50 P’yŏngt’aek, South Korea
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My self-summary
I'm romantic, playful, and honest. :)
What I’m doing with my life
I tutor Korean and English.
I'm a wonderful teacher. (<-- This is me being modest. :)
I'll send you my resume if you're interested. :)

I also adopt out my cats' babies.

* Yes, you're welcome to come to Korea and adopt one.
I’m really good at
not putting all the eggs in one basket, until I find out what it's made of.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I can develop strong feelings for a man without necessarily trusting him completely. When he disappears without a word, often strategically, it has a negative effect on me: I start to develop a distrust of him. When I realize I can't trust him any more, I fall out of love.

Finding someone that I could trust wholeheartedly has been my lifelong goal. If it takes me being called a drama queen, so be it. I'm looking for someone who sees one goal-oriented woman in me. :)
The six things I could never do without
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't welcome uncommunicative men any more. I've learned from my experiences that I don't get along with such men. I much prefer communicative men.

So, please don't assume that I already know you care for me. You've got to make an effort to express your feelings for me. I REALLY NEED TO HEAR THAT. If you happen to be a shy/ quiet /uncommunicative man who doesn't MAKE AN EFFORT to express your feelings for me because you just assume that I already know, we won't get along.

You should message me if
All I want is to find someone to trust with all my heart,
someone who's going to be there for me no matter what,
hold my hand in my final moments,
someone who's going to watch my back if I go to war,
someone who's going to help me build wings if I want to fly, .....

If you're also looking for someone like that.

* no, not interested in running for the presidency.

*************************************************************** I'm not on the A-list. I can't see who "like"s me. Please leave a message. Thank you for understanding. :)