd have to have something worth saying. I have no interest in messaging every attractive woman that'd be like a second job, and being attractive is something but isnt everything. So hip hip horray because I will not message you with a "hi" "whats up" etc. so feel free to message me.

Second: please be Mature, a lady, respectful, have goals, can respect my schedule, passionate, loving, caring, have an interesting topic to talk about, want to ask me something, find me attractive...a lot of things so im open for any message w.e it is as long as you're respectful, honest, and mature. Lets be friends and if it goes somewhere with time and mutual interest thats great if not that's great too we both made a new friend. Also please do not message me if you're just looking to waste my time. I have a couple of friends (girls) that use this app with the intention of using a guy for a nice date, wine and dine. I will not fall for that. My time is very important to me and if I make time for you respect it and be genuine. Lets be mature now. And if you're genuine and mature you'll get that in return plus extra I'm a giving genuine person but not naive.

If OkStupid says we are enemies message me. They don't know us they dont know our lives or what we've been through. :) plus if we really are opposite, I like opposite. Ying and yang, it has a spice to it that I can dig.

(if you made it this far, bless you.) Hah
The two of us